Car Headlight Brackets – Driver or Passenger Side from $10

what is the thing that holds the headlight

Car Headlight Brackets - Driver or Passenger Side from $10

Headlight Bracket Buyer’s Guide



  • The headlight bracket keeps the headlamp affixed to the header.
  • A headlight bracket will lock a car’s headlight in place and at the right angle relative to the terrain.
  • A cracked or worn-out headlight bracket cannot keep the headlight locked in place, which may cause the lamp to pop out of the header and get damaged or destroyed.
  • If you notice that the headlight bracket looks damaged or old, replace it as soon as possible. 
  • Steel brackets are sturdier, but plastic brackets are cheaper and lighter.
  • Make sure to pick a compatible headlight bracket.
  • You can save cash and time with DIY installation of headlight brackets.
  • Headlight brackets cost anywhere between $3 and $285.

What is a headlight bracket?

Headlights are a vital component of any vehicle. Their role is simple but critical. They shine a bright light upon the path of the vehicle during nighttime or weather conditions with poor visibility such as fog and rain.

Properly working car headlights make it possible for the driver to see where he is going in the dark. They let him spot obstacles and potential danger on the road, and their far-ranging beams also reveal the presence and position of his vehicle to nearby drivers and pedestrians. In short, headlights contribute to road safety during times of poor visibility.

A headlight assembly is made up of many parts that work together smoothly. One of these components is the headlight bracket. Sometimes known as “headlight mounting bracket,” it keeps the headlamp affixed to the header.

The headlight bracket is made from sturdy material like plastic or steel. It needs to be tough enough to withstand any rough jolts without bending, cracking, or getting damaged in some other way. The material comes in different colors, but many brackets bear a metallic finish or sport a black coat. They are available on their own or as a part of a headlight mounting kit alongside headlights and grilles.

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What does the headlight bracket do?

Think of the headlight bracket as the vehicular equivalent of a human hand gripping a flashlight. When a person uses a flashlight, he firmly holds its handle to make sure he doesn’t drop it by accident as he casts its light about him.

In a similar vein, a pristine headlight bracket will lock a car’s headlight in place and at the right angle relative to the terrain. The headlamp’s beam will light up the road for the driver and signal the presence of his vehicle to other people.

What happens if the headlight bracket gets damaged?

If the headlight mounting bracket develops cracks or gets worn out, it will no longer be able to keep the headlight locked in place. When that happens, a sufficiently strong shock may cause the lamp to pop out of the header and get damaged or destroyed.

There are several possible causes for the headlight bracket getting damaged. Driving the vehicle over rough terrain is the most obvious one. Slamming the hood of the vehicle may also impart enough force to crack the material of the bracket, and so will a collision with another vehicle, even if the rest of the car doesn’t demonstrate visible damage. Given modern cars are designed to practically crumple and absorb an impact to improve the survival of their drivers and passengers, they end up taking more damage from accidents that much older vehicles might have shrugged off.

Since it’s dangerous and illegal (depending on the state) to drive in the dark with a headlight out, drivers will need to replace the broken lamp. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported that replacing a single OEM headlight on many good-rated vehicles can cost more than $1,000 while most insurance deductibles only cover $500.

It’s time to get new headlight brackets

A responsible driver takes every effort to keep his vehicle in good shape. He cares for every part of the car down to the headlight brackets that don’t stand out as much as the bulbs and lenses found in the same headlight assembly.

Like the rest of the vehicle, headlight brackets break down over time. They wear out faster if the car often has to drive across rough terrain or receives similarly tough treatment. By extension, their lifespans may be improved by minimizing the times you need to drive over potholes and the like.

If you notice that the headlight bracket looks damaged or old, replace it as soon as possible, especially if you take your car on rough rides all the time. It will be cheaper, faster, and safer to replace a damaged bracket than to repair a headlight that broke free of the worn-out frame.

Steel brackets versus plastic brackets

Two of the most popular materials for manufacturing headlight brackets are steel and reinforced plastic. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages.

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Steel brackets are the sturdier option. They can take more punishment, making them the perfect choice for vehicles that often go off-road.

In comparison, plastic brackets are cheaper and lighter. Given the considerable cost of maintaining the typical car, less adventurous drivers with tight budgets may settle for these inexpensive parts.

Pick a compatible headlight bracket

Unfortunately for drivers in need of a new headlight bracket, there is no such thing as a universal bracket that fits any and all vehicles. A bracket that works on one car is unlikely to fit a different one, so you must know the specific part that is compatible with the make, model, and year of your ride. Consider bringing the old headlight bracket with you to serve as a visual reference.

Save cash and time with DIY installation

Some headlight brackets are so simple and straightforward that they don’t need modification or special handling by a professional mechanic. You can install them by yourself to save some cash. You can also save some time by making sure your new brackets come with bolts, nuts, and other hardware required for installation.

Pick the right headlight bracket for the location

Headlight brackets are found in multiple locations on a vehicle. The driver side, passenger side, lower driver side, and side panel passenger side are some of the positions that mount the parts.

A headlight bracket intended for a specific side will not fit in the other locations. If you are getting just one bracket, make sure that you get the part that exactly corresponds to the side that needs it.

Headlight brackets are available on and they cost anywhere between $3 and $285. Take note that this price range is exclusive to our website and you may come across higher price tags in the market. Headlight brackets are sold individually or in pairs. By entering your vehicle’s year, make, and model in the filter tab, you can find a bracket that is compatible with your car. [external_footer]