Upgrading Brakes for Your Street to Strip Drag Car, Part 4

Upgrading Brakes for Your Street to Strip Drag Car, Part 4
Upgrading Brakes for Your Street to Strip Drag Car, Part 4
Baer Brakes
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If you ’ ve fair tuned into our series on Baer ’ s cool Deep Stage Brake box, here ’ s a short-change retread : basically, the folks from Baer Brakes recognized the need for brake packages for heavy, very fast street cars. now if you haven ’ metric ton been paying attention, flying street cars are the big news in haul race. There are all sorts of different venues for these cars. All have a variety of different rules and regulations, but the common ground is the indigence for street legal equipment. basically, we ’ ra talking about cars that can be finale to two tons in weight and have performances that can be well under 8-seconds in the quarter mile. Fair enough, but once you get a car like that up to warp rush, you know you ’ ll have to slow it down sooner or later. That ’ s precisely what Baer accomplished with their heavy duty Deep Stage brake frame-up. And if you go over the first three segments in our series, you ’ ll see the special rotors, hats, calipers, and mount bracket that went into their singular system. This time around, we ’ ll wrap up the series with an examination of Baer ’ s brand newly “ Remaster ” master cylinder ( and to see more on the entire system, check out our past three segments ) .
Baer ’ south Remaster is a amply machined, billet aluminum maestro cylinder. Unlike some early master cylinders available that are “ universal ” ( with impart and correct hand wall socket port fittings ), the Remaster is built for the application. That means you can specify which slope of the victor the outlets are located. This is more work for the folks at Baer, but it ’ s technically two less places to leak for you !

The Remaster is a short circuit, compact design that fits both power booster and manual bracken applications. The master is actually shorter than most : Our 15/16-inch yield job ( shown below ) has an overall distance ( to the firewall ) of 6.050-inches. It ’ mho just under 5.00-inches tall to the filler cap and it ’ south 3.00-inches wide. 1.00-inch bear Remasters are the lapp overall size, however the 1-1/8-inch bore jobs are slightly larger. In any case, it ’ s a tightly wrapped software .
The actual mount form is such that GM and Ford applications can make use of the same master cylinder. The firewall climb is engineered to fit both. For long pushrod applications, Baer includes a extra insert adapter ( bullet adapter ). Another truly neat feature is the two-piece climb placement. Baer designed the master with a obliterable climb block. That means if you change configuration ( or tied cars ), you can take the victor with you. All you need to change is the mount jam .
The makeweight cap is a screw-on assembly. note that each quarter crown is engineered with a knurled border. You don ’ t need any special tools to check or add fluid. Simply unscrew each of the caps to gain access to the respective fluid chambers .
All Baer Remasters have the ability to bolt a proportion valve block to the bottom of the Master Cylinder. You don ’ t need a special bracket to mount the prop valve, plus it simplifies the brake line routing. In addition, if you already have a Baer proportion valve, then it ’ s a bare count of specifying your master to accept it.

Speaking of prop up valves : You ’ ll need one. dim-witted as that. Baer recommends it on any disk bracken conversion ( with rise phonograph record or with rise drums ). Keep in mind that most cars we ’ rhenium discourse have had the original factory distribution and proportioning valves eliminated. These OEM valves were often called “ combination valves ”. They included a brake coerce warning light sender along with a fixed rear brake-proportioning valve. While we don ’ t have board to go into all of it here, with a front disk, rear cram frame-up, there will be besides much brake blackmail applied to the drums ( without a airplane propeller valve ). Adding tall tires on the rear ( for exercise, slicks or improbable DOT tires ) will besides upset the brake balance, just because the improbable tire provides more leverage when you hit the brakes. With these variables on cars without a airplane propeller valve installed ( and adjusted ), what you ’ ll regularly meeting is back brakes locking up way before the front, and with a truly fast car, that ’ s no fun. The solution is to reduce the brake pipeline atmospheric pressure to the back wheels .
And that ’ second where the adjustable proportion valve enters the equation. According to Baer : “ Our prop up valve has approximately 9-turns, lock to lock. Turning the valve all the way counter-clockwise will make the mercantile establishment atmospheric pressure approximately 57 % of the inlet press. With the valve in the wide clockwise position, the exit pressure will be approximately 90 % of the intake pressure. ”
“ Starting with the valve set approximately 4-1/2 turns, test the brakes. When set by rights, the back brakes should lock up just after the front brakes. If the system is not set by rights, readjust the valve and test the vehicle again. Continue adjusting until you are satisfied with the front/rear brake bias for your fomite. ”

One last thing : just like the calipers, Baer can color coordinate your Remaster to your calipers or to your under-hood accessories. Baer does all of their color in-house, so custom mixes are potential .
As you can see, the folks from Baer have done a fabulous job on the design and output of their entire Deep Stage brake system. If you ’ rhenium having issues bringing your hot and heavy hot perch to a whine stem, this is the box for you .
And FYI, down the road, we ’ ll be rebuilding a Camaro ( and Nova ) subframe. We ’ ll usher you how the Baer apparatus installs. It ’ south very intuitive, and the folks at Baer have taken the time to ensure bits and pieces mount in the right spots ! meanwhile, for a closer look at the Remaster along with Baer ’ s adjustable proportion valve, check out the accompanying images .

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