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Things you should NOT do while driving an automatic car – knowledge is power!

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Cars are one of the greatest inventions humanity has ever witnessed. The possibility of travelling to far off distances in the consolation of a cable car is the world everyone cherishes today. Since the origin of the foremost 4-wheel car with a motive was invented, cars have become better by every evanesce day. Better in terms of safety features, in terms of mechanical abilities and driving comfort. When talking about the comfort of driving in the introduce day urban scenario, automatic drives have actually pushed the limits to new possibilities. The automatic transmission is a type of drive vehicle gear transmission that mechanically changes the gear ratios as the fomite derive acceleration. This mechanism helps the driver to shift gears without any hassle of doing it manually. It allows an inner burning engine to provide a range of speed and torsion outputs necessary to move the vehicle. There are three types of automatic rifle transmittance available in cars today which include CVT ( Continuously Variable Transmission ), AMT ( Automated Manual Transmission ) and Dual-clutch automated manual. The automatic pistol transmission cars demand a certain driving tip to make your repel smooth and comfortable .

Here are some of the things you should not do while driving an automatic car for a comfortable drive:

Driving an automatic car downhill when in gear

You should never drive downhill when in gear. This takes the control of your car aside from you. When you go downhill on a gear, you can ’ thymine accelerate in the neutral mode and can only slow down using the brake pedal. besides, you ’ ll need to first come to a halt before shifting into ‘ D ’ to start accelerate, which will be besides difficult while driving on a gradient. Although, Modern-day automatic rifle transmissions are smart adequate to cut fuel provide to the locomotive while you are driving on a down slope .
driving an automatic car

Shifting to N when your automatic car is in motion

You should always put the car in achromatic gear merely and only when you have already wholly come to a halt. Changing to neutral gear while in motion will increase the prospect of wear and tear on the transmission mechanism .
driving an automatic car

Not placing the foot on the dead pedal while driving an automatic car

One of the most crucial mistakes many automatic cable car owners make is to use both the leave and right leg to drive the vehicle. automatic cars are fitted with only two pedals which include the brakes and the accelerator. While driving, people tend to use their veracious metrical foot to accelerate while left foot to brake. This is a dangerous drill which could result in unanticipated circumstances. You may accelerate and brake and at the lapp fourth dimension and this will make the car to lose control condition. The best exercise is to set your left foot on the dead bicycle or let it rest while using the right foot for both acceleration and brake .
driving an automatic car

Not parking your automatic car in the ‘P’ mode

You should always park your car in ‘ P ’ mode or the parking mode. This helps to prevent your car from rolling backwards or forward if in case the hand brakes become ineffective .
driving an automatic car

Not using handbrake while driving an automatic car

Although it is significant to park your car in P mood, handbrakes have their own goals to perform. The park mode in an automatic rifle car is broadly not as much efficient in holding your car on a gradient as the handbrakes. not using hand brakes will put a distribute of pressure on the infection mechanism of your car .
driving an automatic car

Things to remember about driving an automatic car:

Not all automatic cars are the same

It ’ s a identical park miss concept among drivers that all automatic transmissions are the same. There are three types of automatic rifle infection available in cars these days. These include CVT ( Continuously Variable Transmission ), AMT ( Automated Manual Transmission ) and Dual-clutch automated manual of arms. All three of these automatic transmissions have unlike mechanisms. The motivation for any automatic rifle transmission is to bypass the need to push clutch and switch gears manually while driving .
driving an automatic car
                                 You may read more about automatic transmissions here.

The proper way to tow an automatic car

The proper way to tow an automatic car depends on if your car is a front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive. The power wheels of the car should never be on the road while towing your car. For example, if your car is a battlefront steering wheel drive, you should tow the car from the front end and roll the car on back non-powered wheels .
driving an automatic car

Change in performance is a reality while driving an automatic car

many people believe that the operation of their car will remain the same for both automated and manual transmission vehicles. The like car with a different transmission system can perform in a very unlike manner. With every passing day, the automatic pistol transmissions are getting better and better providing better drive experience. An automatic vehicle today can be marginally quicker and fast. While some entry-level cars may lack some performance due to an automatic pistol transmission .
driving an automatic car

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