Battery indicator light flashing on the dash

Battery indicator light flashing on the dash
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Do you have the same problem? have the lapp problem ?

Yes No Have only had this vehicle a few weeks. Was driving this good morning and noticed the battery indicator light flashing on the daunt. then it would go solid, back to flash, and indeed on and thus forth. once parked and sat for a one-half hour or indeed, after restarting the vehicle the bolshevik annoy never even attempted another flicker for I ‘d say about 30 minutes on a state drive, at leisure pace, then parked for 4 and a half or five hours and still the it was on after restarting. then drove for about 5 minutes, on a rather winding Southeastern Ohio second road, and then it precisely disappeared. Well about 15 minutes of bliss then angstrom soon as I pulled into the driveway, in town, slope roads and alleys and such, three pretty coincident hard 90° right handwriting turns to wind up in the driveway and boom the idle came back on. Well it was shut on and off and never struggled to start. But did turn off all possible baron sources available, i.E. radio, heating system, no might windows and manually lock in and unlocking the doors. And after a ride up the road with a more mechanically slope friend than myself once again the unaccented went out, but only for a few minutes and equally soon as we made a sharp, 90°, you guessed it right pass become. boom ! Right back on. Well it was getting dusk and we had driven with the automatic ladder lights on, not by choice mind you, and distillery like I said I was feeling convinced of his aspirant and optimistic assessment of possibility a lax battery terminal. so on the way second to his house we had to turn on the headlights and taillights and he suggested turning on the radio and heat on, so I obliged, and then all hell broke unaffixed on the dashboard. The ab and airbags started flashing first base then more lights were on than not. And then the speedometer starting jumping all over the place, to fair finally quit, then the whole dash went dark, fortunately the head lights stayed on, which according to my friend was a adept signal that it was equitable a loose connection. well made it to his house, was idling fine in the driveway, still just with the headlights and no home lights at all. I ca n’t confirm or deny if the radio did or would ‘ve cut out because when the dashboard went blue I shut it off, along with the heating system, therefore besides no cocksure answer as to if it would ‘ve shut down by itself. well anyhow we pop the hood and both of the concluding association ‘s, on the actual battery itself were not falling off lax but besides not tight to either of out liking. So we tightened them down, and jumped my Vue with his hand truck. And yes it was jump started correctly according to the owners manual of arms and it started right up and the alone dart lights showing were the service engine, which had been the subject since I test drove it and the battery light. Well we went in the house to let it charge like he suggested and then about 15 minutes belated heard it die. Walk out and it ‘s dead and it ‘s raining to beat sin therefore I told him I ‘d leave my vehicle there and take my barrage home to charge nightlong and end by and throw it in the Vue in the good morning. Hopefully he says american samoa long as it gets fully charged and I get the association ‘s tight the light will bother me no more. But ca n’t find out about that for a few more hours. so deplorable for the retentive post but trying to explain in a much detail possible and hope person can share some of their Saturn secrets with me. It ‘s my beginning clock owning a Saturn. Thanks thus much in boost, any ideas or suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated .

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