A roller-coaster ride: Brake Fail

A roller-coaster ride: Brake Fail
producer : Moxie Media Pvt. Ltd.
Writer, conductor : Kaushik Ganguly
Cast : Parambrato Chatterjee, Swastika Mukherjee, Saswata Chatterjee, Annu Kapoor, Biplab Chatterjee, Shantu Mukherjee, Shoma Dey, Arindam Sil, Kaushil Ganguly, Lama Haldar, Taranga Biswas, Tanima Sen Siddhartha ( Parambrato ) rushes to Kolkata to join a garage as a automobile mechanic. In the bus, he encounters Henna ( Swastika Mukherjee ) invest in a burkha and learns that she is running away from a forced-marriage to the younger brother of a lead don. The two land up in Papaji ( Annu Kapoor ) ’ mho garage where Siddhartha has no choice but to present themselves as a married copulate. To hide Henna ’ s Muslim identity, he introduces her as Roopa. Tony and Gaja, two mechanics, put them up in a board let out already by another mechanic, Shanti ( Saswata Chatterjee ) to an old pair ( Paran Bandopadhyay and Tanima Sen ). They dissuade the old couple with stories of all tenants landing up as corpses. The couple wanders around in the truck that carries their entire furniture and baggage. Shanti is ferocious when he discovers that his colleagues have pulled a fast one on him but belated relents when Siddhartha and he turn ‘ partners. ’
Papaji finds that Subhash ( Biplab ) the owner of the garage who introduces himself as Aami Subhash Bolchhi is involved in pushing drugs, and arms. In one car delivery, Sid and Shanti are trapped as arms smugglers with the patrol hot on their chase. meanwhile, Papaji disguises himself as a tantric to persuade industrialist Nikhilesh ( Shantu Mukherjee ) that his daughter Koel, who died unseasoned is now born-again and is ready to return to her grieving parents. An uncomfortable and skittish Siddhartha is already in place as Nikhilesh ’ second coach. Henna enters as his daughter ’ second reincarnation but is promptly imprisoned like a princess waiting to be engaged to Nikhilesh ’ s supporter Subhash ’ s son.
How the three car mechanics and Papaji do to spoil Henna ’ s employment ? What happens when the veridical Koel ’ s grieving parents find out the truth ? How Papaji strips himself of his tantric ’ south disguise and how the two lovers are united in marital bliss makes for a rackety culminate.

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Technical Expertise
The music track and the brilliant lyrics by Neel and Kaushik are the most great qualities of Brake Fail. When the mechanics are on the go, one hears the unfold music of Rang De Basanti ’ s celebrated song. In one brief moment, when the persistently sozzled Shanti talks about getting marital, we hear strains of the head music of Ek ladki knockout dekha toh aisa lagaa. The six song tracks flow through the film like a river. Three songs Jingha lala jhinga lala, followed by Jodi proshno koro and then Shorey shorey which is a Hindi-Bengali remix, deserve special note.

The characterisations are detailed, blending smoothly into the fib. Paran Bandopadhyay, Tanima Sen, Annu Kapoor and Saswata are mind-blowing. Swastika ’ s balmy smasher adds to her depicting and character while Parambrato gives of his best but is not convinced in the sung numbers .
The film slides quickly down once Nikhilesh and his sad report is narrated. Papaji ’ s awful cotton-candy wig and mustache is something a kindergarten child will see through. The reincarnation theory falls flat on its confront. The mechanics ’ undifferentiated does not have a blot of grease on them. Their faces besides, have no oil and dirt. When the policemen rush into a jeep to chase Siddhartha and Shanti, one of them says, “ This time, I will take the window seat, ” and the audience breaks into side-splitting laugh.
What could have been a flawless, wholesome comedy turns into a faint plot because Kaushik did not know when to apply the brakes to the needle melodrama. The film deserves three stars– one for the mind-bending songs, one for the pithy and fun-filled negotiation and one for the fantastic act .

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