CURT 51120 Discovery Electric Trailer Brake Controller, Time-Delay

CURT 51120 Discovery Electric Trailer Brake Controller, Time-Delay
It takes a distribute of power to stop a moving dawdler, particularly when that preview is hauling a heavy load. On RVs, flatbeds, livestock trailers and many other outsize haulers, manufacturers typically install preview brakes to assist the tow fomite in bringing such a massive amount of slant to a stop. But it takes more than a good plant of brakes to make agile, effective stops. It takes preciseness and the right amount of control. Discovery is a time-based brake control, meaning it applies increasing brake pressure the longer your foot is on the brake pedal. This atmospheric pressure is based on the gain place setting and sensitivity allowance set by the exploiter. Discovery has a digital display for slowly monitor and the ability to manage up to four axles at a time. It mounts at any angle, anywhere in your vehicle and comes with an automatic power level adjustment sport to ensure you can stay dear focused on your drive and spend less time worry about your trailer brakes. It is besides compatible with anti-lock brakes, cruise control and is backed by a limited life guarantee. All CURT brake controls are designed to work with quick plugs so that they can readily plug into your vehicle ‘s original equipment socket. They besides include a mounting bracket and hardware for easily facility. A bracken accountant should be mounted somewhere on the dash of your vehicle, and we recommend putting it below the steer bicycle, either on the right or leave side of the steering column. This manner the dominance will not block your view when drive, but it will remain accessible and visible when adjustment is needed.


  • RELIABLE SAFETY. The Discovery electric trailer brake controller offers safe, dependable operation, increasing trailer brake pressure as you depress the vehicle brake pedal and bringing the vehicle and trailer to a smooth stop
  • EASY TO USE. This trailer brake controller features an easy-to-read, digital display to monitor brake operation. It also has a simple, reliable design with no internal moving parts and no leveling required
  • POWERFUL. The simple controls of the Discovery brake controller enable powerful brake operation, featuring a manual brake slider button, an adjustable power toggle and adjustable ramp time
  • VERSATILE. You can use this electric trailer brake controller on virtually any trailer with 1 to 4 axles (2 to 8 brakes). It is also fully compatible with cruise control, anti-lock brakes, low-voltage systems and PWM systems
  • SIMPLE SETUP. This electric brake controller quickly plugs into your vehicle using a CURT vehicle-specific quick plug harness (sold separately). It comes with an adjustable mounting bracket and can be mounted at any angle

CURT 51120 Discovery Electric Trailer Brake Controller, Time-Delay
Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm. Cancer and generative damage.

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