Tesla owner stops carjacking, thanks to connected Model 3 and dumb thief

Tesla owner stops carjacking, thanks to connected Model 3 and dumb thief
A Tesla owner stopped a carjacking, thanks to his connected Model 3 preventing the thief from leaving with the car or even exiting it .
The Barstow Police Department announced yesterday that a carjack suspect had been arrested, and they shared an concern floor about the crime on their Facebook page :

On May 8, 2020, at approximately 10:20 ante meridiem, officers were dispatched to the 400 block of East Fredricks Street regarding a fomite larceny in progress. The reporting party stated that while he was sitting inside his Tesla T3 fomite, a discipline opened the driver ’ s english doorway and began screaming at him to get out of the car. The subject made the victim get out of his fomite and then attempted to steal it. The victim stated that he was able to use his cellular call to turn the fomite ’ s engine off and lock the subjugate inside of the vehicle. As officers arrived on setting, they observed a subjugate, later identified as Charlie Smith, in the driver ’ s seat of the vehicle. Officers made contact with Smith and placed him under arrest. When officers placed Smith under catch, they observed that he was sweating abundantly and was twitching and blinking his eyes quickly. Smith ’ s behavior was besides erratic and contentious. Smith was placed under check for carjacking and being under the influence of a operate message .

It sounds like there was some miscommunication between the police and the Tesla owner since the vehicle doesn ’ thymine have an “ engine ” and it can ’ triiodothyronine be turned off with the app.

Electrek’s Take

While I don ’ thymine know for sure, here ’ s what I think actually happened .
The owner was using his mannequin 3 with his telephone. When the carjacker kicked him out of the car, he got out of range with the earphone, which prevented the car from being put in “ drive ” — hence leading to the gossip about turning the “ engine away. ”
As for locking the thief in, I am not certain what he means by that because you can ’ t in truth lock person inside the car. You should constantly be able to use the manual free, which people sometimes flush use unwittingly .
however, it sounds like the thief was on some drugs, and he might not have been able to get himself out because of his submit of beware.

A previous report card showed that stolen Tesla vehicles in the US have about all been recovered : 112 out of 115 .
In Europe, they have some more sophisticate thieves that managed a string of Tesla vehicle thefts through relay attacks, and most vehicles seaport ’ thyroxine been recovered .
In answer to those attacks, Tesla started rolling out extra layers of security with “ improved cryptanalysis ” key fob and optional “ PIN to Drive ” feature .
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