How to Choose a Cobra Kit Car

How to Choose a Cobra Kit Car
Before buying your own kit you need to decide whether you ’ ll be using all-new components or whether you wish to start with a donor car.. For the project in this book I chose the Factory Five Racing Mk4 Cobra kit. We ’ ll be building our Cobra replica with all-new components .

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Select a Donor Car

There are many things to take into consideration when you are looking for a donor car. here are some authoritative questions to ask yourself :

  • How much does it cost ?
  • How many miles does it have ? Most cars were designed to last alone 120,000 miles so you would then buy a newly one .
  • Are you going to re-use or replace significant items the brake hoses, headmaster cylinder, and calipers ?
  • How hanker the cable car has been sitting ? ( calipers can seize )
  • How much tire is on the rotors ?
  • What kind of supreme headquarters allied powers europe are the bushings on the control arms ?
  • What condition is the radiator, rear end, and boast tank car in ?
  • If the donor car has fuel injection, can the kit out manufacturer add the wire harness to include the computer system that runs the fuel injection system ? What you should do is make a list of all the items you have to remove and re-use from the donor car. These are the items you should examine when purchasing the donor car. Second, when you are comparing donor cars here are some items to consider :
  • How well does it handle and how good is the ride ? ( determined by the design of the chassis )
  • Does it have an adequate brake arrangement ? In a car like this you want the best brake system available. Is there an choice for a better brake arrangement ? You can not fair take a brake system out of another car and re-use it on a cable car that is wholly different. Weight distribution, sum burden, spring rates, tire size, and much more are significant factors in choosing the right brake system .
  • Have you considered power brakes ? How impregnable are your legs ?
  • What about power steering ? How potent are your arms and how fast can you move them ? Remember you will be compelled to drive with two hands at low speeds and shift at the same time. How close to the door does the steering wheel come ?
  • Does the donor car have a condom fuel cell ? Is it an option ? Where is it located ? Why is the fuel filler not on the fender ?
  • Does the roll barroom come as standard equipment, or is it an option ? Is the roll bar attached to the frame ? If not, how a lot would it cost to do it ? Does it come painted or chrome plated ?
  • How strong is the frame ? Will it twist ? Which engine is recommended ? That suggests what the ensnare is designed to take .
  • Chrome door sills ?
  • Chrome all the way around the locomotive compartment ?
  • inner light under the hood & trunk ?
  • Grilles in front ?
  • ten-spot gauges rather than five ? Why a dash panel rather than mounting directly to crash ?
  • Stereo and speakers included ?
  • On the cooling system, why is the radiator vertical ? Why is it that big ?
  • enough confirm under the intrude along with a skid home plate ?
  • Are the bumpers included or are they an choice ?
  • Do the headers/side pipes come un-coated, chrome plated, or S/S ?
  • Why a full home ?
  • Why are WCC seats more comfortable than original design ?
  • Why are there trim moldings around the cockpit ?
  • Why are there reappearance lips on the rack wells ?
  • Why do you sit gloomy in the car ?
  • meter the outdistance from the bottom of the steering wheel to the seat and floor. Is it adequate ? Should it be across-the-board ? Or longer ?
  • Why are the seat belts bolted to the frame ?
  • Why is the proboscis then adult ?
  • Why is the battery in the torso ?

Factory Five Racing offers the Mk4 as a Base Kit that requires a donor car, but we assembled a Mk4 Complete Kit, which includes the components to build the entire car.

Factory Five Racing

When it came clock time to decide which kit to build for this project, Factory Five Racing was at the top of our number, with its Mk4 Base Kit, Challenge Kit, and Complete Kit. We chose the Mk4 Complete Kit. After all, Factory Five Racing ( FFR ) is the market leader of modern Cobra kit cars. The party offers one of the best cobra kit cars on the market today. beyond that, a exhaustive and detailed Cobra fabrication manual is included with every kit out to help the novitiate assembler through the entire Cobra buildup process.And the company even offers an assembler school where the customer learns how to assemble the car, so when they return home, the customer is able to competently assemble his or her own car. No early company matches Factory Five for customer support and service .
Brothers Dave and Mark Smith founded Factory Five Racing in 1995. It employs 30 full-time staff members and has become the largest manufacturer of part car kits. Everyone who works at the company is very intimate and passionate about the automotive fancier hobby in general and Factory Five Racing in particular. Critics and competitors have called FFR a cult. This claim is embraced by Factory Five right on the company ’ randomness Web web site : “ We won ’ thymine ask you to drink Kool-Aid or wear a embrown shirt, rather, company, forgivingness, gear-head cognition, and a love for all things Motorsports are the only requirements in this golf club. Welcome to the cult of Factory Five ! ”

Cobras were born for competition, and Factory Five holds true to that tradition with the Mk4 Challenge. Designed for many types of competition, owners typically campaign the car in road racing, and there’s a race series specifically for this replica.
With component kits engineered and designed through a sophisticate CAD/CAM system and built using automotive robotics and skilled technicians, Factory Five Racing produces high-quality, low-cost component car kits and provides especial customer service. FFR ’ s customers are about fanatic about the party and the component kits that the company manufactures and sells .

In summation to manufacturing three variants of the Cobra replica kit, FFR besides produces the mid-engine GTM Supercar, the 1933 Hot Rod ( a 1933 Ford convertible/coupe kit ), and the Type-65 Coupe ( Cobra Daytona Coupe kit ). For more information on these component vehicles, sojourn Factory Five Racing ’ randomness Website. You can besides join the popular mugwump network forum of FFR owners and enthusiasts .

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Written by D. Brian Smith and Posted with Permission of CarTechBooks

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