No crank no start

No crank no start

No crank no start on a GM vehicle

GM has issued a service bulletin # 09-06-03-004C to address a start condition where you encounter an intermittent no crank, no start, a no crank, no beginning, no suction stop, a cranks but won ’ thyroxine start, or a cranks but won ’ triiodothyronine fire. The symptoms can besides appear as : No Module Communication, Check engine light/service engine soon fall, early warning lights, Vehicle Messages or trouble codes stored in the calculator. The bulletin applies to the vehicles listed below. GM has determined the condition may be caused by fretting corrosion in connectors to versatile electrical connectors. Fretting corrosion causes powdered metallic element wear between electric terminals that result in no conduction. This condition may be caused by a buildup of nonconductive insulating oxidize debris known as fretting corrosion, occurring between two electric touch surfaces of the connection or connection. This may be caused by any of the pursuit conditions : oscillation, Thermal cycle, Poor connection/terminal retention, Micro apparent motion.

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A connection, part or wiring harness not properly secured resulting in movement On depleted stream signal circuits this condition may cause high resistor, resulting in intermittent connections. On high stream power circuits this circumstance may cause permanent wave increases in the immunity and may cause a device to become inoperative. The feign vehicles are : 2005-2010 GM Passenger Cars and Trucks ( including Saturn ) 2005-2010 HUMMER H2, H3 2005-2009 Saab 9-7X GM warns that the condition may be difficult to duplicate so the fasten is to apply insulator grease to all possible module connections. The modules affected are : Blower Control Module, Body Control Module ( BCM ), Communication Interface Module ( CIM ), Cooling Fan Control Module, Electronic Brake Control Module ( EBCM ), Electronic Brake and Traction Control Module ( EBTCM ), Electronic Suspension Control ( ESC ) Module, Engine Control Module ( ECM ), Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning ( HVAC ) Control Module, Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module ( SDM ), Any AIR BAG faculty, Seatbelt Lap Anchor Pretensioner, Seatbelt Retractor Pretensioner, An SIR arrangement connection or connection condition resulting in the play along DTCs being set : B0015, B0016, B0019, B0020, B0022, or B0023, Powertrain Control Module ( PCM ), Remote Control Door Lock Receiver ( RCDLR ), Transmission Control Module ( TCM ). GM besides warns NOT to automatically replace the control modules. If the condition is placid introduce, disconnect and reconnect the electrical connection to the module. If the problem disappears, you ’ ve discovered the lawsuit. Examine the connection to confirmno crank, no start note : Fretting corrosion looks like small benighted smudges on electric terminals and appear

where the actual electrical contact is being made. In less severe cases it may be unable to be seen or identified without the use of a blow up glass. Use a clean nylon brush to clean the debris from the connection. then apply a LIGHT film of insulator grease ( part # 12377900 ) to the terminals in the connection .no crank, no start GM states that NyoGel® 760G Lubricant* is equivalent to GM # 12377900, and P/N 10953529 and may be used to correct this condition. no crank, no start NyoGel® 760G Lubricant from TAI Lubricants, P.O. Box 1579, Hockessin, DE 19707, 302-326-0200, 877-996-9645

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