Replace a rusted brake line

Replace a rusted brake line

How to replace a rusted brake line— YOURSELF

Brake lines rust out cursorily if you live in the strategic arms limitation talks belt. Having a shop class replace your hoary brake lines can easily cost upwards of $ 1,000 or more because it ’ s a labor-intensive job. In some cases, the workshop can buy pre-bent stainless steel steel brake wrinkle kits, but they ’ rhenium not as easy to install as it sounds. That ’ randomness because those kits replicate the path the factory took when running the lines, and sometimes requires remove components. For exercise, the car manufacturer may have run the back brake production line over the top of the fuel tank. The pre-bent surrogate kit will duplicate that route, which means the denounce will have to drain and remove the fuel tank. But keep in beware, the car manufacturer did that to save assembly time. american samoa long as the new bracken pipeline is run in a safe localization, it actually doesn ’ t have to follow the claim same way. That ’ mho one reason why pre-bent kits may not be the way to go .rusted brake line If you have mechanical cognition and some tools, a floor jack, and jack stands and are uncoerced to buy or rent the proper brake flare and deflection tools, you can do the entire job yourself for around $ 250. I ’ ll usher you the bit-by-bit manner to replace rust brake lines .

Here’s what you’ll need to replace rusted brake lines yourself:

brake line repair tools

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Here are the brake line supplies you’ll need

rusted brake line supplies

Buy the best flaring tool out there

The S.U.R. & R. hydraulic flaring tool is the best in the commercial enterprise. It ’ sulfur idiot-proof and worth every penny. It can even make the deviation between a flare pass that works or one that leaks and causes you to replace a incision you equitable bend and replaced. The kit costs about $ 235 on-line. When you ’ re done with the caper, just post the kit on eBay and sell it for about $ 190 to recoup the majority of your investment

Forget about cheap brake line tubing benders

brake line bending tools here are the two brands I recommend. brake line bending pliers

Step 1 to replace rusted brake lines: Disconnect the brake line at the ABS modulator or the master cylinder

If you start the job by disconnecting the telephone line at the escape locate or the caliper/wheel cylinder, the line will continue to drip and drain the dominate cylinder. That ’ ll require a bench shed blood when you ’ re done, which is a arrant waste of time. If you disconnect the line under the hood and ballyhoo it, you won ’ thyroxine have to perform a maestro cylinder bench run .

Step 2: Disconnect the brake line where it attaches to the brake hose

I ’ ll indicate you how to replace a corrode brake cable that connects to the rubber brake hosiery. Those fittings are normally wholly rusted to the brass adjustment on the brake hose. If your leak is in a horizontal line, hop to the next step .disconnect leaking brake line

If the brake line fitting won’t budge

Rust is like glue, so it seals the threads and prevents the rust penetrant from wicking into the threads to dissolve rust, lubricate and allow the fit to move. oscillation breaks up the corrode and allows the rust penetrant to seep into the threads. WARNING: The fitting will be rusted. If you don’t follow my instructions, you’ll strip the fitting and possibly damage the brake hose. This requires a bit of patience and finesse to remove

break loose a stuck brake line fitting however, if your match still won ’ t unscrew from the rubber brake credit line, you ’ ll have to but the steel line and splice in a new segment, along with a new condom brake hose. Use the mini-tubing cutter or long-handled side cutters and cut the tube. then try using a deep socket to remove the meet. If that twists the brass fitting on the brake hose, you ’ ll have to replace the dispatch brake hose .

Step 3: Cut out the rusted brake line section

Follow the corrode brake line spinal column until you reach a effective section. Use the mini tubing tender to cut the line. This is where you ’ ll splice in a raw line. cut the brake line

Step 4: Clean and flare the freshly cut line

Clean off any scandal and debris from the newly cut credit line. slide on a modern flare en to fit the coupling union. Load the agate line into the S.U.R. & R. flaring creature and perform a two-step double lap flare.

flare brake lineflare toolbrake line flare Insert the flare out punch into the tool and squeeze the trigger. That will complete the flare out .

Step 5: Bend the replacement line

bend brake linebend brake line

Step 6: Connect the new brake line section to the coupler union

Replace a rusted brake line

Step 7: Reconnect the brake line at the ABS modulator or master cylinder

Refill the master cylinder. then bleed the brake course with a hand-held vacuum pump.
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