2020 Tacoma OEM LED Headlight Megathread

I figure since the other 2020 Tacoma threads are getting muddled with OT stuff, we should have an OEM headlight megathread here that hopefully stays on the technical side.

Searching through this article I’ve found the following pics of the TRD Pro and TRD OR units.

2020 Tacoma OEM LED Headlight Megathread



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2020 Tacoma OEM LED Headlight Megathread

It appears the general design of the head lamp is the same, with the TRD Pro having the TRD and PRO insignia, while the OR simply has a open space.

The TRD Pro is listed as having sequential LED/DRL headlamps, which is not something listed with the TRD OR / Limited / Sport. It appears the side indicator varies between assemblies, with the OR having a regular reflector and the Pro appearing to have an outline on the side indicator, maybe for an LED?

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My personal questions are as follows:

  • What is the difference in turn signal indication? Does the “racetrack” on the headlights change color on the Pro and not on the OR?
  • Where is the front facing turn signal on the OR, if it’s not part of the “racetrack”
  • What is the DRL situation for each truck? In the photo above the Pro has the “racetrack” on with the fogs, but not the regular head lamps. This is akin to the current LED DRL setup. However for the TRD OR the photos I’ve seen don’t show the DRL only situation, it shows this:

2020 Tacoma OEM LED Headlight Megathread

  • This shows the little spot below the “racetrack” illuminated as well. So what’s the turn signal configuration and what’s the DRL setup.

So this is where I am at. Further questions / comments / answers are welcome.



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