List of traffic collisions (1950-1999)

List of traffic collisions (1950-1999)
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This list of traffic collisions records serious road crashes : those that have a large death bell, occurred in strange circumstances, or have some other historic significance. For crashes that killed luminary people, refer to List of people who died in traffic collisions. The preponderance of bus crashes in this tilt is a function of badness rather than of frequency. This list records crashes up to the year 1999 for late crashes see : number of traffic collisions ( 2000–present ).

1700s [edit ]

List of traffic collisions (1950-1999) “ A Typical Cable ‘Accident ‘ on Broadway. “, ca. 29 August 1895

  • 1771 France – Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot’s second steam-powered vehicle is said to have crashed into a wall during a test run, in what would have been the first automobile crash. However, it is disputed that this ever happened. According to Georges Ageon[1] the earliest mention of this occurrence dates from 1801 and it does not feature in contemporary accounts.

1800s [edit ]

1920s [edit ]

  • 10 June 1925 UK; Dibbles Bridge coach crash: a tour coach ran away following brake failure and fell off a bridge near Hebden, North Yorkshire, en route to Bolton Abbey, killing seven passengers.[7]

1930s [edit ]

1935 [edit ]

1937 [edit ]

  • 25 March – A bus carrying a roller derby team crashed just west of Salem, Illinois, killing 21 of the 23 people on the bus.[8]

1940s [edit ]

1941 [edit ]

  • October UK – A Royal Air Force bus crashes into a lorry and catches fire near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, killing 9 airmen and injuring 13.[9]

1944 [edit ]

1947 [edit ]

  • October UK – A bus crashes into a building at Holmfirth, Yorkshire, killing 9 people.[9]

1948 [edit ]

  • January UK – A bus skids into a bus queue at Bargeddie, near Glasgow, Scotland, killing 8 people and injuring 12.[9]
  • 24 November Sweden – A trolleybus on line 96 collided with a truck loaded with concrete slabs that were heading in the opposite direction. The bus drove off Essingebron in Stockholm and 11 people died.[10]

1950s [edit ]

1950 [edit ]

  • 11 February Japan – A Takase-Kumamoto Kyūshū Sanko regular route bus plunges into a pond 40 feet (12 m) below at Matsuo, Kumamoto, Kyūshū, Japan, killing 22 people and injuring 18.[11]
  • UK (Scotland) May – A bus and a tram collide in Glasgow, killing 7 people and injuring 43.[9]
  • 7 November Japan – A regular route bus plunges 240 feet (73 m) into the Mononobe river, Mirabu, eastern Kōchi Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan, killing 33 people; another 24 are injured.[11]

1951 [edit ]

1954 [edit ]

  • 29 March. Argentina – The collision between a train and a bus in the city of Coronel Suarez, Buenos Aires Province causes 22 dead and 4 injured.
  • 29 September Netherlands – The brakes and gear box of a Belgian tourist bus fail on the downhill slope of the Cauberg, near Valkenburg aan de Geul. The uncontrollable vehicle hits a pedestrian, then a monument and a building. 12 people are killed instantly, 7 (including the pedestrian) die in hospital.[13]
  • 12 November, Réunion – The brakes of a bus fail on the downhill slope of Plateau-Caillou, in Saint-Paul. 54 people are killed, 23 instantly.[14]

1955 [edit ]

  • 30 September United States – Death of James Dean: The death of Hollywood actor James Dean occurred near Cholame, California. Dean had previously competed in several auto racing events, and was traveling to a sports car racing competition when his Porsche 550 Spyder collided with another car at the junction of California State Route 46 (former 466) and California State Route 41. He was 24 years old.[15]

1957 [edit ]

  • 6 June United States -[16] An early morning collision 7 miles (11 km) north of Fayetteville, North Carolina when a flat bed truck packed with migrant workers pulls in front of a tractor-trailer hauling potatoes, killing 21 people. At the time, it is the worst traffic fatality accident in U.S. history.
  • 10 November – 1957 Saint-Paul bus accident

1958 [edit ]

1959 [edit ]

1960s [edit ]

1960 [edit ]

