Squeaking Brakes: What to Do?

Squeaking Brakes: What to Do?
Squeaking Brake Repair
The brakes on your fomite are one of the most important components to your driving. It ’ south significant to ensure that they ’ re in optimum condition before heading out on a trek beyond the streets near Harvey, New Orleans, and Metairie. not lone do they help you maintain or slow your speed, but they ’ re besides your first and most significant guard feature. What do you do when you hear your brakes squeaking ?
At Bohn Toyota, we ’ rhenium here to tilt of a few of the reasons on why your brakes are squeaking so you can correct the issue and resume your travel on the road ! Be sure to contact us today with any questions .

Squeaking Brakes Symptoms

Brake System

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Like most of the systems in your vehicle, there are some revealing signs that something ’ s not right. Below, we ’ ll list a few of the symptoms of squeaking brakes so you can be certain that you ’ re not just hearing things, and there is indeed an issue with your fomite ’ south braking system.

Sounds you may hear with your brakes :

  • Screeching
  • Grinding
  • Squealing

Why are My Brakes Squeaking?

There are quite a few reasons as to why you ’ re hearing this high-pitch squeal coming from your vehicle. Below, we ’ ll list the assorted reasons of why your brakes are squeaking .

  • Worn Brake Pads: Brake pads have a built-in wear indicator. Once your brake pads have worn enough, this metal tab will press against the metal rotors every time you apply pressure to the brake pedal. When the metal tab of the brake pad is forced against the rotor and creates this squeal, it’s time to consider changing your brake pads out.
  • Moisture on Discs: If you’re driving after a rain storm, and you hear a squeaking noise coming from your brakes, it could indicate that there’s moisture on the discs. This will go away once the discs dry out.
  • Your Rotors are Rusted: If you’ve had your rotors on for a long time, it’s almost a certainty that they’ve encountered all sorts of weather. Of course, over time and excessive moisture, your rotors will begin to rust. When there’s enough rust on them, there will be a high-pitched squeal when the pad is forced against the rotor when you’re trying to slow the vehicle down.
  • Excessive Brake Dust: If you’ve just had your brake pads replaced, but you still hear squealing, it could be the leftover dust from your previous brake pads. When the dust is heated, it can lead to this squeaking noise.

Schedule Service to Get Rid of the Squeaking Brakes Noise

If you ’ ve noticed these squeaking brake symptoms or have asked yourself “ why are my brakes squeaking, ” then there ’ s clearly an issue with your braking arrangement. You can well have the write out resolved by scheduling your military service with us at Bohn Toyota. Our technicians will diagnose the return and provide the necessity service and maintenance to ensure that you ’ re in for a noise-free ride .
If you ’ ve hear your brakes squeaking, schedule your service with us today ! At Bohn Toyota, we ’ rhenium gallant to help drivers near Harvey, New Orleans, and Metairie with their automotive needs .

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