How much braking? Front vs. Rear? [Archive]

How much braking? Front vs. Rear? [Archive]
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deluxesupreme I was wondering how much of the brake does the battlefront do as fight to the rear ? From my understand, most cars these days the front brake does most of the brake. Does anyone know share knowing front vs. rear ?

The reason why I ask is because I would like to upgrade the rear rotors to drilled and slotted. From my research I have read that drill rotors can crack. In theory, if the rear brakes do n’t apply much pressure, it should receive less stress from casual function.

I am not looking for operation. I know solid is the way to go, this is more for show. I just do n’t want it failing on me .

The brake diagonal is dynamically adjusted. Under lighter brake, like driving round township, it wears the rear brake pads more than the movement .
jim dreiling From the size dispute of the f/r pads, and the frequency of diggings changes, my WAG is that the fronts do at least 90 % of the work. My fronts, at about doubly the size of the rears lasted about 70K, while the rears went to 105K before they needed changing. Fronts will constantly wear more cursorily than rears, due to simple physics ( system of weights transfer under stopping ). The statement above, is incorrect .
RAV Auto about 70 % of your brake is done by the presence brakes because of weight distribution shifting to the battlefront when you decelerate. That ‘s why, until relatively recently, it was rare to see phonograph record brakes on the rear except for high-end performance cars.

Try stopping with your hand brake brake erstwhile. Where it ‘s safe to test this of class. The ebrake works on the rear wheels. If you have not done so in the by, you might be surprised by how much further you will travel before coming to a end. even if you lock up the rear wheels. Leave yourself a batch of room .
wooo The bracken bias is dynamically adjusted. Under lighter brake, like driving round town, it wears the back brake pads more than the front.+1, except I ‘m not sure about the more bit.

I was checking brake operation by measuring rotor temperature after a series of medium stops. The rears were a fiddling warm. partially due to the smaller rotors, but still.

not to be confused with the fixed bias in times of yore.

Or no bias in the yore before that .
jim dreiling +1, except I ‘m not indisputable about the more piece.

I was checking brake operation by measuring rotor temperature after a serial of medium stops. The rears were a little ardent. partially due to the smaller rotors, but still.

not to be confused with the fix diagonal in times of yore.

Or no bias in the yore before that.

The rears will get/stay warmer due to the fact that, unlike the front ventilated rotors, they are firm. BTW, the faulty part of the instruction, I was referring to, was the more wear in the rear region .
TopDownIfNoFrostBite where did you guys hear this car has variable bias I have n’t seen it documented. I know changing brake colonial does n’t seem to help the huge front bias .
wooo where did you guys hear this car has varying bias I have n’t seen it documented. I know changing brake compound does n’t seem to help the huge front bias.You do n’t read the spectacles ?

That ‘s a good position to find details of the cable car ‘s specification. ; )

ABS 4-wheel, 4-channel with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution ( EBD ) and Brake Assist

not sure about NC1 .
Mr. Sound not certain about NC1.

Us excessively, from the 2008 NC1 booklet :
power-assisted 4-wheel disk brakes, including
massive, 11.4-inch ventilated movement disk, are
standard. As are an Anti-lock Brake System with
Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and even
reinforced brake hoses. The end solution is an
MX-5 Miata with unusually responsive, analogue
and fade-resistant stopping exponent .
concept Considering that Viper and Corvette, as as about all IMSA racers run with slotted-only rotors, I ca n’t see how drill rotors would say anything about the owner but “ I do n’t care if performance is reduced ; I merely like the means they look. ” It ‘s kinda like running with 20 ” wheels and 15 aspect ratio tires because the owner thinks they look estimable .
jim dreiling I ‘ve run drill rotors for a farseeing time before slot rotors were always thought of, and I ‘ve never had a single one crack. The cross sphere of drilled, or slotted rotors, is the same .
monty11ez All I know is that I have been through 1 more set of rear pads than presence pads. I ‘m on my 3rd jell of back pads since I ‘ve had the cable car, and still on my second set of fronts .
jim dreiling All I know is that I have been through 1 more dress of rear pads than front pads. I ‘m on my 3rd laid of back pads since I ‘ve had the car, and however on my second determine of fronts.

Maybe you need to stop back up so much. : d
TopDownIfNoFrostBite Wow guys. Im surprised you go through sol many pads. 800 autocross runs, 20 hillclimb TTs, and 36K street miles and my factory installed pads still have 1/2 thickness on factory rotors despite a couple national go trophies and multiple class records.
Inspect with pin lubricant and fluid flush semiannually is all it ‘s needed.

