Left foot braking… [Archive]

Left foot braking... [Archive]
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Joe1668 Ok, so I can heal-toe ; I can double clutch ; I ‘ve decided adjacent up is left foot brake.

I did a search, and couldnt find anything actually good hera on left foot brake ; so I decided to start a thread and ask.

Hopefully, we can get some experts to chime in and make a well thread for others.

So, anyone got any tips for practicing ?

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I just starting practicing at the local Kart tracks, vitamin a well as with Gran Turismo 4 on the playstation 2. It is a batch different when you have to deal with a clutch, though .
Matty sol, anyone got any tips for practicing ?
first time, make sure there ‘s noone about ( particularly behind you ), and do your seatbelt up so you do n’t eat the windshield.

Since the allow use is typically in cornering, you need to learn to be very very aristocratic on the pedal, and understand the effects of ahead weight unit transfer
rka99Sport It will take a while to “ train ” your left foot to have the feel of the brake. As Matty pointed out, make surely no one is right behind you. merely keep practice and it will become more natural with time .
91miatatnerb I ‘ve been left foot braking for about 5 years now, and I feel that it is absolutly the fastest way around an autocross path. For day by day driving however, there are no benefits to be gained. What I did when I learned, was go to a local anesthetic “ screen & tune ”, and force my left foot to slightly hoover over the brake pedal after I shifted into 2nd. It was very awkward correct at first, but finally it became more and more natural. After 2 or 3 events it was becoming about a habit. I ‘m not certain I could go back to right foot breaking now. What was unmanageable at first was not stabbing the brake but trying to finesse squeeze the pedal point. It is well worth the attempt to learn though. HTH.

Roy @ BEATRacing Lets start with why we LFB :
1. To counter mid corner and exit understeer
1.a To help rotate the car ( a much less extreme interpretation of # 1 )
2. To kill the lag time restrict to brake
Where will you use this ?
1-Autocross, Road Racing, Rally etc.
1.a -Autocross, Road Racing, Rally etc.
2-Autocross, Minimal road racing and rally.

How do you learn this
1-This is rather simple to learn, when you are taking corners at accelerate lightly touch the brake and notification the results. If you can drive a high powered FWD cable car this is very noticable. If you have throttle understeer you will notice you can get on the gasoline alot earlier and actually steer the car with the brake on exit while wax accelerator.
2. This requires alot of buttocks time. You will have to learn this primarily on the street because it takes alot of feel to actually be better then RFB. This is all about practice, if you have a manual of arms car you are going to have to either bide in one gear or put it in impersonal when comming to turns or stop ( lights ) signs. LFB on a road course is rather limit because a majority of turns are not taken in the same gear as the former square ( I actually made a wide pedal so I could initate LFB then heel toe in the lapp turn..but there was no benefit ). The only other clock time you will be able to learn this is autocross merely be diligant and it may eventaully show gains over RFB.

I disagree with sim games because its basically an on off switch and you wont learn a whole distribute.

ShinsenJim If you have an automatic transmittance vehicle in the family start there ( albeit slowly, chiefly with no traffic about ). It took me a couple of months but I ‘ve pretty much got it down now and can even drive around LFBing without thinking about it. My left foot sensitivity has improved a big manage.

bill I do n’t use LFB on the track often, just for certain corners where I have to do a short act of light braking to help the car take a determined and to make an ultra-smooth transition from brake to throttle ( since you can overlap ).

now if I could just get the brake pedal in my wife ‘s Taurus to have the lapp palpate as the Miata …
asianrice02 i heard one local and feel auto-xer trying to “ unlearn ” left field foot braking in his sts2 miata. what are the hypothetical disadvantages to lfb ? i ‘m interest in left foot braking excessively if it cuts times .
Bad Brad I ‘ve tried LFB and I ‘m normally slower when I do it, so I gave up on it. I besides found that I in truth like bracing my left foot on the dead pedal, even when I ‘m using a 5-point harness .
sbrian2 I have tried to LFB the miata and always get well slower. I besides LFB my Neon rallyx car and am much faster while doing it .
Mr. Cranky

Been LFB’ing for 20+ years. For FWD it is the manner to go, RWD I am still not sure. One of the problems is I tend to overbrake when autoxing. For the first few years I was LFB’ing, at the first autox. of the class, I would normally mess up and hit the brake when going for clutch or the other way around. still do this every now and then .
Tim Reinhardt one heard one local and experience auto-xer trying to “ unlearn ” left foot braking in his sts2 miata. what are the conjectural disadvantages to lfb ? iodine ‘m concerned in leave foundation braking besides if it cuts times.

The most obvious advantage is about coincident use of brake and accelerator pedal. It can be used to balance car and for turbo applications it can help keep the boost astir. The biggest Down Side is the electric potential for excessive function of the brakes, which is bad in a momentum car like the Miata.

The other down side that caught me the first few times it happened is the rare want to shift to third at a period on the course. Being a leave foot braker myself, it is very embarrass to go for third gear with the brake pedal rather of the clutch☺. But that is overcome with practice besides.

