Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – review

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – review
red Dot Games Studio is back with another musical composition of the unique Car Mechanic Simulator model. Three years have passed since the last year, ie despite the dates in the claim of individual parts, this is not one of those series that would be published year after year .
In such games, frequent criticism is much besides like to the previous year ( randomly FIFA, WRC ), which in the case of Car Mechanic Simulator and its three-year cycle could and should fall away. But apparently tied three years are not adequate for a proper evolution…
If you have spent tens of hours with Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 like I do, then this year, after the first start-up, you will be practically not surprised by anything. indisputable, you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate deepen much in the garage and jack, but arsenic soon as you start to delve deeper into everything Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 has to offer, you ’ ll find that there ’ s a distribute of news .
Everything you had in the workshop before is back. Tools for extracting the locomotive from inside the vehicle, devices for changing and shoeing tires, balancing them, disassembling electric shock absorbers, draining oil… And this is more or less complemented only by machines for wheel alignment and light alignment, a particular device for repairing brake disk or automatic outside washing one interiors.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – review
renovation of the soon breathless thoroughbred can begin .
differently, everything is more or less the same. You accept one order after another, and as you become more feel, information about what is wrong with the vehicle decreases. But you will always screw one hundred and six and look for which of the thousands of parts causes knocking, creaking, impairs the treat of the vehicle and so on .
initially, you can rely only on your eye and information from the customer, later, thanks to a badly squeezed slag, you can buy respective diagnostic devices or a straight test room, which will help you to detect insidious goblins, saving you some unnecessary cheat .
With the help of money, you will expand your workshop with a new jack, paint patronize, dynamo and other parts, which will late make more complicate orders available to you, promising even greater earnings. And alone at the here and now when you start accumulating money and orders due to its act gameplay, i after many, many hours of delirious screw and repair of the hundredth brake system, you will get to the best that Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 has to offer – renovation .

From an ugly duckling to the lion king

There is nothing better than when in the dusky of an erstwhile barn you will find an real property, ruffle, but differently very well preserved while of american authoritative, which you have transported to your garage for a considerable sum. There you will wholly dismantle it, grind the chassis, and return it to its original shine, repair the original parts with the help oneself of a new unimaginative mini-game, buy the miss parts and after a very honest work, a polished stallion with five times the rate will appear in front of you after a few tens of minutes .
You will then drive it along the local circumference and then, if you have it bass in your scoop, sell it with a heavy center, earn a royal money and go to a junkyard for a change or to auction for another neglect cable car, which you embellish in a phase comparable to a car leaving the product note .
The Car Mechanic Simulator excels in this, and because it contains barely over 70 vehicles and more can be purchased through DLC ( non-branded electric cars and Nissan cars, the plot ’ s beginning license cars ), you have a lot of renovation fun for many evenings. particularly when you include tuning parts, which far beautify cars not lone on the outside, but you will besides drool over the dazzling parts of the exhaust system .
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is merely a paradise for car lovers, who are not only concern in driving them, but besides in the view under the hood, under which there are four extra types of liquids that you will change until you go crazy, along with a box full of fuses. they will leave there. here and there you are besides bothered by some hoary sleep together, which is enough for a few drops of the legendary WD and the fuck continues.

Let’s keep going

But the renovation has already been here and little news is nothing to push the boundaries. No, the good continuation of the car automobile mechanic ’ sulfur simulation very doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bring anything rotatory new. I wouldn ’ thymine be afraid to say that it ’ second equitable a slenderly upgrade version of the game from 2018, basically a remaster that is, truly, in truth dainty to look at and adds a few more mini-games to refresh the playability of the easy game, but it goes away. It ’ second just not enough for three years .
I am regretful, for model, that although I can disassemble the car to the last screw, there is no detail description of each part to very learn something while playing and not good do blind routine tasks without realizing what the part is for and what causes its wear. .
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021
What are these soap bubbles hiding ?
At the lapp time, the management layer, which is wholly missing here, would be identical allow for the game. From begin to finish, you are the only automobile mechanic who has to cut everything off himself, while the large garage with respective jacks directly encourages the lease of employees and the start-up of the business to the fullest. For case, do a workshop focused only on repairs, only on renovations, only on tuning…
There is room for initiation, but alternatively the creators decided not to change what worked final time, and give it to players in a more please jacket lone with new minigames that you can count on the fingers of one hand .

Opposing pistons

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is, despite the absence of invention, a in truth capital bet on, despite how incredibly repetitive it can be. Despite the huge number of parts, you will always do practically the same thing – disassemble erstwhile, tire parts and replace them with newly ones. But for lovers of simulators and cars, it is a capital experience. There is something identical relax and satisfying in the endless refilling of spark plugs and dismantling of the stallion locomotive. You immediately see the work done and look forward to what other cable car and in what condition it will pass through your hands .
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021
No more break windshields !

In addition, if this class will be the beginning for you, then you will get a very nice software, in which you will not be matter to in any excessive resemblance to the previous work. But I can ’ triiodothyronine miss it, and I ’ thousand very sorry that the creators wholly fooled the raw part from the point of view of invention, and rather of moving the series somewhere, they merely ensured its stagnation .
even so, it is a crippled in which you can easily drown tens of hours of absolve time due to the syndrome One more move and I ’ meter going to sleep, which you may know from games such as Civilization. alternatively of a move, it ’ randomness another car, of which there are five in the end, while the last one turns out to be a project for another half an hour…
Yes, dear developers, once again you have proved to us that you have a actually solid and fun base in a series that has no competition. But future clock time, re-releasing besides similar games will not work for you !

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