Steps to New Vehicle Registration for New Drivers

Steps to New Vehicle Registration for New Drivers
You ’ ve done it—you ’ ve last managed to pass your driving test and you ’ re now a licensed driver who ’ randomness cleared to hit the road. however, before you can start driving regularly, you need to have a car you can drive, and one of the things that determines if a car is road-worthy is registration. Every car that drives on public roads needs to be registered, which means supplying the state with your data as the person responsible for the vehicle and paying your registration taxes and fees. If you ’ ve never done this before, then this blog is for you : here are some helpful tips for how to register your vehicle as a adolescent or first-time driver. ( Editor ’ second note : This blog, originally published in 2014, has been modified in November of 2019 to include update information about the process. Please note that every state’s registration process is different ; different departments will have unlike names, and different residents will be required to go through different processes and pay unlike fees in ordain to register a vehicle. Make sure you check with your local authorities to figure out exactly where you need to go and what you need to have in order to make your registration process smoother. )

Get a Title in Your Name

The first step to registering a fomite is to have legal proof that you own and are responsible for it. When you purchase your vehicle, you should receive a validation of ownership shape ( most common when you purchase a car from a dealer using a loan ), or the fomite ’ s title that you ’ ll sign and take to your local drive fomite regulation department during the registration process.

Get Needed Inspections Done

There ’ s a good chance your fomite will credibly need to have at least one inspection done before you can register it in your name. In most states, you ’ ll motivation to have your car tested for emissions levels. Most of the time, this can be done through one of dozens of local anesthetic businesses that are licensed by your state to conduct these tests and report results to local regulators. In some states, such as Texas, you ’ re required to get a condom inspection for your vehicle, which is similar to a smog check mark but looks at everything from your brakes to your lights to make sure your vehicle is safe to operate. In some cases, the results of these tests can be sent to regulators electronically. In others, you may have to take a physical copy of your passed inspection to a local office to complete your registration .

Before You Go

once you purchase a vehicle, you broadly have a decorate time period to go to your local governing consistency to register the fomite. broadly, the seemliness period is around 30 days, but in some cases it can be vitamin a little as three to five clientele days. Make certain you look this up before completing your buy therefore you know how long you have to take wish of your registration procedure. We strongly advise looking up your local governing body agency on-line and seeing if you can make an appointment for your service or take manage of separate of your serve on-line. Most vehicle agency across the country have invested heavily in on-line systems that allow them to process more requests faster. You should be able to find out precisely what forms or software documentation you ’ ll necessitate and bring them all with you. In most cases you ’ ll need at least the stick to :

  • A vehicle registration form
  • Your signed vehicle title or proof of purchase/ownership
  • Any inspection results or certificates
  • A valid driver’s license (if you still have a temporary paper license, you may need another form of a valid photo ID)
  • Proof of residency (usually some piece of official mail in your name with your current address listed on it)
  • Proof of insurance for your vehicle

Going to Your Local Office

If you have the ability to make an appointment for your local position, make sure you still arrive early on. We recommend at least 15 minutes early. Generally, registration shouldn ’ t take more than around 10 minutes to complete, so long as you ’ ve filled out all of the necessity forms correctly ahead of time.

When your registration is dispatch, one of respective things could happen. Some states give you your new license plates on the spot. Others give you a impermanent license that you must affix to your previous license plates until your modern ones arrive in the chain mail. Others don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give you either, but alternatively give you a new proof of adjustment that you must keep with your vehicle until you get your new plates. If you need a raw title printed in your name, this will most likely arrive in the mail within two to three weeks. You may besides receive a adjustment spine right away. Your agentive role should give you instructions on how to properly affix that spine to your fomite. Make certain you place it in the right blot ; improperly placed stickers could lead to a pesky fix-it ticket and a fine.

Renewing Your Registration

Your adjustment will generally need to be renewed every year, normally before the end of the month listed on your registration poser. We recommend paying your renewal fee well before your registration expires so it constantly remains stream. many states allow you to pay your reclamation on-line and your raw spine will show up in the mail within a week or two along with your newfangled proof of adjustment.

If you always lose your dagger, your proof of adjustment, or your license plates, contact our local regulate position and inform them right away. You may have to purchase a newly spine or raw plates, but that ’ s a small price to pay when you consider what person could do with your stolen plates that you ’ five hundred be held creditworthy for. Whether you’re looking for a safety inspection or you’re in a state that requires a state or emission inspection, your local Christian Brothers Automotive can help! Give us a call and schedule your appointment today. *Editor ’ second note : This blog was modified in Nov. 2019 to include update and accurate information .

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