  • 24 July – A charter bus collides with a regular route bus, the charter bus plunging 270 feet (80 m) into a valley along the toll road of Mount Hiei, Ōtsu, Shiga, Japan, killing 30 people and injuring another 18.[11]
  • 14 September – A truck struck a suburban bus which subsequently crashed into an olive tree between Athens and Korinth. The collision claimed 11 lives (10 passengers and the driver).[20]

1961 [edit ]

  • 14 December. 20 schoolchildren were killed in a bus-train collision at Evans, Colorado. The bus driver had stopped at the rural track but did not see or hear the train arriving. The bus had almost passed over the track when it was struck.[21]

1962 [edit ]

  • 11 June. Argentina – The Villa Soldati level crossing tragedy occurred in Buenos Aires when a train struck a municipal bus carrying school children to kindergarten. There were 42 children killed and 83 injured.

1963 [edit ]

  • 7 February – The Brynderwyn bus accident. A bus in Northland Region, New Zealand leaves the road after brake failure and rolls down a valley; the worst road crash in New Zealand history.[22]
  • 7 April Kenya – A bus returning from an African church meeting plunges into the Tiva River, Mitaboni, Machakos, Kenya, killing at least 72 people.[23]
  • 18 May United States – A bus carrying 69 migrant agricultural workers crashed into a canal in Belle Glade Florida killing 42

[ 24 ]

1965 [edit ]

1966 [edit ]

  • 25 July Germany – A bus carrying Belgian children on vacation plunges off a West German autobahn bridge and crashes on its roof. 33 people are killed, including 27 children and the driver who fell asleep at the wheel. Only 4 people survive.[35]
  • 7 October Canada – Dorion level crossing crash: 19 people are killed when a school bus is hit by a CN Rail freight train in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec.

1967 [edit ]

1968 [edit ]

1969 [edit ]

1970s [edit ]

1970 [edit ]

  • 27 September South Korea – A regular route bus plunges off a mountain cliff on the outskirts of Myongju, Gyeongsangnam-do, killing 15 people and injuring 20.[40]
  • 22 November Argentina – A bus plunges into a creek on the outskirts of Reconquista, Santa Fe Province, killing 56 people; 4 survive.[41]

1971 [edit ]

  • 10 May South Korea – At least 75 persons drowned when a bus carrying nearly 90 passengers aboard plunged into a reservoir near Cheongpyeong.[42]
  • 17 September – Spain – in Valdepeñas a truck full of three tons of brick crash into a French Coach bus after a flat killing 18, specifically 17 Quebecers tourists[43]

1972 [edit ]

  • 22 March United States – In the Gilchrest Road, New York crossing accident five high school students are killed and 44 injured when a train hits a school bus that failed to stop at a crossing. This incident caused the State of New York to require school vehicles to stop at all railroad crossings.
  • 25 August Netherlands – Many cars and trucks collided in sudden dense fog on highway A16 near Prinsenbeek, killing 13 in the crash and subsequent fires.[45] A fog warning system was installed after this crash, nevertheless a similar crash occurred some 18 years later.
  • 23 September Japan – An Akakura-Togakushi regular route bus carrying 82 passengers plunged from a single-lane road into a ravine at Shinano, Nagano, Japan. 15 people were killed and 67 injured.[11]

1973 [edit ]

  • 18 July France – A bus carrying Belgian tourists plunges into a ravine in Vizille, France, killing 43 people.[46]

1974 [edit ]

  • 15 January – 1974 Blythe, California bus crash: A bus carrying farm laborers missed a ninety-degree turn on an intersection and fell into a drainage canal near Blythe, California, killing 19.
  • 28 July – A crowded bus and a truck collide near Belém, Brazil, killing 69 people.[46]
  • 30 July – Fibre, Michigan – A 1972 Oldsmobile station wagon, occupied by four children and four adults, collided with a Soo Line freight train at the Fibre Crossing, which did not have lights or gates installed. All 8 were killed. [47]

1975 [edit ]