I ‘m looking at some information for the EBD in the overhaul highlights manual of arms now.
It is basically a two stage ABS. It measures relative ABS detector speeds and will adjust the rear atmospheric pressure to keep the diffuse between F and R speed within a roll. So lone in function when approaching ABS limits.

So that ‘s pretty unclutter biasing the launching pad compounds barely makes function for the calculator.

Viggn typically a stated 75 % +/- is done from the movement brakes partially ascribable to weight transfer.

The cause why many maniufacturers did n’t use phonograph record in the rear is just due to $ $ $ $. My 86 saab had disc brakes all around, Safety was Saab ‘s # 1 precedence thus many years prior to my 86 …. discs were on all 4 corners.

If rise pads are weareing out more then the front possibly your parking brake is hanging up or there is another issue somewhere. On my last car I would typically go through 2-3 sets of front man pads before the rears needed replaced.

I do not think it ‘s possible to start a brake string w/o person sock drilled rotors. I have been using drill rotors for 25+ years immediately with numerous track days …. not a sinlgle issue … besides used slot rotors …. The problem is sometimes people buy cheap stuff … cheap drilled rotors that are of poor quality be it their material or how the holes were drilled will more then likely cause troubles. My AP Racing drilled rotors had 50+ cut days & never a individual offspring …. To me the only negative with drilled is the hiles fill up with dust over time therefore they need to be cleaned out to work by rights .
TopDownIfNoFrostBite These might get a hear immediately that the cars become a dawdler queen.

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deluxesupreme In chronological order, I ‘ve owned and driven :
1987 Nissan Pick Up hand truck
2002 Toyota Celica GT
2001 Toyota Celica GT-S
2007 Toyota Tacoma
2013 Mazda Miata golf club

I ‘ve owned all cars hanker enough to change the front bracken pads. I was told that the rears were good up until I sold the vehicles. I never had to change the buttocks brake components at all.

I ‘ve made the purchase today for the powerstop z23 rotors and pads kit out for the rear. I am confident that these will out final my front brakes with doubly the biography couple. My car presently has 11,500 miles on it .
concept The simple fact that racers do n’t run bore rotors should tell you something. I read just a couple of years ago the the chief engineer in charge of the C7 Corvette explained his rationality for going with slotted-only rotors was because owners of C6 Corvettes were experiencing cracked rotors, both on the track and besides on the street. The rotors were not of poor quality. When I was designing stainless steel rotors for police vehicles, I spoke to many brake company rep. The general consensus is that racers avoid drilled rotors because when you compare rotors of equal materials, the non-drilled ones are less probably to crack. Rotors that have both holes and slots have importantly less braking surface area than a rotor of equal size, but without all the holes .
deluxesupreme I know, I ‘ve already considered all that. My hypothesis is that if front brakes do most of the work, the rears work well less which would reduce the stress that would make it crack. From my circumscribed experience I sincerely believe that I would replace the front pads and rotors doubly before I have to replace any of the buttocks components. I am assuming that drilled rotors should hold up if they are only in the rears. Unless if the miata is different with even braking pressure .
Jim Boemler I once saw a Honda Civic with huge rear haul slicks. Drilled rotors on the rise only would be a lot like that .
Toan Think besides about the human body of the brakes, remember that the brake fluid reservoir is broadly in the front of the cable car and when engaging the brake the fluid gets compressed in the front first and more press gets exerted where the lines reaching the buttocks wheels have less fluid pressure, in what we can see from that, most brake world power will come from the front withe rears coming in to aid
wooo … the fluid gets compressed in the movement first … I thought the whole sharpen about brake fluid was that it was incompressible, for practical purposes. : confused :
TopDownIfNoFrostBite Toan needs to brush up on hydraulics. The alone remainder in pressure would be from a dual circumference, differences in the lengths of flex hose, and servo-valve magic trick .
concept basically, it is incompressible. The brake lines, however, do balloon a snatch when internal pressure rises .
wooo Toan needs to brush up on hydraulics. The only deviation in coerce would be from a dual tour, differences in the lengths of flex hosiery, and servo-valve magic.And some horizontal g, but less than 1, and likely an inconsequent delta compared to the hydraulic brake pressure.

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