Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats, Cheat Codes, Console Commands

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats, Cheat Codes, Console Commands
Build and expand your repair serve empire in this fabulously detailed and highly realistic simulation plot, where attention to cable car detail is astonishing. Find classic, unique cars in the fresh Barn Find module and Junkyard module. You can evening add your self-made cable car in the Car Editor .

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats

Cheat Codes

If you access the computer and select the Bluetooth picture that is located at the acme correct corner of the screen a textbook entry box will appear which if you enter one of the play along codes and press ‘ Enter ’ will enable the corresponding effect .

  • moneyplease – Extra Money
  • moneybigtimeplease – Gain $200
  • imtoolazytogrindexp – Gain 50 EXP
  • flyhigh – Enable Noclip Mode

Console Commands

Choose cheat on 1, 2 or 3. Make profil list “ cms2018promo ” to use deceiver 1 etc.

  • 1. cms2018promo – no tutorial, Cash $ max, full exp, unlock skills.
  • 2. cms2018stage1 – level 6, 8000$.
  • 3. cms2018stage2 – level 14, 19000$.

Note: After you can just go to the crippled files in the appdata and change the profile identify. then when starting up the game it tells you files are out of synchronize with steam library and you merely tell it to upload from local .

Get the Most Out of Your Crates:

Everytime you open a crate and get disappoint because you got no tuning parts
or even two barn maps ? then keep reading this lead. The Simple Steps to +Quality Tuning Parts
# 1 : Save your game by clicking the right mouse push button > save game or Esc > save and go to independent menu and load your save again.
# 2 : Open the crate and see what you got.
# 3 : If you doesn ’ t get any full parts then press the right shiner push button > settings > load game ( which loads the death savepoint of Step 1 ).
# 4 : After loading you repeat step 1 – footfall 3.
# 5 : When you got good parts then press the right shiner button > Settings > save game and open your future crate. Personal Note
I recommend to open equitable one crate even if you have multiple ones in yourinventory. The reason for this is simply that you would waste crates and havea high hazard to got perfect parts in crate # 1 but in crate # 2 you got 2 barnmaps and a normal contribution. And believe me, i got multiple times 2 barn maps outof crates. Depending on your system power and the issue of mods that you ’ re using thisshouldn ’ t take more then 1 minute. besides look for tuning parts with higher +quality because every +quality stepgives the separate 10 % more ability increase. For exemplar a +4 choice turbo charger. A normal charger out of the tuning shopwill have +10 % of power increase, the +4 Turbo charger comes with +14 %.

Unlock at What Level

What game features unlock at what flush ? This lead puts all that information in one place .

  • Level 1 – Your Basic Garage. 1-lifter, tire changer, wheel balancer and spring puller, radio and phone
  • Level 1 – Parking. One level. You can buy more.
  • Level 1 – Test Track. Use to determine broken steering, gearbox and suspension parts. (N.B. test path does not discover all bad steering-related parts.)
  • Level 1 – Bonus Track – Abandoned Airport. For free roam fooling around. (Doughnuts, or even perhaps driving off the edge of the world if you like to do that)
  • Level 1 – Race Track. For time trials around a loop track
  • Level 1 – Car Salon, aka Car Dealer. For buying new and expensive cars.)
  • Level 4+ – Garage Level II Upgrade. Adds test path and repair bench to your garage. The test path is in your shop, through the red metal doors by your repair bench. Here, you can find bad brake parts, bad bushings, shocks and other suspension issues. But not all.
  • Level 6 – Barns. Go to purchase cars in mid to poor condition. Typically no more than 1 or 2 cars available. Also random used parts. Note, you might receive a map to a barn earlier than level 6, as a reward for a special customer job.
  • Level 12+ – Garage Level III Upgrade. Adds 2nd lifter and parts warehouse. Also the engine lift and stand system, for you to lift an engine out and repair it on the engine stand.
  • Level 12+ – Garage Cusomization. From now you can customize your garage.
  • Level 13 – Junkyard. Go here to purchase mid to poor condition cars and random used parts. Like a very large barn with a larger selection than a barn, typically 6-8 vehicles.
  • Level 19 – Auction. Go here to bid on an assortment of cars in good condition (but not perfect). Usually about 10-15 cars available at an auction.
  • Level 30+ – Garage Level IV Upgrade. Adds paint shop, a third lifter, a welder (to repair car frame) and cleaning / detailing tools (to improve interior condition). Also a battery charger, to magically make old batteries new. Later on, Red Dot will add a Dyno. This is the level you have been waiting for: At last you can get cars looking nice, and to 100% condition in all 4 areas (parts, body, interior, frame). Imagine, a $100 cleanup job can increase the value of the car by $5000. I kid you not.
  • Level 35+ – Able to repair car body parts –doors, bumpers, etc. This should allow you to fix any car to 100% without having to buy so many new parts.
  • Level ?? – Photo Mode. (See Pie Menu) For taking advanced screenshots from better angles, more photographic features etc.

Repair Table

note that these items are parts that I have attempted to repair at the “ Repair Table ” at Level 25, with a 95 % repair success rate. The lowest part condition share was 15 %. Anything below 15 % was unrepairable. Although find isolate cases where some parts even though met the minimal repair requirements, were not eligible for rectify for some reason ? Engine:
Camshaft, Engine Head, Engine Head Cover, Intake Manifold, Ignition Coil, Crankshaft, Crankshaft Bearing Cup, Rear Side Housing Block, Air Filter Base, Oil Pan, Power Steering Pump, Clip A, Timing Cover, Throttle, Radiator, Radiator Fan, Exhaust Manifold, Carburetor, Thermostat, Alternator, Ignition Distributor Cap, Fuel Rail, Turbocharger, Intermediate Housing, Round Air Filter Base, Round Air Filter Cover, Battery, Water Pump Suspension:
Rear Wheel hub, Front Wheel Hub, Coil-Spring Rear Drive Axle, Leaf-Spring Rear Drive Axle, Front Drive Axle, Wheel Hub, Solid Rear Drive Axle, Upper Suspension Arm, Leaf Spring U-Bolt, Front Suspension Crossmember, Front Steering Knuckle, Rear Suspension Upper Arm, Rear Suspension Arm, Rear Suspension Crossmember, Steering Rack, Leaf Spring Plate, Rear Drive Axle. Brakes:
Brake Servo, Brake Calliper Cylinder, Brake Shoe, ABS Module, Gearbox:
Gearbox, Clutch Plate, Transfer Case, Front Differential, Front Drive Shaft, Rims:
Rim Classic, Rim Modern, Rim Cape, Rim Rollett, Rim Basic, Rim Retro, Body:
Doors, Fenders, Bumpers, Trunk, Hood, Mirror. Exhaust:

It ’ mho end. I hope “ Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats, Cheat Codes ” helps you. Feel free to contribute the subject. If you have besides comments or suggestions, gloss us .

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