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Ton-up Boys


Sydney, Australia
Ton Up Boys is a term which has been used since the 1940's describe motorcyclists who could crack 100mph - the magic "ton".  The current Ton Up Boys Club formed in the early 90's in Sydney.  An 'interesting' social group of like-minded enthusiasts into classic British and European motorcycles who share a passion for the 50's and Rocker culture.  A mixed group of all ages and backgrounds, with the primary focus of having some light hearted fun and social group rides. 

Tonup Gallery

Ride With The Rockers

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Editor - John Vittorio 
T-Shirts - Adrian Pancaldi 
News Articles, Images and other Contributions to tonupboysmc AT
Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 196
    Mortdale NSW 2223
Email: tonupboysmc AT
Sydney meetings held at 
Love #3 Cafe
27 Barr Street


Ride with the Rockers!

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