💡 Ford Crown Victoria Bulb Size

what headlight bulbs crown victoria
2007 ford crown-victoria chart bulb number

headlight bulb high beam and low beam


center high mount stop light bulb

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brake light bulb


turn signal light bulb front


license plate light bulb


parking light bulb


tail light bulb


turn signal light bulb rear


back up reverse light bulb

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side marker light bulb front


side marker light bulb rear


stepwell light bulb


vanity mirror light bulb


glove box light bulb


trunk or cargo area light


dome light bulb


map light bulb


reading light bulb rear


engine compartment light bulb


instrument panel light bulb


turn signal indicator light bulb


high beam indicator light bulb

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check engine light bulb


even though the ford crown victoria is a vehicle
who lasted for only two decades, this v8 powered, the rear-wheel-drive sedan is one of the most popular vehicles in the us. as proof of their reliability is the fact that they were and still are excellent police cars. no matter how tough this little car is, some parts still need to be replaced, like the light bulbs.

ford crown victoria bulb size

  • combined high beam and low beam: 9007
  • fog light: 9040
  • reverse: 3156
  • front turn signal: 3157
  • rear turn signal: 4157
  • license plate: 168 / 194
  • brake taillight: 4157
  • middle brake light: 912

reasons for replacing the bulbs on a ford crown victoria

led bulbs have only begun to increase their popularity in the past decade or less, but with good reason. the reduced power consumption and long life make them excellent.

an ordinary halogen or hid bulb will last several thousand working hours, while an led will easily surpass them and go over 30 thousand, some advertising even 50 thousand hours. in other words, you might need to replace them ever again.

the energy consumption is not something that people tend to think about in a car, but it is not something to be ignored. every light in your vehicle gets its power from the alternator, so if a bulb is using more power, the alternator will need to work more to be able to power it. for leds, it can “relax” a bit more.

replacing the headlight bulb on a ford crown victoria

the design of the headlight might make you think
who the procedure is complicated, but it is not. once you open up the hood and disconnect the power, you can start with the replacement procedure.

remove the plastic cover that goes over the headlights and the vehicle’s radiator. there are three screws that hold it
who you can unscrew with your hand. behind the headlight assembly, there are two plastic holders that you need to pull up in order to remove it. to replace the bulb, unscrew the bulb holder with the cable attached. once
who is done, you can put the headlight back in and put the plastic holders and cover on.

how to tell if my ford crown victoria has led lights?

it probably doesn’t. even the second-generation crown victoria is an older model, manufactured in a time where led lights were not available to a lot of models. there is a chance if you purchased it second-hand, and the previous owner replaced them. to verify, you will need to look at the bulbs.

will replacing the headlights on a ford crown victoria with led have higher brightness?

yes. among the many advantages, leds have over halogen or hid is the fact that they are brighter, so your visibility will be better. before replacing them, check your local laws in case there is a maximum brightness for headlights.

  • first generation (en53; 1992–1997)
  • second generation (en114; 1998–2012)

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