Are Low Beams And High Beams Headlights The Same Thing? – LED & Lighting Info

With all the various lights in the front of the car’s body, I don’t blame you for wanting to know more about their differences. Let’s start with the basics. High beam and low beam are two different beams of light, with 2 distinct functions. In most cars, each beam has a separate, single-beam bulb for … Read more

Head light alignment | First Stop

If you feel your head light are not lighting up the road properly, it might be that they are incorrectly aligned.  Over time because of the normal vibrations and bumps on the road your headlights can find themselves out of alignment. It may be that the headlight mounting brackets are cracked or broken and these are checked first as part of a headlight alignment.   

1998 – 2018 Dodge Durango Bulb Size Guide – Boslla

When doing replacement or upgrading on 1998 – 2018 Dodge Durango capsule halogen headlamps HID with, the bulb size guide is necessary for you to take the reference. Jump to a corresponding car model with the catalog below. Dodge Durango Bulb Size Guide Dodge Durango with halogen capsule headlamps Bulb Size Guide Dodge Durango with[…]


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Switching From Halogen To LED Headlights

Pros and Cons of Switching From Halogen to LED Headlights Halogen, xenon, laser, and LED lighting systems are the four main types of bulbs available for use in automobiles. While halogen lights hav…

what can cause a headlight to stop working

5 Reasons Car High Beams Work but Low Beams Don’t in Columbus, OH

It’s no secret that the headlights on your vehicle are especially important, but what happens when the headlights won’t turn on but the high beams work? The experts in our authorized Subaru service center are experienced with headlights, and we share 5 reasons you may be having headlight problems. 1-844-349-8406

Difficulty replacing front headlamp bulb?

Does anyone know how to replace the front headlamp bulb? The owners manual/diagrams instruct you to grip the left/right sides of the electrical wire connector block and pull? I have tried this without any success. It just won’t come off! I don’t want to pull it too excessively as it may cause…

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