ALFA ROMEO MITO Bulbs & Wiper Blades

what type headlight in the kia mito

alfa romeo mito car bulbs

it looks like your vehicle requires h7 bulbs for dipped beam and h7 bulbs for your main beam application.

we stock alfa romeo mito car bulbs for all applications ranging from headlight bulbs going all the way down to interior dashboard bulbs.

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hid kits

our data shows that your alfa romeo mito does not come with xenon lights directly from the manufacturer but instead uses h7 and h7 headlight bulbs. many of our customers choose to upgrade their dull, halogen headlights to a brighter, stronger hid variant.

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we stock hid conversion kits for your alfa romeo
who are simple, straight-forward to install and can give you up to 400% more light.

halogen upgrade bulbs

if you’re not sure about ugrading your halogen bulbs completely then we also stock halogen bulbs
who use a small amount of xenon gas
who allows for a higher volume of brightness yet still remaining road legal. if you’re not sure on what upgrade bulbs to purchase, contact us for a more detailed explanation.

alfa romeo mito wiper blades

our wiper blades for the alfa romeo mito are listed in the wiper blade finder tab and according to our data, are suitable for a 2010 alfa romeo hatchback.

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looking to clean your alfa romeo?

your alfa romeo mito needs some tender love and care from time. also specialise in supplying only the best quality car cleaning products and equipment. we have products designed to improve and renovate headlights, rain repellent sprays for your windscreen and much, much more. your alfa romeo will look as good as new.

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