So when you look over your whole career in acting and comedy What do you see as

So when you look over your whole career in acting and comedy What do you see as

So when you look over your whole career in acting and comedy. What do you see as your sage as such? What do you

believe was your initial break to sort of get you into it?

Definitely the choice of going to University and taking that choice at a later stage in my life when I was ready. So I

didn’t go in straight from school, I wasn’t 17, I did some time in the Army to kind of


deliberately chosen free [inaudible] Television is my passion. Because I’ve always wanted to make Television for the

broadest possible audience. I love making big shows for lots of people. I love making shows which are watercolour

talk. Now slightly more viciously social media talk.[laughter] Even when I look back on the first season of The Block,

which I not only– Company not only made but I directed. When back to directing the show myself. The level of social

media interaction is nothing like it is now today. So yeah the watercolour talk is what I always thought. I have to make

myself really valuable to a small number of customers. The very small number of customers to sell your product too.

Therefore, you must make yourself invaluable to them.

Okay, fantastic. And when you went out to start Touchdown Productions what was one of the things that for you, you

didn’t expect was going to be. Like you went, “Wow! I didn’t know this is something that’s had to pull up of this.” or

was sort of a shock to you about running your own Company.

People, people and people. [laughter]


all of young people have got commitments. So you’ve got credit cards, you’ve got mortgages, rent. [laughter] That

sort of thing student line. So it’s quite hard to go from a salary position to a commission on your role. So we pay

people for up to six months. And they do have the opportunity to end commission on top, and they get mentored

and they’re held accountable. So they will either get rid of a hate start.

So what do you say the age for young people given that real site traditionally has been something that more job

people got into more life experience. How are young people getting in there and given each of their competition?

I think if they can grasp the technology. Because some of the older people do struggle with the changing technology.

If you can really get a hit around technology, digital marketing for example. If you get a listing then you should be

doing videos in floor plans and it’s quite a modern way of selling real estate. The bars these days they want a lot of




when you think of animation, you think of Pixar and Disney. To just be asked into a room to try out for one of their

films was enough for me. And I can’t quite believe that it kept going from that day on. It’s just totally, totally thrilling

and unlike anything I’ve ever done before.‘Brave’ is set in a sort of medieval Scotland, it’s not very time specific, and

It’s a kind of magical kingdom. It’s very much– you get this strong sense of Scottish folklore and– they’ve got these

Will-o’-the-wisps that are talked about, but nobody believes in them. Merida sees one when she’s a young girl and

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