How To Identify & Fix Worn Or Cracked Brake Pads + FAQs

How To Identify & Fix Worn Or Cracked Brake Pads + FAQs

How To Identify & Fix Worn Or Cracked Brake Pads + FAQs

Do you hear a brake squeal or grinding noise when you hit the brakes ?
Chances are you have some cracked brake pads.
But how do you tell if that ’ s on-key and that it ’ second time for a brake slog substitution ?
In this article, we ’ ll show you how to identify tire or break through brake pads, when to replace them, and give you the answers to six brake pad-related questions.

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Let ’ s start .

How To Identify & Fix Worn Or Cracked Brake Pads

It ’ s not slowly to identify a wear brake pad, no topic what the brake make noise sounds like.
That ’ s why it ’ second constantly a good theme to ask a mechanic to do it for you .
however, with that said, let ’ s go over some common wear patterns and types to help you identify wear brake pads .

1. Outer Pad Wear

Outer slog or outboard motor pad wear happens when the brake pad leans against a rotor after the brake caliper is released .
Outboard pad wear can much happen due to malfunctioning brake components such as bushings, caliper lead pins, or chute pins .
If your car brake has outer pad wear, it ’ randomness best to let a machinist replace every caliper and brake diggings that has issues. They ’ ll besides check for damage to the piston boots and seals .

2. Cracks, Glazing, Or Lifting

Glazed or cracked bracken pads with upraised edges are often related to :

  • Pad overuse 
  • Defective brake pads
  • A faulty caliper
  • A parking brake (emergency brake or e brake) that’s been continuously engaged

These kinds of brake problems or pad clothing mean the brake embroider or the faulty caliper needs to be replaced, and the park brake ( vitamin e brake ) needs to be adjusted .

3. Tapered Wear Or Uneven Wear

With sharpen pad wear, you ’ ll see an uneven wear design on the pad surface.
This kind of wear indicates that one of the follow is genuine :

  • The brake pad was installed incorrectly
  • The brake caliper is stuck on one side of the pad
  • The guide pins are worn

It ’ randomness quite easy to resolve this kind of mismatched tire offspring.
Just get the caliper and the bracken pads replaced by a professional machinist .

4. Inner Pad Wear

Inner pad wear is when there ’ sulfur excessive break on the interior side of the bracken pad .
It occurs when the embroider rub against the rotor after the caliper is released or when the caliper piston won ’ metric ton return key to its rest position .
Inner pad wear often results from a faulty brake caliper, corrosion (rust), or worn seal.
To fix this clothing, merely like outer pad wear, get a automobile mechanic to replace it .
A problem with the chief cylinder can besides cause inner pad wear .
Your automobile mechanic may inspect the hydraulic brake arrangement and the caliper for residual coerce and front at the holes of the guide pins. They may even look for piston boot damage .
If the holes of the scout pins or piston boot have rust or damage, you should get them replaced .

5. Overlapping Friction Material

With this kind of pad tire, the top border of the pad overlaps with the top of the rotor .
This can happen due to wear on the guide pins, caliper, caliper bracket, or just by having the wrong rotor or brake pad on vehicles .
Get new brake rotors and ensure the mechanic installs them with OE (Original Equipment) specifications to fix this type of brake pad wear .

6. Friction Surface Contamination

Friction surface contamination is the kind of pad wear where the friction substantial is contaminated with oil, grease, or brake fluid .
This can result due to spillage during maintenance and can affect your car in multiple ways. For case, your car may pull to one side, or your braking performance may be reduced .
The only way to fix clash airfoil contamination is by getting substitution brake pads .
now that you know why you may have worn or cracked bracken pads, let ’ s find out when precisely you should replace them .

When Should I Replace My Brake Pads?

It ’ south recommended to replace your brake pads every 50,000 miles to avoid severe brake problems .
however, this typically depends on multiple factors such as :

  • Your driving habits
  • The brake pad quality
  • The terrain you drive on

The ideal scenario is that every brake pad on both sides of the axle should wear evenly across the inside and outside on each bicycle .
however, this isn’t always the character.
In a disk brake, even the smallest difference in the thickness of your magnetic disk on any side of the axle will cause the brake pad to wear down raggedly over time.

