7 Best Pedal Jack Anti-Theft Devices For Your Car

7 Best Pedal Jack Anti-Theft Devices For Your Car
There are respective safety systems already installed in your vehicle – the door lock in, transponder chip inside the ignition key, and of course, the alarm. however, none of these systems provide much of a challenge to an experienced car thief, which is why adding an extra layer of auspices is a smart idea. Pedal jacks create a physical barrier that can ’ t easily be lockpicked and can merely be cut by an lean molar, a tool that is anything but inconspicuous. Our top pick for the best pedal mariner anti-theft device is by Winner International. rigid construction, quick initiation, and identical low-cost price are merely a few of reasons why is therefore successful.

Top 7 Pedal Jack Anti-Theft Devices

The Club CL303 is a universal tool that can be used on about any car, SUV, truck, or van. It connects the steering wheel to the brake or clutch pedal to make both steer and starting the vehicle impossible. It ’ south painted red, and as it reaches up to the steering wheel, it ’ south well visible from outside the fomite, doubling as a theft-deterrent organization. Before installing The Club, set your steering wheel to the lowest place to prevent the thief from adjusting the wheel acme and gaining slack. When you get into the routine, mounting and dismounting The Club will only take 30 seconds. The lead hook is rubberized to prevent damage to the steering wheel. With the price tag of merely $ 31 and frequent sales, The Club is one of the cheapest, yet most effective pedal jack locks. however, some customers have reported serious quality control issues with their intersection, caused by either bad production batches or counterfeited products. If you decide to buy The Claw, test it thoroughly before you start using it .

Tevlaphee has the same steering wheel & brake dash pipe interlock purpose, but rather of being painted bright crimson, it has a more insidious, polished aluminum finish. This telescopic lock has an aluminum and sword alloy core that extends through the plastic-rubber hook shot. In its pre-tension state, the Tevlaphee lock is only 13.8″ long, making it highly compress and well stored beneath the seat or in the proboscis. When amply extended, the worst reaches 33.5″ in duration, more than enough to reach the brake pedal and steering wheel of most vehicles. The Tevlaphee lock is widely regarded as one of the best, and the $ 50 price tag is more than reasonable for such a high-quality intersection. The one exit we ’ ve found with this engage is how it attaches to the steering wheel. rather of a cushioned surface, the manufacturer provides adhesive tape that can be attached to the inside of the hook and prevent damage. The tape will peel off over time, thus wrap a nibble of fabric around the wheel before attaching the addict to create a layer of protective covering .

What makes the XJ bicycle jack anti-theft engage unique is the habit of a combination lock rather than a key lock. The 5-digit cylinder lock is easily programmable and in theory, should be more reliable than keystone locks. once you ’ ve set your own code, you can attach the jack to the pedal point and the steer wheel, and shuffle the combination. The advantage of a combination lock is that there ’ s no key to lose, but if you forget the combination, you ’ re in perturb. Write it down on a patch of paper and put it in your wallet and notes on your telephone as a backing. At 21 inches in its collapse form, it ’ s not the most compact cock, but it can extend to about 34 inches which should be long enough to cover most vehicles. Despite one of the highest prices for a bicycle mariner – $ 60, the design looks very brassy. however, the lock and construction are uncompromising adequate to make it a feasible anti-theft device .

If you ’ rhenium looking for a cheap and childlike pedal jack, there ’ mho nothing better than Yeatek ’ s brake pedal lock in. The u-shaped metallic element bracket slides over the top of the brake pedal sub-assembly until it hits the floor. The heavy-duty engage is then slotted through one of the holes underneath the pedal to seal it in place. The bracket is 8.85″ tall, which gives it a lot of versatility, but the fasten width of the lock at precisely 0.55″ will limit the manipulation on some vehicles. It ’ s not the easiest lock to install either, as you ’ ll have to reach down to the brake pedal point to install it. On the other hand, the small design makes it very inconspicuous and any thief that manages to get inside will not be ready to handle the lock. When mounting the Yaetek brake pedal engage, you should constantly check if the brake pedal is amply depressed. The rigorous fit of the bracket may pull the brake down slenderly, which will activate brake lights, and promptly drain your battery .

The reasons why the CL606 Club international relations and security network ’ t at the top of this list are because it ’ south frequently out of stock, and the brake pilfer international relations and security network ’ thyroxine as universally fitting as other options. Unlike the CL303, the CL606 Club doesn ’ metric ton attach to the steering bicycle and works as a standalone brake-locking unit. This anti-theft device is better suited for older vehicles, as it has problems with hooking to thicker pedals normally seen on modern vehicles. many users have reported that their locks plainly fall off the brake and refuse to lock because of design incompatibility. additionally, the identify quality is questionable, with reports of some snap in one-half inside the lock .

The KAIRAY bracken and steering lock device is a solid alternate to The Club, albeit more expensive. The core design is very similar, with two hooks on either side of an extendible shaft. At its shortest, the KAIRAY lock is 21″ long and extends to a maximum of 30 inches. Painted in bright jaundiced, it doubles as a ocular deterrent and discourages the thief from trying to steal your fomite. It comes with a spare identify and can be used on a wide image of vehicles, including cars, vans, caravans, SUVs, and tractors.

