Benefits of Keeping Your Auto Headlights and Wipers in Check – Happy Bays Blog

When it comes to safe driving, lights and wipers play a major role. As daytime gets shorter, with fewer daylight hours during the fall and winter, it is essential to make sure that the lights and wipers of your car are working properly. This is required in order to ensure that the driver’s visibility is not compromised and that he can be seen by others.


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From the driver’s seat, it may not be possible for you to notice a light that is not working. Therefore, always keep all the lights of your vehicle in check and instantly swap those that are out. Also, look over and replace wiper blades so that you can clearly see when the wet wintry weather hits.

Lights are usual wear items which need periodic inspection and replacement. The lighting system offers nighttime visibility, alerts and indicates other drivers; and provides light for the car’s interior and viewing instruments. Apart from replacing dimming, non-functioning and rapidly blinking lights, the following tips can help keep you safe with your vehicle.

Always keep tail lights, signal lights and headlights clean. External dust and rubbish can dim operational lights that others cannot see. Be sure that your headlights are appropriately aimed as misaimed headlights make other drivers blind, thereby reducing your ability to observe the road. In case there is any confusion on whether your headlights should be on or not, turn them on. Lights not only help you see better in the early dusk, they also make it easy for other drivers to spot you.

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Never overdrive the headlights and try to stop inside the illuminated area, or else you would be creating a blind crash area in front of your car. The wiper system helps maintains clear visibility by avoiding excessive snow, water and dust from building up on the windshield. Getting your car professionally washed with quality car detailing Calgary and headlight restoration services will ensure top performance and proper functionality of your car. [external_footer]