Bill Bryan Subaru in Leesburg

Bill Bryan Subaru in Leesburg

Learn more about the meanings and causes behind warning lights on your Subaru vehicle with a little help from Bill Bryan Subaru – Serving Leesburg, Clermont, Mt. Dora, and Fruitland Park, FL

Have you got instrumentation anxiety ? Do you fret and worry every time you see a short light pop up on the dashboard of your Subaru car ? If so, do n’t worry ! At Bill Bryan Subaru, we understand that the warning lights on your Subaru can be a bit chilling for those who are less than technically incline. however, these like warn lights are essential to alerting you to issues your Subaru vehicle might have before they become major problems, so it ‘s significant that you understand what they are and what they mean. And as a premier Subaru service center serving the communities of Leesburg, Clermont, Mt. Dora, and Fruitland Park, FL, we ‘re alone besides felicitous to help all our customers understand the ins-and-outs of the warning lights on their Subaru vehicles here at Bill Bryan Subaru.

Common Subaru Warning Lights

  • Check Engine Light: This warning light can mean any number of things. It can be something as simple as a loose gas cap, or it can be an indicator of serious engine trouble. If it’s the former, just give your gas cap a good twist and see if the light turns off. If it’s the latter, we’d encourage you to schedule a service visit with Bill Bryan Subaru as soon as possible.
  • Oil Level Light: Your oil level warning light will turn on when your Subaru vehicle’s oil level reaches a low point. It can also trigger if you park your car on an incline for too long, but it’s a good idea to check your oil levels when your car is on a level surface if this light comes on, and top off your oil if it’s a bit low.
  • Battery Light: This warning light indicates that something is malfunctioning with the battery charging system in your Subaru car. Occasionally this can be caused by corrosion on the battery, a faulty alternator, or even just a battery reaching the end of us its usable lifespan. In the latter case, it’s only too easy for us to replace your batter here at Bill Bryan Subaru thanks to our vast and varied selection of genuine Subaru parts.

Let us handle all your Subaru warning light woes here at Bill Bryan Subaru

Of course, as you can see from the diagram below, there are any number of warning lights on your Subaru fomite, and we ‘re well-equipped to interpret and rectify the issues causing each and every one here to our Leesburg, FL Subaru Service Center. It ‘s equitable one of the many reasons so many Florida drivers trust Bill Bryan Subaru with all their Subaru service and maintenance needs. If your Subaru vehicle is experiencing any of these warning lights, do n’t hesitate to get in equal with us at Bill Bryan Subaru adenine soon as possible.

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