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Garneck ’ second engage barely makes it on the list, with its alone design being the only matter keeping it in the competition. It ’ s a simplified adaptation of the Yaetek lock, with far less versatility, as it only supports one acme, width, and depth of the bicycle. It ’ second besides more expensive than the Yaetek, and fair as inconvenient to install. still, if you ’ rhenium looking for a pack one-piece bicycle jack, the Garneck anti-theft lock in may be what you ’ re looking for .

How to Choose a Pedal Jack

Quality of Materials

Choosing the good bicycle jack boils down to finding the toughest model with the most secure interlock. Steel is the best material, with aluminum being a close second. The frame of the pedal jack has to be made entirely out of sword – even the top hook that connects to the steering roulette wheel. It ’ s going to be difficult to determine how well the lock is, but by reading drug user reviews, you can find a draw of feedback on how the lock performs .

Visual Deterrence VS Subtlety

You need to decide whether you want to make the thief guide clear of your fomite by seeing the pedal jack, or surprise him once he ’ randomness already entered the vehicle. Both options have their pros and cons. With a ocular deterrent, a persistent thief will identify your lock in, number out how to defeat it, then come again later. however, if he breaks into the car unprepared for the hidden brake lock, he ’ ll probably give up before getting catch. ocular hindrance works better against thieves of opportunity – those looking to break into your cable car precisely because it ’ south easily and there may be something valuable inside. In theory, a insidious lock will result in more break-ins, but a visible interlock has a lower probability of keeping the vehicle safe .

Mounting & Dismounting Process

public toilet has an important function in any anti-theft system. If the device requires besides much time and attempt to install and remove, it won ’ thymine be used all the time, no matter how effective it is. In some regard, it ’ mho better to have a less effective bicycle jack that you ’ ll wax every one fourth dimension than an impervious system that you ’ re rarely going to engage. The 7 options provided on this number vary in levels of public toilet, with the brake-steering wheel shafts being easier to mount than compact pedal point jacks. The independent disadvantage of the Garneck and Yaetek locks is that you have to step outside the fomite and kneel down to reach the pedal point and lock it. When you ’ re going to a denounce plaza or visiting a acquaintance, you wouldn ’ thyroxine want to get dirty, and cramped parking lots can limit your ability to reach the pedals .

Understanding The Purpose of a Pedal Jack

The most veto reviews on pedal point jacks come from people that claim they ’ ve properly installed the device, yet their vehicles still got stolen. The primary determination of a pedal point mariner international relations and security network ’ thymine to prevent larceny, it ’ mho to discourage the thief from trying in the first seat. Your vehicle should be deserving at least a thousand dollars, but it ’ mho more probable that it costs thousands, if not tens of thousands. In comparison, a pedal jack costs $ 50 at most. For a professional car thief, buying all the pedal jacks and learning how to disable them is equitable a business expense, angstrom weird as that sounds. The truth is, no arrangement will stop a master thief from taking your vehicle away. When my don ’ s cable car was stolen some 20 years ago, the thieves used a tow hand truck to raise the cable car and place it on the hand truck ’ randomness bed, driving off with it. What a properly anti-theft device does is that it prevents local delinquents, nickel-and-dime burglars, and criminals of opportunity. If it makes the thief walk away from your vehicle because they can find an easier commemorate, the organization has done its job. The ZederLock I have installed in my car costs more than all the bicycle jacks combined, and it ’ s actually a quite difficult system to disable, but I distillery consider it to be just a larceny hindrance, and not guaranteed guard .


7 Best Pedal Jack Anti-Theft Devices For Your Car

Do pedal locks work?

Pedal locks knead as an lend layer of auspices. Once the thief has entered the vehicle, they ’ ll have to deal with so far another anti-theft system before they can start the locomotive. If the pedal lock is made out of hard material that can not be warped and has a lock that can ’ t be quickly disabled, then it will work well enough as an anti-theft device .

What is a pedal jack?

pedal point jacks are anti-theft and larceny deterrent systems that physically prevent the brake or seize pedal from moving. Vehicles with automatic rifle transmission can not even be started without the brake pedal being pressed. Without removing the pedal point laborer, the vehicle can not be driven in a safe and effective way .

How do you lock your brake pedal?

Depending on the design, there are two ways to lock a pedal point jack. If it ’ s a steer wheel and pedal lock, first you ’ ll want to adjust the steering wheel to its lowest set. then, extend the pedal point mariner, place the bottomland hook underneath the pedal, and attach the top hook to the steering wheel. Tighten from the top, then lock it in place.

Pedal jacks that only secure the brake pedal point consist of lone two components : a bracket and a padlock. Slide the metallic bracket over the pedal, then pull the pedal up to make certain it hasn ’ t engaged the brake lights. Slide the padlock through the closest bracket hole and interlock it .

Do clubs work to deter car theft?

The Club is an excellent theft-deterrent because of its undimmed crimson color. even if the thief decides to get inside the vehicle, they ’ ll recognize that removing The Club won ’ thyroxine be easy without the practice of power tools, and tied then, the clock it would take to disable would not make it worth the risk .


Pedal jacks do not guarantee your fomite ’ sulfur safety, but they greatly reduce the luck of your vehicle being stolen. Despite their limitations, the low cost, and great theft-deterrent properties should be more than enough of a argue for you to invest in one of these 7 pedal jack options. Vehicle Freak is a great place to learn everything you need to know about car maintenance, DIY repairs, and product reviews, indeed reach surely to browse the web site once you ’ ve picked out your favored pedal jack !

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