In the goal you will find blazingly fast drivers that fall into both the leave foot and right foot braking camps. It is all about a lot of practice and what works best for you. Learning to left infantry brake can be frustrating but you must commit to a season to learn how to make it work for you. In the goal it may or may not be best for you but lone rehearse will tell .
Bad_Bob I can tell you that left foot brake has it advantage. But there are National Champs that do not left foot brake. Mr. Tim Aro does not left infantry brake. But Pat Salerno and Mark Daddio both left foundation brake. So either way is fast. best of fortune …
miata_racer I LFB … ..I manipulation it to trail brake the check outta some turns and keep the stern in lineage on glib surfaces. Works nicely on tailhappy fwd cars besides : )
VRTSid Im no adept but I ‘ve been trying to master it merely on the track. Ive got seize foot problems … everytime I move the left it goes straight for the floor.

becareful I would suggest trying it in vacate parking lots ect … I would cause a brainsick accident if I tried it on the street .
Dan I have tried to LFB the miata and always get well slower. I besides LFB my Neon rallyx car and am much faster while doing it.

I ‘m with you. LFB does n’t always make you faster, oftentimes it forces more pedal point pressure than you need since it ‘s affected at first.

I believe that George Doganis does n’t LFB and if he does n’t do it, then it tells me that you can be scorching firm without it. It ‘s only natural in the sceneshifter kart, but iodine ‘ve never been comfortable with my leg in the brake position because of the proximity of pedals and the length of my leg.

Do n’t believe that this is a MUST HAVE skill. it is not.

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J_Man here is a read on left foundation braking from the victor himself :

hypertext transfer protocol : //omor.com/STi/archives/2005/10/walter_rohrls_h.html

Walter came to leave foot braking relatively former in his career. In his
book “ The Walter Rohrl Diary ” ( thoroughly recommended ) he says that he
only learn about left-foot brake when he went to Audi & he could n’t
qwell the quattro ‘s understeer. Stig Blomquist ( the left-foot passkey ! )
took him out in a recce quattro & demonstrated the proficiency. Walt
claims that it took him quite a while to refine it because he kept
changing the pressure on the bracken pedal while he pumped the flatulence. He
learnt that the clandestine is to retain a constant imperativeness on the brake
bicycle while varying the choke.

here is a video recording of him forget foot brake in a Group B Audi :

hypertext transfer protocol : //a178.v096910.c9691.e.vc.akamaistream.net/7/178/9691/v0009/audi.download.akamai.com/9691/history/04_mh/07_rallye_physik_b.wmv
J_Man LFB does n’t always make you faster, oftentimes it forces more pedal point imperativeness than you need since it ‘s unnatural at foremost.

From what I ‘ve heard because some people use it like right-foot brake ( releasing the accelerator when pressing the brakes ). What I understand is : you ‘re supposed keep the throtle down ( not at WOT all the time of path ) when entering the corner and keeping the engine under burden ( cornering under ability ) and controlling the buttocks with little accelerator adjustments.

besides the other thing is not to slow down before the corner like when using right-foot brake. You have to enter the corner hot and kill the focal ratio while cornering – you have to continue keeping your left field metrical foot on the brakes until you reach the corner vertex, then you release the brakes and go WOT.

If when keeping your left foot on the brakes until the corner vertex, you slow down excessively much this means you entered the corner besides decelerate.
If you take your foundation off the brakes before the vertex and inactive manage to take the corner – you entered it excessively slow …

And then you ‘ll besides figure out why the fast Miata drivers use about twice stiff movement leap pace five rear, huge stiff front barricade and no rear prevention ; )
gkd LFB is quite interesting to me :
-CSP MIata : I never LFB.
-Nissan FWD Rally Car : I constantly LFB.

The biggest advantage of LFB is that you can adjust the cornering balance of ill handling FWD cars. Another, much smaller, advantage is the ability to go from natural gas to brake agile ( I have tested this ). american samoa far as using LFB to keep boost up, it is easier to tip in to the choke a little sooner ( Thomason was doing merely this in his RX7 TT days ). My Evo IX buids boost just fine with early accelerator lotion.

The downside of LFB, for street cars, is possible overheating of the brakes and possibly elevated engine temperatures if it is done for long periods ( rally car, path sidereal day car ).


PS. Thomason rarely LFBs. Motonishi constantly LFBs .

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LFB is quite interest to me :
-CSP MIata : I never LFB.
PS. Thomason rarely LFBs.

TESTIFY ! ( ca n’t get two autocrossers with more jackets than these two )
J_Man LFB is quite interest to me :
-CSP MIata : I never LFB.
-Nissan FWD Rally Car : I always LFB.
PS. Thomason rarely LFBs.
Motonishi always LFBs.

besides I ‘ve noticed that Steve O’Blenes constantly LFBs in my Miata. once I had messed the front/rear brake balance in my cable car ( stronger presence pads ), he drove it that day and he was disgusted by the mid-corner LFB working not as expected : )

Hey George, you say you do n’t LFB in the Miata, but do you trail brake with your correct foot alternatively ? I found that since I setup my car the way you told me it precisely loves to be on the brakes deep in the corners …

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