  • 1 January Japan – A charter bus carrying 62 passengers plunged 100 feet (30 m) into Aoki Lake, Omachi, Nagano, Japan, killing 24 people.[11]
  • 27 May UK – Dibbles Bridge Coach Crash, England: a bus full of pensioners falls off a bridge near Hebden, North Yorkshire killing 32 people, and injuring 13.[48]

1976 [edit ]

1977 [edit ]

  • 9 June – A truck crashes into a crowd at a downtown Moscow bus stop, killing eight people and injuring 18.[52]
  • 7 July Pakistan. A bus carrying 44 cadets of Pakistan Military Academy, on an excursion, skidded off the road plunging into a 1000 ft deep ravine, near Nathiagali, killing 16 cadets including a Saudi cadet. 28 Cadets were injured.
  • 11 August Japan – A charter bus plunged 120 feet (37 m) into a ravine at Nagatoro bridge, Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, killing 11 people and injuring 39.[11]

1978 [edit ]

  • 22 January Poland – A truck with steel elements collided with crowded bus of PKS (Polish Road Transport) – killed 15 people and seriously injured 14.[53]
  • 11 July Spain – Los Alfaques Disaster: in Sant Carles de la Ràpita, a tank truck containing 45 m³ of liquefied propylene leaves the road and veers into the Los Alfaques camping site after colliding with a building. The resulting fire ball is more than 100 meters in diameter and kills at least 215 people (some sources speak of 216 or even 270), and injures 200 people.[54]
  • 4 August Canada – A bus carrying mentally handicapped people plunges into a lake in Eastman, Quebec, Canada killing 40 people. Only seven people survive.[55]
  • 15 November Poland – Two buses of PKS (Polish Road Transport) with miners going to work plunged into the river Jezioro Żywieckie near Żywiec, killing 30 miners, one woman and two drivers.[56]

1979 [edit ]

  • 10 April Spain – A bus carrying pupils from a trip to Madrid and Toledo plunged into a river near Benavente killing 50 of the 60 people aboard.[57]

1980s [edit ]

1980 [edit ]

1981 [edit ]

  • 29 September Spain – A head-on collision of a bus and a truck in Toledo province, Spain, kills at least 25 people.[62]

1982 [edit ]

1983 [edit ]

  • 19 January United States – A semi-trailer truck crashed into a mainline toll booth on the Connecticut Turnpike in Stratford, Connecticut, after brake failure, killing six people and injuring four.[69]
  • 11 February Greece – A Greek Railways bus carrying passengers from Salonica to Athens was involved with a head-on collision with a truck 80 miles northwest of Athens killing 17 and injuring 10.[70]
  • 26 April Italy – A bus carrying students from Naples to Lake Garda collided with a trailer-truck in a highway tunnel just south of Florence killing 12 and injuring 35.[71]
  • 24 May Italy – A bus carrying elderly pilgrims from the city of Monza skidded off a highway and fell into a ravine near Tignale killing all 14 occupants.[72]
  • 1 November – A bus collides with a motorcycle and hits a second bus 600 kilometres (370 mi) northeast of Bangkok, Thailand, killing 21 people and injuring 40.[73]
  • 18 December Italy – A bus carrying sailors from Aulla to Turin skidded off a overpass near Genoa killing 24 occupants and injuring many others. [74]

1984 [edit ]

  • 24 September – A bus plunges into a gorge in Uttar Pradesh, India, killing 42 people and injuring 15.[75]
  • 24 December South Africa – A bus carrying contract workers from Cape Town crashed near Cradock, Eastern Cape killing 42 and injuring an additional 25.[76]

1985 [edit ]

  • 12 January South Korea – A bus going from Muju to Taejon plunged into a icy river near Yeongdong County killing 40 of the 41 people on board. Passenger Kang Yu-il was the sole survivor. [77]
  • 27 March – A school bus crashed through a barrier and plunged into a dam killing 42 school children Westdene, Gauteng, South Africa. It is known as the Westdene dam disaster
  • 11 June – A bus carrying school children on a field trip collides with a train near Moshav Habonim, Israel; 21 people killed, including 19 children.[78]
  • 22 September – A school bus rolls over in Layyah, Pakistan, killing 30 children.[79]
  • 21 October UK – A coach collides with stationary traffic due to construction work on the M6 motorway, in Lancashire between Preston and Lancaster, killing 13 people.[80]
  • 5 November Italy – A bus carrying mostly students and workers from Leonforte to Catania skidded off a bridge killing 15 occupants and injuring a further 6.[81]

