Cadillac CTS Premium LED Headlight package (2003 – 2007)

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nothing on the market beats our premium cree headlight leds for safe driving on dark mountain roads or distraction-filled suburban streets.  our compact led headlights exceed the performance of normal headlights, helping you see the road with ease.

+61404532026 cadillac cts premium led headlights package includes:

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1 pair of premium 9006 cree led headlights

curious about our premium quantum vs. standard kepler headlight kits? checkout this video for product comparison :

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make a statement every time you drive at night by upgrading your factory cadillac cts headlights with a plug n play premium led headlight replacement kit by precisionled. these superior cree headlights combine to cast a vivid, shoulder-to-shoulder array that reveals everything ahead of you without distracting oncoming drivers.

why buy precisionled headlights?

  • premium look. led lighting is noticeably different from standard lighting, giving your vehicle a premium look. you’ll get brighter, crisper lighting that makes driving at night safer and easier.
  • top-of-the-line. led headlight packages from precisionled offer top-of-the-line performance and life expectancy, due to our use of superior cree led components.
  • superior heat dissipation.  our headlights use milled aluminum heat radiators with internally powered fans that dissipate heat quickly and evenly.  
  • easy to install. all of our led headlight packages are easy to install. in fact, we have step-by-step instruction videos showing precisely how to install lights on popular models.

when you upgrade the headlights on your cadillac cts, you won’t be disappointed in the quality. buy your premium led headlight package today!

please note: in addition to standard headlight packages, fog light applications are also available.

+61404532026 cadillac cts premium led headlights package includes:

1 pair of premium 9006 cree led headlights

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need help with your installation? check out our database of how to instructional videos as well as documentation on various vehicle makes and models.

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