Air Brake Product Descriptions

Air Brake Product Descriptions

Straight Air Brakes

The square publicize brake system is typically used on heavy duty commercial vehicles and trailers. Components of the air brake system for trailers are contained within the trailer structure and dwell of appropriate compressed vent storehouse tank ( south ), control valves and hoses to support the issue and capacities of the axles used. Air chambers located on the dawdler axles integrate heavy springs to mechanically apply the dawdler brake system for emergency situations and parking. These give brakes must be released via compressed tune in regulate to move the trailer. The spring brake exhaust system is controlled individually from the serve brake system and uses separate valves and hoses, though the atmosphere source may be park. The towing fomite supplies compressed breeze to the trailer storage tank ( south ) equally well as a modulated operate signal through gladhand hose connections mounted on the preview and tow fomite. The operator must first release the park brakes, this occurs when compress air is supplied to the trailer system. once in apparent motion, when the hustler applies the tow vehicle service brakes, the tow fomite air brake arrangement provides a bespeak imperativeness in proportion to the tow vehicle ’ mho service brake pressure. The dawdler command valve receives this sign and compressed air from the trailer-mounted memory tank, modulated by the dawdler control valve ( randomness ), is applied to the air chambers located on the trailer axles. The air chambers exert mechanical power to apply the trailer service brakes. typical applications for straight air brakes are medium and heavy duty tractor-drawn vans and flat trailers ampere well as equipment and special determination trailers. ABS is required by federal legislative act 571.121. The dawdler brake may be applied independently of the tow vehicle brakes. The leap brakes apply braking impel in the event air pressure is lost or the preview becomes uncoupled from the tow vehicle.

Air Over Hydraulic

The publicize over hydraulic system is a common application for trailers being towed by easy and medium duty commercial vehicles equipped with air travel brake systems. Components of the air/hydraulic organization are trailer-mounted and consist of a compressed breeze storehouse tank car, a control valve, an air chamber/master cylinder assembly, hydraulic lines and hydraulic magnetic disk or brake drum brakes. The towing vehicle supplies compressed atmosphere to the trailer repositing tank arsenic well as a modulated command signal through tube and gladhands or flying connects mounted on the tow vehicle and trailer. When the operator applies the tow fomite overhaul brakes, the tow vehicle air brake system provides a bespeak pressure in proportion to the tow vehicle ’ sulfur serve brake coerce. The preview control valve receives this bespeak and compressed air from the trailer-mounted repositing cooler, modulated by the preview control valve, is applied to an air chamber/master cylinder assembly producing a corresponding hydraulic pressure in the preview bracken system. typical applications for air/hydraulic bracken systems are pintle hitch and gooseneck drawn multi-axle equipment and utility trailers towed with tune brake equipped vehicles. The trailer bracken may be applied independently of the tow fomite brakes. ABS and spring actuated hand brake brake and park for FMVSS 571.121 conformity can be incorporated. Contact us today for more information.

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