1986 [edit ]

1987 [edit ]

  • 29 March China – A bus plunges off a cliff in Shaanxi, China, killing 19 people and injuring 28.[85]
  • 3 July Spain – A bus carrying elderly vacationers skidded off a highway and fell into a ravine near Ourense killing 34 and injuring a further 11.[86]
  • 4 July Portugal – A bus carrying tourists skidded into a house near Covilha killing 15 and injuring at least 30.[87]
  • 11 December Egypt – A bus carrying local primary school children returning from the Guiza zoo was smashed by a fast-speed train at an unmarked railroad level crossing at Ein Sham, on the outskirts Cairo, Egypt, killing 62 children and injuring 67.[88]

1988 [edit ]

1989 [edit ]

1990s [edit ]

1990 [edit ]

1991 [edit ]

1992 [edit ]

  • 19 August Spain – A bus carrying visitors from Barcelona to Seville Expo ’92 falls down an embankment on the A7 highway near Torreblanca, killing 45 and injuring 11.[111]
  • 6 September Germany – Near Donaueschingen in the Black Forest, a bus collides into a passenger car and is slit open by a crash barrier. 21 people die, 32 are injured seriously.[112]

1993 [edit ]

  • 9 January Argentina – Three buses collide and ignite on a highway in Santo Tomé, Corrientes, Argentina, killing 55 people and injuring 70.[113]
  • 7 April – At least 29 people were killed and 18 injured when a Turkish coach fell from a bridge into the Yantra River near Byala, after colliding with a lorry. Another heavy Turkish lorry slammed into a crane set up on the bridge to lift the wreckage out of the water.[114][115]
  • 10 November – A fiery pile-up on autoroute A10 near Mirambeau, France leaves 15 people dead and 53 injured.[116]
  • 10 November UK – A bus carrying Canadian and American tourists collided with a van and skidded off the M2 Motorway near Faversham killing 10 and injuring 36.[117]
  • 17 November UK – The M40 minibus crash leaves 12 children dead when their minibus collides with a maintenance vehicle near Warwick, England, causing new road security campaigns.

1994 [edit ]

  • 2 May – Poland bus disaster of 1994: 32 people die in collision between a Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji Samochodowej transport agency bus and a tree near Gdańsk.

1995 [edit ]

1996 [edit ]

  • 10 February Japan – A huge shard of rock weighing about 21,000 tons smashed through a Toyohama tunnel, national highway route 229, Yoichi, western Hokkaidō, Japan, crushing a Shakotan-Otaru regular route bus and a car, killing 20 people.[11]
  • 25 February Bolivia – Two buses collide head-on near La Paz, Bolivia, killing at least 35 people.[122]
  • 28 February Spain – A charter bus collides with a car near Bailen, Spain, killing 29 people and injuring 17.[123]
  • 29 September Japan – A minivan carrying construction workers crashed at national highway route 9, Muraoka, Hyōgo, Japan, killing 10 people.[11]

1997 [edit ]

1998 [edit ]

1999 [edit ]

  • 9 January — A bus carrying funeral mourners ran off the road and plunged into a river below at outskirt of Kazbegi, Khevi, Georgia, killing 38 people.[154]
  • 21 January — At least 22 were killed when a bus fell into a ravine near the town of Baguio on Wednesday night.[155]
  • 24 January — A bus carrying Hungarian skiers plunged off a hillside on the outskirts of Deutschlandsberg, Styria, Austria, killing 18 people and injuring 32.[156]
  • 31 January — At least 31 killed when a bus plunged off a bridge.[157][ where ?]
  • 26 February — A minibus east of Karlskoga, Sweden got stuck on a truck, was dragged along and finally caught fire. Seven children and two teachers, were killed.[158]
  • 15 March — The train City of New Orleans collides with a truck and derails in Bourbonnais, Illinois, United States, killing 11 people.

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