Different Types of Brake Caliper Paints

Different Types of Brake Caliper Paints
Customizing your car is the entirely way to make it rightfully yours. in full stock cars and trucks are dainty and all, but you need to put your own tender on your depend on to put your personality on full display everywhere you go. You can trick it out with some sick tires and wheels, possibly a new paint job, or some forte pipes shooting out the back. Those are all amazing, but expensive. As they say, “ The devil is in the details, ” and it ’ s the little things that matter most. Painting the brake calipers is a bum, sneaky means to make your ride look sleek. High-end manufacturers paint their calipers to make them stand out and give their cars that short something extra. There are unlike types of brake caliper paints for you to use .

Aerosol Paints

If you are thinking this is spray paint, you ’ re correct. Aerosol paint cans of caliper paint are normally enamel. They come in 12 oz. cans in any polish you can imagine. There are so many options it ’ south hard to know where to begin. Matte, glossary, or metallic finishes come in every discolor of the rainbow. Most aerosol paints aren ’ thymine rated for high temperatures, then read the can if that ’ s what you want.

Dipping Can Paint

“ Dipping can ” means applying the paint by hand with a brush. It besides means taking the caliper off the rotor. This is the lone type of paint subcontract where you must remove the caliper first. Taking the caliper off gives better coverage that will last, and you will credibly need entirely one coat. Like aerosol cans, dipping can paint offers hundreds of colors and finishes to choose from, so you ’ re surely to find a look that complements your car.


Epoxy caliper paints are more volatile chemically, but they are far more durable than the other options. Among the unlike types of brake caliper paints, epoxy is the tough and lasts the longest. During the application process, you ’ ll have to wear protective gearing to protect your clamber from the caustic chemicals in the paint. The finish is durable, double-tough, and more dependable than the others.

Vinyl Film

You can wrap your calipers just like you can wrap your car. Choose from vinyl kits that, combined with a heat gun, will cover your calipers merely like a coat of paint. Simply apply the sheet to the caliper, trim off the excess, and melt it with the hotness gun. Trimming as the vinyl shrinks keeps it looking clean. This is a catchy action for beginners, but it gets easier over time. RNR Tire Express has the most wheels and tires in Greenville, SC, for your car or truck. Check the web site to see what we have, then come down for an facility .

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