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reviewed in the united states on november 24, 2016

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these headlights were a direct fit for my 65 chevy c10 pick up. they are brighter than the bulbs they were replacing. they were noticeably brighter after i rewired the headlights using some relays to get power directly from the battery to the headlights. the original design on many older vehicles had power going from the battery, through the headlight and highbeam switch, then to the headlights. i have seen headlight switches go bad from carrying so much load. i have also heard that you lose about 20-30 percent power by routing the power through the wiring and headlight and highbeam switches. by using relays you are avoinding that and the only power that goes through the switches is the control power to cycle the relays, which then provide power directly to the lights. much brighter that way.

also when putting these into an older vehicle, make sure your grounds are very good. i installed two and one shone a bright, white light while the other had a dimmer, yellowish light. i disconnected and sanded down the ground, then reconnected it and then both lights shone with a bright, white light.

reviewed in the united states on october 2, 2017

style: h6024verified purchase

i got the 6024 as a replacement for the old 6014 incandescent lights i had on my 50s sedan. fit perfectly and now i can see at night because they are much brighter than the originals. i saw some recommendations online to install relays so that all of the power is not going through the 60+ year old headlight switch since the halogens draw a little more power. i got one off amazon cheap and it does seem like a worthwhile thing to do, it was easy enough to add in my installation. one note when reading the answers to the questions in this listing – the q&a covers multiple part numbers, some high and low beam, some not. just keep that in mind as you read all of the conflicting answers. my 6024 is both high and low beam.

reviewed in the united states on september 10, 2016

style: h6024verified purchase

bought a two of these to replace the original headlights on my na miata. these are the basic version that sylvania sells and they certainly get the job done. they are bright and produce mostly white light. i haven’t tried sylvania’s upgraded version of these halogen lights but i can’t imagine that the improvement would be worth paying twice as much. however, if money is no object, then spring for the led version of these headlights which cost over ten times as much as these. also installation is a breeze and requires nothing more than a screwdriver.

reviewed in the united states on march 9, 2017

style: h4666verified purchase

the word “basic” is right on the box, and that’s what these bulbs are. they work.
if your headlights are burned out, frosted over, or dim from age, these will get you back to “normal” sealed-beam brightness.
they’re a suitable replacement for oem, but definitely not an upgrade.

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reviewed in the united states on march 16, 2017

style: h6024verified purchase

purchased for my 2011 triumph t100 bonneville. according to amazon, this lamp does not fit this motorcycle, which is incorrect- it installed easily. the headlight itself came with cured adhesive slobbered around the rim and across the lens. i needed a headlight for that evening and so removed most of the cured goo with a utility knife blade. had i not done so, the light never would have fitted the mounts on the bike. once installed it
writings fine. i think that sylvania management might want to have a chat with its robots…

reviewed in the united states on july 25, 2012

style: h6054verified purchase

i bought a couple of these headlamps to replace my aging lamps, including one that someone busted up for their own kicks. these fit my 1999 jeep cherokee without issue, and they’ve been practical replacements for what i used to own. i always felt like the jeep didn’t really illuminate the road that well, but i like how bright and white this light is, and i’m satisfied with the performance thus far. pretty straightforward installation, should take about 10-20 minutes per lamp.

reviewed in the united states on june 23, 2021

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these bulbs are a good value if bought on line and in bulk vs buying it as needed at the auto parts store. first the auto parts store may not stock it and second it may costs you 80% more.

reviewed in the united states on april 24, 2020

style: h6024verified purchase

i was a little disappointed in the time it took to receive my order. luckily i have another vehicle to use.
please replace my original review, i understand the issue we are all experiencing with covid19.

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glenn whiteman

4.0 out of 5 stars fitment

reviewed in canada on september 3, 2019

style: h6024verified purchase

no problems installing these headlights (direct replacement

amazon customer

5.0 out of 5 stars genuine sylvania quality!

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reviewed in canada on november 3, 2019

style: h6024verified purchase

writings great, can’t be beat for the price!


4.0 out of 5 stars four stars

reviewed in canada on april 16, 2018

style: h4651verified purchase


4.0 out of 5 stars good quality construction, solid light output

reviewed in canada on march 12, 2019

style: h6024verified purchase

well made, it fit my classic car no problem. very solid construction and plugs into the harness properly.

amazon customer

5.0 out of 5 stars as advertised

reviewed in canada on november 9, 2019

style: h6024verified purchase

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