The 7 Most Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light Turns On

The 7 Most Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light Turns On

Any time a warn light in your splashboard lights up, it grabs your immediate attention. While warning lights have been around for years, today they have become more sophisticated and there are more of them on your splashboard than always before .
That ’ sulfur good news for drivers, because it means you are less likely to let your car run low on oil or let the air out press in your tires dip below recommend levels. It lets you know when there ’ s a problem with the battery, the engine coolant or even if there ’ s a door that ’ s not securely latched .
however, when the check locomotive light comes on, it can mean several different things, and it sometimes causes a bit of a panic for drivers. But if you understand what it means, it might give you a moment more reassurance — vitamin a well as the cognition of what to do when it happens .
Let ’ s look at the seven most common reasons your check engine light turns on.

No. 1: Gas Cap

A loose, missing or damaged gas cap can cause the light to turn on because the vehicle ’ s onboard calculator recognizes that it is losing pressure in the gasoline tank. A accelerator cap helps maintain proper imperativeness in the cooler and besides keeps the accelerator from evaporating, equally well as preventing fumes from being released into the air. If your check engine light goes on concisely after you ’ ve filled up at a gas station, check to make indisputable the natural gas capital is on tightly ( or that you remembered to put it back on ! ) and that may resolve the problem. If not, it could be one of the early following problems .

No. 2: Spark Plugs or Plug Wires

Your car depends upon spark plugs to fire up the engine, and the trip punch wires are the delivery system that makes it happen. When either of these are compromised, your engine can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate perform a well ; you may have less office and lower fuel economy and your engine may misfire, among other problems .


No. 3: Catalytic Converter

Emissions are a great cause of concern in nowadays ’ sulfur earth, and that ’ s one rationality the catalytic converter is so crucial. It converts dangerous carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and, without this authoritative routine, your cable car will not pass the vehicle emissions test required for registering with your department of state department of exile. A damaged catalytic converter or a clog catalytic converter can besides lower your fuel economy and cause your car to run at a hot temperature .


No. 4: Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen detector plays an crucial function in your fomite ’ sulfur operation because it monitors the unburned oxygen that comes out of your exhaust. That allows it to help your car accurately proctor fuel pulmonary tuberculosis. A faulty detector can greatly reduce your fuel efficiency and can even cause damage to your discharge plugs and catalytic converter .

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No. 5: Mass Airflow Sensor

The sum of air entering your cable car ’ second engine will determine how much fuel is required to run efficiently. It ’ s the job of the mass airflow detector to measure the breeze and instruct your car ’ s computer on how much fuel it needs. When a mass airflow detector international relations and security network ’ thyroxine functioning properly, some of the results will be diminished engine performance and lowered fuel economy. But if not taken care of, this can besides damage sparkle plugs, your oxygen detector and your catalytic converter .


No. 6: Overheating

Chances are, if your check engine alight comes on because of overheat, you ’ ll notice some other signs as well — such as the temperature gauge running high or even smoke coming come out of the closet from under your hood. Since this could be a severe problem, it should be addressed immediately. Slow down and you may want to turn on the heater as a direction to release some of the heat from the engine. If this doesn ’ thyroxine help, you may need to pull over and call for wayside aid .


No. 7: Diagnostics Malfunction

sometimes, the bridle engine light comes on to let you know that there ’ s a trouble with the cable car ’ s internal diagnostic mechanism. That means the system could be “ finding ” a problem that doesn ’ t exist, or it could be that loose wire systems are creating a false positive in the system. If that ’ s the lawsuit, it ’ s authoritative to get it fixed because you want to know that your car ’ sulfur operations are being systematically monitored by the onboard computer — and that it will accurately alert you to any malfunctions that are occurring .


Never Ignore Your ‘Check Engine’ Light

While there are a variety show of reasons that your check locomotive easy might come on, it ’ s significant to note that if the light is flashing, it indicates that your engine has a major exit that must be addressed immediately. If the light is a firm burn, that indicates a less pressing problem, but it placid should be taken in for diagnostics and service.

Either direction, attending to the warning light in a timely manner will prevent any extra wrong from occurring to your car. even if it seems that the car is running “ just fine, ” you want to have it checked out professionally to rule out any underlying problems that could lead to dearly-won repairs down the road if not taken worry of promptly. sometimes, it ’ randomness easy to get a false feel of security system when the light comes on and you don ’ thymine poster any changes in the car ’ mho performance, but this is a dangerous gamble for any driver to take .
The specific reason your check engine light has come on can only be discovered through the use of extra car diagnostic equipment. Be certain to visit your liter ocal Cleveland-area car rectify denounce for an inspection to see what ‘s going on with your vehicle .
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