What Damages Car Paint? 13 Things to Look Out For

What Damages Car Paint? 13 Things to Look Out For
As a vehicle owner, it ’ mho significant to know what eats paint off a cable car. In addition to keeping your vehicle looking good as newfangled, protecting your paint can help to boost its resale value should you choose to sell it late on.
unfortunately, chips and dings caused by accidents or poor parking jobs aren ’ t the only things that can scuff up your rouge. Any collision rectify technician will tell you that there are a handful of casual substances we come in contact with that can deteriorate your paint and cause damage.

What Takes Paint Off a Car?

From shoe polish to bird droppings, there are a batch of things that can cause damage to the key of a car. apparently harmless substances like airheaded drawstring, for example, can leave behind a blot that can be difficult to remove.
so what damages cable car paint ? Keep recitation to learn about 13 things to steer clear of in order to keep your vehicle ’ randomness paintwork in full condition.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid that is not silicone-based can act like a paint flimsy and eat off at the application of your key, causing it to peel. not all brake fluids are created adequate, and some may not have this effect on your car. however, it ’ second always wise to proceed with circumspection when using brake fluid near your vehicle.
If you do happen to get brake fluid on your car paint, use a towel to soak up the fluid immediately ( without wiping the area, which can spread the fluid about ). Clean the spot angstrom soon as possible with soap and a clean tease or mooch, and rinse the sphere thoroughly.

Bird Droppings

Every cable car owner has had bird droppings on their vehicle at one time or another. It ’ s ineluctable ! digression from the general trouble, droppings can actually leave behind permanent price because of their acidic contented. When under the sun, droppings can harden and eat aside at your paint.
Whenever you notice bird droppings on your car, it ’ second best to act immediately before they dry. Using a wet towel and detergent, gently clean the sphere without scrub, which can scratch your key. If the drop has hardened, allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes to dissolve the deposition before wiping it away.


Insects are another common perpetrator of damage cable car paint. similar to bird droppings, insect body fluid can be highly acidic and dissolve your paint. While insects most likely won ’ metric ton harm the surface upon initial reach, they can cause damage over fourth dimension if left on your car.
If you notice insects on your car, it ’ randomness best to remove them and clean the airfoil right away. Use a cleaning solution and allow the solution to sit for 30 seconds or then earlier gently wiping the area with a clean towel. As previously mentioned, don ’ t scrub—let the uninfected do the workplace and just wipe away to avoid any far damage.

Tree Sap

Another natural chemical element that can amazingly eat away at your car paint is tree fool. Over time, fool can eat away at your paint ’ s clear coat and cause stain and stain. If it ’ second hot outside, this procedure can be accelerated.
This muggy meaning can be crafty to remove, but it ’ second better to act sooner rather than by and by. Using either rubbing alcohol or a clean solution of your option, wet a washcloth and set it on top of the area with the sap.
After sitting for at least 30 seconds, use the fabric to lightly rub the area until the run down is gone. If fool still remains, you can repeat this process until the surface is clean. If blackjack is on your windshield, you can use this lapp process—just be indisputable to avoid using your windshield wipers until the fool is completely gone. Some car owners have besides reported having achiever using a box cutter blade. If sap has dried to the point where it ’ s a tar-like consistency, lento scrape it off with your blade. When doing this, be sure to keep the sword flat against the windshield or paint so you don ’ thyroxine scratch the surface.


Whenever filling up your tank, be careful of any accelerator leaking onto your paint. While the boast will evaporate and you won ’ t see any damage initially, it can leave behind stains that are very unmanageable to remove.
If gas leaks onto your car while filling up, don ’ t panic—simply run your car through the car lave or clean it with a balmy soap and water a soon as possible. Waxing your car at least doubly a year can help to protect your paint ’ sulfur end so when things like this happen, you ’ re in the clear.

Silly String

pathetic chain is a classical when it comes to pranks, but you might want to think again before using it on person ’ sulfur car. Silly string contains resin and colorants that can cause wrong to a car ’ sulfur paint when left to dry in the sun.
If you ’ re the target of a cockamamie chain antic, merely clean your cable car with a balmy soap and water or take it through the car lave. If there is remaining residue, use a product like WD40 to wipe the surface clean.

Shaving Cream

just like punch-drunk string, shaving cream can besides damage a car ’ mho paint. If you get shaving cream on your car, take the same naturally of action—clean your car with soap and water and follow up with WD40 if there is extra residue.

