Guide to BMW Warning Lights

Guide to BMW Warning Lights
Blue BMW 5 Series
A BMW vehicle is a highly estimable luxury vehicle. But even the most dependable car may experience the periodic problem. In these cases, your BMW warning lights will let you know when it ’ s time to visit our overhaul center. If a warn light does display on your BMW splashboard, it is best to know what each symbol means. We will explain what each colored warning light is and what action you will need to take .

Maintenance BMW Dash Warning Lights: Explained

There are multiple BMW dash warning lights. Each warn light has a color assigned to it, so you can know which problems need immediate attention. The causes of most BMW warning light symbols can be fixed promptly and easily at our Bloomington service center .

Red BMW Warning Lights

  • Front Safety Belt: Have you seen this symbol flashing on your dashboard,Richfield drivers? If so, it is a reminder that the driver or passenger needs to buckle their seatbelt.
  • Braking System: There could be a potential braking system issue. You will need to bring your BMW to the service department. Our service center technicians at Motorwerks BMW can diagnose and repair your BMW.
  • Parking Brake: Whether you see the words “brake” or “park” either means that your parking brake is on. If you release your parking brake, but the symbol does not turn off, you should make a service appointment.
  • Airbag/Seat Belt Tensioner: This BMW dashboard warning light means that your airbag(s) or seat belt(s) could be in jeopardy. Your BMW should be seen by a professional to sort out the issue.
  • Rear Safety Belt Off: A symbol of a single person indicates that the passenger in that seat is not wearing their seat belt.

Yellow BMW Warning Lights

  • Antilock Braking System: The ABS symbol means that your brake assist feature may not be working. The symbol also lights up when the Brake Assist applies automatically.
  • Engine: If the engine light comes on, your BMW vehicle needs immediate attention. The symbol means there is an issue with your engine, its emissions, or components.
  • Steering System: A steering wheel with an exclamation mark means there is an issue with your steering system. It could also mean that power steering is unavailable.
  • Tire Pressure Monitor: The pictured symbol can show in yellow or red. If the symbol shows in yellow, it means that your tire pressure is down by about 10 percent. If the symbol shows in red, it means that that a tire has deflated rapidly and you may need to change it.
  • Dynamic Stability Control Off: When this symbol shows, it means that the Dynamic Stability Control is off.
  • Dynamic Stability Control: If this symbol constantly shows, it means that the DBS has a problem.

Green BMW Warning Lights

  • Auto Hold: This light shows that the BMW Auto Hold system is on. Your vehicle will automatically start and stop with a full stop.
  • High Beam Assistant: Your high beams or optimum illumination is being regulated.
  • Fog Lights: Your fog lights are on when this symbol shows on your dashboard.
  • Lane Departure Warning: A symbol that indicates that your Lane Departure Warning safety feature is active.
  • Low Beams: Your low beam headlights are turned on.
  • Parking Lights: Your parking lights are on when you see this symbol on your dashboard.
  • Turn Signals: Two arrows (one right, one left) means that your turn signal is on. If the symbol increases in speed, it means that the tail light bulb needs replacing.

Blue BMW Warning Lights

  • High Beams: Your high beams are on.

Other BMW Warning Lights

  • Service Vehicle: When your vehicle needs servicing, a yellow symbol will show. If your BMW vehicle service is overdue, it will turn red.
  • Light Bulb: One or more external light is out or has an issue. If you replace the bulb and the symbol does not turn off, then a service appointment is necessary.
  • Circle with Dotted Lines: When you see this symbol on your dashboard, it means your brake pads are worn. Your brake pads will need replacing.
  • Empty or Low Fuel: When the gas pump light comes on, you will have roughly 30 miles before you run out of gas.
  • Oil Can: Your BMW needs an oil change. The symbol shows that you are low on fuel. Our service department in Bloomington can change your oil and filter.
  • Thermometer: When you see a thermometer symbol, it means that your engine is overheating. You need to stop your vehicle on the side of the road and let it cool off. Once it is safe for you to drive again, we recommend taking your BMW to our service department.
  • Battery: If you see a positive or negative sign next to a battery symbol, it means that there is an issue with your battery. Seek a professional.
  • Exclamation Mark in a Circle: If this symbol shows red, your brake fluid is low. If the light shows in yellow, your hill assist feature is not working.

We urge you to please take BMW warning light symbols seriously, and a fast path of action is better for the life of your vehicle. If monetary value is an issue, check out our service specials to save big.

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Complete Your Service Needs at Motorwerks BMW

If your BMW has warning lights displaying in your splashboard, you can schedule a servicing appointment with us. If you are uncertain of a warn symbol, you should refer to your owner ’ second manual or contact us angstrom soon as it ’ south commodious. Our team can answer any questions or concerns on your judgment. You should feel safe when driving the St Paul and Minneapolis roads, and our technicians want to help ! Find out how your car sustenance schedule can help you avoid the types of issues identified above, or come visit us today and find out what sets our team apart. While you ’ re at it, find out how to program a BMW key fob in good a few dim-witted steps .

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