Lexus: Why Does My Brake Pedal Go to the Floor?

Lexus: Why Does My Brake Pedal Go to the Floor?
There are assorted reasons why the brake pedal keeps hitting the floor. Learn those reasons and how to avoid them here. This article applies to the Lexus IS, GS, ES, RX ( 2005-2013 ) .
Brake failure is one of the scariest experiences potential in a vehicle. The most coarse type of acute failure is when the bracken bicycle sinks to the floor when pressure is applied. Understanding why this happens is vital to preventing it. typically, this is caused by either a miss of brake fluid or a mistake in the master cylinder. A failing brake booster will not pressurize the brake fluent and cause the pedal to hit the floor, making the car hard to stop. Overheating the brake fluid can besides cause a easy pedal point. by and large, this is the leave of lots of arduous brake or by riding the brakes. excessively much heat turns the brake fluid into a thin melted. Thin fluid requires more atmospheric pressure than the master cylinder and brake booster can provide, resulting in a pedal point that will hit the deck .

Step 1 – Bleed the brakes to purge the air out

Bleeding the brakes will remove any air in the brake system. Brake fluid is incompressible ; pressure is transmitted to the bracken pads by increasing the atmospheric pressure on the fluid. When there ‘s air in the system, the publicize compresses. Since the press provided by the brake master cylinder is compressing air travel and not engaging the brakes, the pedal point will feel soft.

Lexus: Why Does My Brake Pedal Go to the Floor?Figure 1. Bleeding brake caliper.

Step 2 – Replace the master cylinder

blabbermouthed seals on the brake chief cylinder can besides cause a soft brake pedal. Take the car into a machinist if there ‘s reason to suspect the brake master cylinder is leaking. Leaks lower the brake fluid reservoir, causing the pedal to constantly hit the floor when brake. You ‘ll be able to tell if it ‘s leaking by puddles and dribble marks on the cylinder .
Lexus: Why Does My Brake Pedal Go to the Floor?Figure 2. Lexus brake master cylinder with no leaks.

Step 3 – Refill the brake fluid

Check the brake fluid reservoir under the hood. If flat of brake fluid is first gear, refill it with ATE Super Blue Racing fluid. depleted brake fluid is a park induce of a soft brake pedal .
Lexus: Why Does My Brake Pedal Go to the Floor?Figure 3. Refill brake fluid reservoir with ATE Super Blue Racing fluid.

Step 4 – Flush the brake system

Dirt and debris can clog the integral brake system. If all else fails, take the car into a mechanic for a wax brake system inspection .

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