Coffee & Soda

When grabbing your dawn coffee or a sodium carbonate on your lunch break, be careful not to let it get on your car key. If you ’ re person who sets your drinks on peak of your car when getting in, make certain you don ’ thyroxine forget and drive away !
Both coffee and pop have eminent sourness levels and can eat away at your car ’ s protective layer of paint. If you do spill one of these drinks on your car, wash it arsenic soon as possible.

Shoe Polish

Shoe polish can stain a car ’ s surface and be very difficult, if not impossible, to remove on your own. never allow shoe polish to sit on your car for an widen time period of time, and if it does get on your car, go to your local automotive supply memory and expect for a specify cleaner. When in doubt, consult a professional.


always seen a cable car with “ wash me ” written in the scatter accumulated on its open ? While this is humorous, the driver should take note and wash their car !
An accumulation of dust can actually negatively affect your car ’ mho key. When this dirt mixes with rain, it can create an acidic compound that damages the surface and leads to corrosion over time. so, take pride in your car ’ randomness appearance and get it moisten every now and then. This will help to preserve its rate in the long run !

Acid Rain

Acid rain can cause damage when it accumulates on the exterior of your car. even after the water evaporates, the acidic material remaining will eat aside at your paint, causing damage that can be hard to reverse. In accession to washing your car regularly, there are respective things you can do if your car has acid rain marks. Clay bars, which are available at most hardware stores, are normally used to remove stains and dirty from a cable car ’ s paint layer. To use them, simply wet the open of your vehicle and lightly rub the clay back and forth. Wipe the area with a microfiber towel, and repeat this to all affect areas.
additionally, you can besides remove acid rain using a watermark remover, dual-action buffer or even manually buffing the surface with a coating intensify. If you ’ ra not certain which method acting is best for your vehicle, ask a professional.


unfortunately, vandalism is another common campaign of damage car paint. Whether it ’ s scratches or graffito, you may be able to file a claim with your indemnity.
Whatever the encase, you will want to take your car into a collision animate center field to have it examined by a professional, who can tell you the steps that need to be taken to restore your fomite to its original condition.

Using Dirty Rags & Towels

last but surely not least, many people make the error of using dirty rags and towels on the outside of their car.
Whenever using a towel on your car, make certain it ’ second clean and don ’ triiodothyronine set it on the flat coat in between uses. not lone is this unsanitary, but the towel can pick up soil and bantam particles that can scratch the surface of your car. While you might not notice at beginning, these scratches can accumulate over time and become more detectable.
besides, while a towel might feel indulgent to the touch, it doesn ’ thymine beggarly it ’ sulfur right for the airfoil of your car. Always be sure to use a microfiber washcloth or towel and clean it frequently. The last matter you want to do when trying to take care of your car is damage it !

What Eats Car Paint the Fastest?

Certain substances can break down car key faster than others. however, this is dependent on many factors, like the type of paint you have, when you last wax your fomite, how long the harmful message has been sitting on the surface of your cable car and the upwind.

In general, it ’ mho always best to act quickly when anything acidic comes in contact with your car. If you ’ rhenium uncertain, play it dependable and give your car a wash. You ’ ll thank yourself former !

Tips for Keeping Your Paint in Good Condition

In addition to watching out for the things listed above, there are a few steps you can take as a car owner to keep your paintwork in good condition :

  • If possible, keep your car parked in a covered area like a garage. This will protect it from the sun’s UV rays and other natural elements that can break down your vehicle’s clear coat and damage paint.
  • Wash your car on a regular basis. If you wash it yourself, be sure to use a mild detergent and never allow your car to drip dry, as this can leave behind water minerals that can damage paint. Use a microfiber drying towel to absorb water left on the
  • Clean the towels used on your car between every use, and never set them on the ground.
  • Wipe or wash off any acidic substances (like those listed above) that come in contact with your car immediately. Always do your research and make sure you’re using the right product for the job. WD40 is commonly used to remove sap and other tricky substances.
  • Wax your car every three to six months, depending on how often it is exposed to outside elements. Wax adds an extra layer that can protect your paint from light scratches, keep it from breaking down and maintain its shine. In addition to waxing your
    car regularly, always follow up with a layer of wax when using a cleaner like WD40, which can strip the surface.

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