Ford F150 Elictrical Problem

Ford F150 Elictrical Problem
Since AutoZone tested the battery and alternator, for immediately at least assume those are all right .
You may have a short that is draining the battery all the time, even when the locomotive is turned off. You ’ ve looked at all the lights, including the rear brake lights, right ? none of them are on ? And they all work correctly and are on when they are supposed to be on ? The brake lights, the fag end lights, the blinkers, the english lights ? Front and back ? All the lights are working correctly ?
If all that checks out oklahoma, I ’ five hundred even go with the C1226 code, and expect there is placid a abruptly in the fag end light circuit. It ’ s equitable not bad enough to stop the lights from appearing to work. so look around those brake clean fixtures in the rear, see if you notice anything strange, corrosions, dents, something loosen. If you ’ ve ever had a collision in that area, of course that ’ s the first plaza to look. You may need to take the buttocks light assembly partially aside to see what ’ s happening on the inside, and to see the connectors. And look at the electrify as it approaches the tail light, esp if it might have been pinched in the tailgate.

silent can ’ t see anything ? You could pull the fuse for the brake lights and let it remain out nightlong, see if that has any effect on the ability to crank the locomotive the next day. If it helps, you know that is the circuit doing the drain. Be certain to put the fuse back in of run before driving. otherwise you won ’ t have any brake lights.

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Most shops would have person who could do the measurement to verify you have a apparition barrage drain and confirm which circuit it is, without much expense. It good involves working at the battery, nothing else. Asking them to find precisely where the short-change is and fix it might be a fiddling more expensive .
here ’ s an theme, sort of off in left center field, but you might try equitable to see what happens. When current flows in a wire, it creates a magnetic field around that wire. You can ’ thymine see the magnetic discipline, but it will show up as a needle deflection if you hold a magnetic grok ( like boy scouts would use to find north ) near the wire. In theory at least you could start at the battery and follow the magnetic field to the point it disappears, then you ’ d know where the short was. Unless you have a bunch more time than money though, credibly the most economical thing is to let a shop at least determine what the problem is. then you have the option to fix it yourself or not. Best of luck .

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