Anyone Tried the Depo Bi-Xenon Euro Headlights?

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gents, thanks for the replies

my reflectors aren’t that bad, they only have dust on them

i was thinking of going with the bosch or hella replacement lenses
but the ones linked-to from turkey aren’t actually bosch, they are aftermarket

i would venture to bet they aren’t as good as bosch/hella glass, which is probably ‘hardened’ somehow, but probably as good as, say, depo

the depo ‘xenons’ i posted pics of are out for me based on the info provided above. i wish i had some skill, i would try to retrofit r129 xenon headlights into my car with the ballasts and wiring harness–too much work for the benefit, given i only drive the car on the weekends

for the price of the aftermarket lenses (adsitco on ebay sells an authentic hella lens for about $100), or $90 for the pair of fake bosch ones linked-to above, i could go with complete depo headlights and sell my bosch housings without lenses to help pay for them

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one final thought: are the depo internals the same (same mounting points for hardware) as the bosch? if so, maybe i can buy the depo lights and swap the bosch hardware into them. although that might be a waste of time, too



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