Bonneville Hygiene – How Do You Clean Your Bonnie?

Bonneville Hygiene – How Do You Clean Your Bonnie?




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Griot’s Garage Products:

Work great, last a long time, and smell good.

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These are the essentials you need:

Car wash soap: Big bucket of warm water with car wash soap, with a mitt for the chrome/painted areas and a brush for the other bits. Rinse with large volume of clean water under light pressure (Garden hose with a rubber tip so you don’t scratch anything)

Wheel Cleaner: Awesome product, use with a brush to get them good and clean, rinse with lots of water (I love the smell)

Drying towell: For drying painted areas and chrome. Get one, use it only for this purpose, don’t skimp and use a regular towell.

Compressor: Any small compressor will do, use this to force water from all the nooks and crannies in and around the engine. (Does not have to be very expensive, but get one with more than a 2 gallon tank. Also good for keeping the tires at the right pressure.)

Clay Bar: Use on the painted surfaces twice a year to remove old wax, and other deposits before waxing.

Best of Show wax: Apply 4 times a year (if you ride year round), use a dedicated wax pad for this.

Speed shine: Magic in a bottle. Use after a fair weather ride to keep pained areas perfect. Get cotton cloths/rags for this and use nothing else.

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Chrome Polish: Exactly what it sounds like.

Bug Off: Spray the front of the bike with this, it really does work.

There is a detailing book available from them, or most of the tips can be found in the catalog or website ( May seem like an expensive order, but most of your first order should last you 1-2 years, and if you don’t like anything they will refund @100% I have been using them for years and I prefer over the “major” detail producers as Griots is US made in the Northwest, and taylored to proud owners of valuable vehicles.

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