Car and Truck Repair Services, Canton OH

Car and Truck Repair Services, Canton OH
Ohio Brake & Lube in Canton, OH 44708 is a full-service preventive maintenance and car haunt center, providing comprehensive examination car worry services for your domestic or spell vehicle to keep it running at full world power. For questions, contact us at 330-704-7351 or send us an e-mail, and our experts will help determine what needs to be done.

Our basic car maintenance services include : 30/60/90K Mileage Maintenance
As time goes by, versatile car repair and sustenance needs come up at different intervals. Most manufacturers recommend car maintenance in intervals of 30,000 miles. This is the 30/60/90K mile schedule ( issued by the manufacturers to car owners ). Trust the experts at Ohio Brake & Lube to keep you on schedule, and help you preserve the condition of the vehicle, optimize its performance, and increase its resale value. The 30/60/90K service includes the succeed :

  • Fluid replacements
  • Oil and Filter changes
  • Tire rotation, spin balance, and pressure adjustments
  • Inspection of parts and systems – gears, tires, brake pads, belts, hoses, etc.
  • With higher mileage: spark plugs, belts, timing belts when applicable

A fan belt, besides known as a driveway belt, is a belt connecting your car ‘s engine to the presence mounted accessories. The fan knock rotates the water pump and locomotive fan, which maintains a cool environment for the engine and its components. Sooner or former, your vehicle ‘s fan belts will dry out and crack. When you are cook for a substitution you can count on Ohio Brake & Lube for all your fomite ‘s haunt needs.

You not lone have to get the belts replaced with quality ones but you should have the work done by experts. To have the belts replaced by car cool and heating experts – and get your cable car tug right – visit Ohio Brake & Lube nowadays. The mechanics at Ohio Brake & Lube will thoroughly inspect your car ‘s belts ; replace all wear belts ; and adjust the install belts. Check Engine Light
No one likes to see their car ‘s “ Check Engine ” light come on. The luminosity could mean a costly trouble, like a regretful catalytic converter, or it could be something minor, like a loose gas hood. At Ohio Brake & Lube, we can pull the code and diagnose the problem for you. Give us a call at 330-704-7351 or stop by the workshop for our adept aid.

Factory Recommended Service/Maintenance
Automotive and car parts come with a factory recommended service and alimony schedule. The manufacturer will tell you how often to service or replace an car part. At Ohio Brake & Lube, we offer factory recommended service/maintenance. Our highly skilled car mechanics offer comprehensive cognition and feel. At Ohio Brake & Lube, all your factory recommended service/maintenance needs are handled with the latest diagnostic equipment. Remember, we work on all American and imported vehicles ( either diesel or flatulence engines ). Headlight and Bulb Replacement
To maintain maximum visibility ( and keep you safe ), you should always make sure that your vehicle ‘s headlight bulb are in good work condition. Although replacing defective headlight medulla oblongata is a elementary and quick march ( takes very little time ), you need to rely on an experience car machinist to handle your headlight and light bulb substitute. This way, you will have quality bulbs installed by experts. Remember, it is a critical part of your car ‘s alimony and your condom. For all your headlight and bulb replacement needs, call or visit Ohio Brake & Lube nowadays.

Hoses transportation coolant and antifreeze throughout the engine ‘s cooling system system ( including the radiator ). Sooner or late, your vehicle ‘s hoses will dry out and snap. When you are ready for a replacement you can count on Ohio Brake & Lube for all your vehicle ‘s animate needs.

You not lone have to get the hoses replaced with choice ones but you should have the employment done by experts. To have the hoses replaced by car cool and heat experts – and get your car drive right – visit Ohio Brake & Lube today. The mechanics at Ohio Brake & Lube will thoroughly inspect your cable car ‘s hoses ; replace all wear hoses ; and adjust the install hoses. Oil, Lube, and Filter
To keep running smoothly, your car highly relies on petroleum, lubricate, and anoint filters. oil helps in lubricate, cool, and cleaning the inner engine components. With meter, motor petroleum becomes contaminated. Your car needs an vegetable oil, lubricant, and filter change every three months ( or 3,000 miles ). When it is time for a lubricant, oil, or filter variety, take your vehicle to Ohio Brake & Lube in Canton, OH 44708.

Wiper Blade Replacement
Visibility is very authoritative to safe drive. Having by rights functioning wipers can help keep you safer on the road. If your car ‘s wipers are not wiping good or are leaving lines, have them replaced immediately. To have wiper blades fitted on your vehicle, call 330-704-7351 or visit Ohio Brake & Lube nowadays. We will fit your car with high quality and effective wiper blades .

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