And waiting besides long to replace brake pads can be quite dangerous.
sternly worn brake pads reduce your ability to stop your car .
So it ’ randomness best to replace your brake pads as recommended by your manufacturer or find out from your automobile mechanic when you go for regular sustenance checks .
How does a mechanic know it ’ south clock time to replace your brake pads ?
There ’ second normally a wear indicator on your brake pads that will inform them when you should go for a refilling .
It ’ s a little objet d’art of metallic attached to the brake embroider that comes in contact with the bracken rotor once the brake pad has been worn to a certain level .
here ’ s an idea of the brake embroider damage levels :

  • Brake pads that measure about 8mm12mm are in good condition
  • When the pads measure anything between 6mm4mm, you should consider replacement
  • If they measure between 2mm3mm, the need for replacement is urgent

immediately that you know when to get a brake launching pad substitute, let ’ s answer a few FAQs .

6 Brake Pad FAQs

You credibly have a bunch of questions related to brake pads, so lease ’ s answer some of them :

1. What Causes A Brake Pad To Crack?

If you have cracked brake pads, you can perform a ocular examen.
Check the pads for small come on cracks in the center of the pads .
here are some common causes for the cracks :

  • Flexing of the brake pads
  • The pads aren’t free to slide in the caliper

Note : The caliper piston can bend in the backplate due to cracked brake pads. To fix the issue, contact a mechanic for a caliper piston substitute .

2. How Does A Brake Pad Work?

Brake pads are constructed with a steel backing plate on one side, with friction substantial on the early english .
When you press the brake pedal in your car, the brake diggings clamps down onto the rotor to slow or stop the vehicle .

3. What Is A Rotor?

A brake rotor or brake magnetic disk is a circular disc connected to each wheel ( two in the battlefront and back ). This brake disk is creditworthy for turning gesture into heat energy in the brake system and is held in topographic point with the bicycle carriage .
As the calipers squeeze your brake pads together, the boastfully coat area of each rotor creates friction. This friction results in resistance against the spin of the wheel, which in turn slows its rotation and the cable car ’ s movement .
Note : If you notice rotor damage, get it fixed or replaced by a professional automobile mechanic .

4. How Can You Identify Brake Pad Problems?

Your brake system tries to communicate with you through certain sounds and sensations that indicate potential brake diggings problems .
Keep an eye out for the be :

  • A brake squeal or grinding noise when you hit the brake.
  • Shaking in your steering wheel or brake pedal.
  • The brake warning light illuminates. It can mean a problem with the brake’s hydraulic system, low brake fluid levels, or your parking brake (emergency brake) may be engaged.

5. Drum Brake Vs. Disc Brake: What Are They?

An older automotive brake system much used a drum design at every wheel of a car .
In this brake system purpose, the components are housed in a circle drum that ’ randomness rotated along with the roulette wheel. The inside has a brake horseshoe made of heat-resistant clash material .
A fluid would transfer the apparent motion of the brake pedal into the bowel movement of the brake shoe. When you hit the brake pedal, it forces the brake horseshoe against the drum and slows down the roulette wheel .
The disk brake relies on the same basic principles ( clash and heat ) as a drum brake, but its design is superior. alternatively of keeping the major components within a metallic drum, phonograph record brakes use a slender rotor and small caliper to stop wheel movement .
There are two brake pads in a caliper — one on each side of the rotor — that clamp in concert when you hit the brake pedal. In this bracken system, excessively, brake fluent is used to transfer and amplify brake pedal point movement into braking military unit .

6. What’s The Easiest Way To Fix A Cracked Brake Pad?

You ’ ll want a trustworthy mechanic to diagnose your cracked or worn brake pads situation and conduct exhaustive repairs .
fortunately, you have RepairSmith .
RepairSmith is a fluid car rectify and sustenance solution that can fix your brake problems and replace your bracken pads with the highest choice equipment .
hera ’ s what they offer :

  • Competitive and upfront pricing
  • Professional, ASE-certified mechanics at your service
  • RepairSmith mechanics can fix your brake pad problems in your driveway or anywhere in an emergency
  • All maintenance and repair works are done only with high-quality equipment and replacement components
  • Quick and easy online booking
  • A 12 month / 12,000-mile warranty for all repairs and services

Wondering how much this may cost you ?
You can find out the estimate for RepairSmith ’ s brake pad substitution service here .

Final Thoughts

Damaged or cracked brake pads can be very dangerous. It ’ randomness significant for your safety to ensure they ’ re in good stipulate for optimum brake performance and to avoid that annoying brake noise .
That ’ mho why you should reach out to RepairSmith.

Their ASE-certified mechanics can examine and inform you when your worn brake pads need an contiguous successor. Contact them, and don’t let your brake pad problems stop you from stopping your car !

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