Driver Footwell Fluid Leak? [Archive]

Driver Footwell Fluid Leak? [Archive]
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MiataHeal The driver ‘s side footwell carpet in my trustworthy ’91 Miata ( 61,000 miles ) abruptly is soaking moisture with some kind of relatively clear/clean/thin/odorless petroleum-based fluid. The are no puddles under the car and all engine compartment fluids are at normal limits. I am guessing that it may be transmittance fluid, but from where ? The gun enclosure seal ? Missing filler plug ? ? This weekend, I ‘ll put her up on jacks and see what I can find ! Any thoughts on this ?

postscript — Who has the best carpet replacement software if it comes to that ?

transmission fluid would be neither clear or thin or colorless or oderless. .. . unless you have an automatic rifle in which event it could be thinly – 90 burden gear oil is some icky stuff and if that is what it is I think you would already know

I ‘m guessing possibly brake fluent – Are both the master cylinder and the clutch master full and have you ever had to add fluid to either ?

richashley Have you checked both headmaster cylinders ?
TimMullen The driver ‘s side footwell carpeting < ... > is soaking wet with some kind of relatively clear/clean/thin/odorless petroleum-based fluid. You precisely described the authoritative symptoms of a leak clasp ( or brake ) master cylinder. Most credibly the clutch master. Check the fluid in both reservoirs – I ‘m betting that the cling to will be humble.

The master cylinder can be rebuilt reasonably easily – you take it apart and replace the arctic seals and reassemble it. There is tone by measure information around here somewhere that should be found by a good search …

If it ‘s the brake master cylinder they can be rebuild quite easily besides …

Check the fluent reservoirs …
MiataHeal well, today I checked out all my fluid escape possibilities. The clutch master cylinder is down by one-half and no early fluids are low or showing signs of escape. It is amazing that such a belittled sum of lost fluid can so thoroughly soak the driver ‘s side rug AND floor mat. There is no visible evidence of any leak around the seize dominate itself ( engine-side or cockpit-side ), but the cockpit-side leak could be hidden by the overlapping formative interior firewall cover and footwell carpet ( frankincense soaking the carpet ).

Is the cling to dominate cylinder easily rebuilt or is it just as easy to buy a new substitute cylinder ? I have all the tools and have rebuilt my fair share of MGB headmaster cylinders in the distant past. It says DOT 3 for the clutch — is that still the fluid of option ? many thanks for your help oneself ! — David
MiataHeal Me again. I just downloaded the “ cling to headmaster cylinder rebuild ” advice from Miata.Net ‘s library. Does n’t sound besides bad. I tried to locate a supplier for the “ seals renew ” kit and ca n’t seem to find a supplier. I ‘ll try my local anesthetic Mazda dealer on Monday. Any other good supplier resources for these parts ?
— David
anthony Check for your parts needs ; they have been very dear to me getting what I need. One time I asked if they carried an run down gasket I did not see listed on the site, and I recieved no e-mail. I did, however, discover a day subsequently that on the spur of the moment it was listed on the site.

On a side note, be sure you thoroughly clean off all the fluid from the floor pans, carpet, etc. Brake fluid ( which is used in the seize system as well ) is an excellent rouge stripper. I would n’t want your floor pans to rust out in a few years because they suddenly had no paint on the top …
don clutch bag masters rarely leak, let alone leak into the passenger compartment. Before you write it off equitable because it ‘s low on fluent, check out the clasp slave and see if that ‘s not what ‘s leaking. Pull back the bellows and you ‘ll credibly find it entire of brake fluid

While anything IS possible, I doubt the clasp master entirely is the generator of your pool inside the cable car

Roy @ BEATRacing Heater core ? Try tasting it …


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iWeasel410 last meter I had a leak in the driver ‘s side footwell I burned my infantry with coolant from the fastball congress of racial equality. My seize headmaster cylinder failed doubly in 105k miles … previous fluid likes to eat seals … and paint .
Zum-Zum I had this issue on my 91 RX-7. Rebuilt the clasp master. Check the brake excessively, good to be safe. When you look up under the dash with a good flashlight, it will be reasonably obvious. I went to NAPA and got a clutch overcome rebuild kit out for about $ 22 ( in 2003 ). A new master was around $ 90 at the time .
Lance Schall Yeah, my first think was heater core. Check the coolant level in the radiator before you take the clutch hydraulics apart .
MiataHeal o — now you have me thinking that it is not my clutch dominate cylinder that is leaking but possibly it is my fastball core. There was besides much fluid on the carpet compared with the small sum that the clutch master reservoir was toss off ( @ 1/2 inch ). The errant fluid is very dilute, about water-like, a piece on the pale yellow side, and is a bit sticky/oily — could be 50/50 coolant mix ? I topped off the batch master cylinder and will keep an center on its level.

Yes — I did have to add some coolant to the radiator the early sidereal day. I ‘ll take a spirit at the heater core for possible leaks. Where is the leak likely to be located ? Does it entirely leak when I turn on the fastball ? Is it a boastfully job to repair/replace the fastball core ? Could it be a heater hose ? Again, I am reasonably handy with tools if it comes to that. More investigation/trouble-shooting to follow !

many thanks for the identical useful stimulation ! — David
Lance Schall The fastball core is wide of circulating hot coolant whether the heater is on or off. Do a research on “ heater core surrogate ”, following threads to explanations of methods without removing the splashboard .
joonix I second the fastball effect. Check the hose connection where it connect to the copper pipe, just justly at your right foot .
Roadfinder Post # 30 in this train of thought has a how-to on the fastball core :
hypertext transfer protocol : // ? t=57762 & highlight=sisters+Miata % 27s+heater+core

TimMullen batch masters rarely leak, let entirely leak into the passenger compartment.The times that I ‘ve had a blabbermouthed master cylinder, it did leak into the driver ‘s slope foot well. When the main seal goes bad, the fluid starts to leak past the seal, and along the push-rod and into the foot well. This is a unlike leak than the one when the fluid leaks past the sealing wax that blocks off the reservoir internally when you press the pedal – that leak causes the clutch to no free properly. The mail seal leaking cause the fluid to leak out of the master cylinder.

Back to the trouble – if the coolant needed topping off, then the heater core could be leaking. The original post mentioned “ petroleum based ” which lead to the ending of brake fluid. Coolant is besides slippery/slimy, but has a unlike spirit than brake fluid. coolant tastes very dulcet if you touch the gratuity of you tongue to a drop on your finger lean.

Feel around on the foot well side of the clutch maestro cylinder. If the open is oily, or there is fluid under the boot or along the push perch, then it ‘s a full luck that it ‘s the seize ( of brake if you are checking the brake overcome cylinder, but with the vacuum booster, you should n’t be actually getting fluid into the infantry well from the brake master ). If not and you ‘ve been topping off the coolant, it ‘s probably the heater. One quick test for heater core is to use your defroster after things are heated up. If the heater core is leaking, you will most likely get the smell of the coolant an/or an oily film on the inside of the windshield if you have a leak core and use the defroster …
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