2007+ Suburban / Tahoe Headlight Housing Removal

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trying to remove or replace the headlight in your chevy tahoe, suburban, or silverado?  here is a great how-to write up to get
who headlight housing out to the vehicle…

You're reading: 2007+ Suburban / Tahoe Headlight Housing Removal

tools needed:
+ 10mm short socket
+ 7mm socket
+ flathead screwdriver

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here is the write up:

open the hood to expose the engine bay:
1) remove the two 10mm bolts
who hold the headlight housing to the body.
2) remove 2-3 of the 10mm bolts
who hold the grill, so you can pull it back when you remove the headlight housing

move down to the wheel well:
3) remove the two 7mm bolts
who hold the fender liner to the fender

4) use the flat-head screwdriver to pull the body clips away from the fender

5) once you are able to pull the fender lining back, you can access the last 10mm bolt

removing the 10mm bolt behind the fender:

6) use the short 10mm socket to remove the bolt (seen at 1 minute 30 seconds of the video)

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removing the housing

7) pull the headlight housing from the top to give you movement with the housing

8) it’s a tight squeeze, so you might need to give it a little muscle

9) make sure you are aware of the grill and the fender.  you don’t want to scratch either one

10) also, you can pull the grill back so you can get move movement from the housing.  that’s why we removed those bolts earlier

remove the light bulbs and you are set.  the housing should come away from the car without any issues

here is the video:

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