Chevy Malibu won’t start – causes and how to fix it

Chevy Malibu won’t start – causes and how to fix it
Chevy Malibu is a reliable road companion, but its a machine with hundreds of interconnected parts, and like any other machine it sometimes fail to deliver normal operation. In this article we go through most common causes of Malibu’s breakdown and how you can fix the problem.
Chevy Malibu won’t start – causes and how to fix itChevy Malibu 9th generation facelift – (photo by Chevrolet)
The most park causes that hinders convention starting operation of your Malibu are dead winder fob battery, dead 12v battery, corrosion on battery terminals, bad alternator, clogged fuel filter, break appetizer, blown fuse, empty gasoline tank, immobilizer error or any blame in the electric system.

1. Weak Battery

If your Malibu ’ s locomotive won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate crank or cranks identical slowly, then the most probably perpetrator is a fallible or dead 12v battery. Investigating more close and doing a barrage voltage test will clarify whether the begin problem is due to the battery. A screen can be done to measure the electric potential between the battery poles, check the acid grade and assess the condition of the starter barrage.

If a new car battery has been installed, the battery may not have even reached its full capacity. There is nothing to worry about. A new battery only develops its full moon capacity over time .
Chevy Malibu won’t start – causes and how to fix itChevy Malibu ninth generation battery location, remove the cover to gain access to battery.

Test 12v battery

The electric potential of the battery on your Chevy Malibu can be measured precisely with a multimeter. Before the quiz, the multimeter is set to the electric potential rate of the battery and connected to its summation and minus poles. successful test of the cable car battery, i.e. checking the electric potential, normally results in values ​​of approx. 12 to 13 volts. Values ​​above 14 or below 11.5 volts require an adept appraisal of the condition of the car battery. Because the battery may have a defect with these measured values ​​and must be replaced .

Jump start Chevy Malibu

If all in barrage is the reason for the breakdown of your Malibu, you can well jump start it using jumper cables and a healthy battery from another fomite, or using a battery booster if available .
first base get in touch red cable to the positive concluding of your Malibu ’ s absolutely battery, then to the positive terminal of donor battery. adjacent connect black cable to the negative terminal of donor battery, then to the bare metallic in the locomotive bay of your Malibu. Start the donor vehicle and then your Malibu. Remove the cables in overrule rate .
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is how-to-jump-start-car-illustration.pngIllustration for jump starting procedure

2. Corrosion on battery

corrosion on the contacts of your car battery leads to loss of contact and reduce current flow, which means that your engine can no long start by rights.
To know if your Malibu ’ s starting problems are from dirty battery contacts, you need to investigate them. If you lift the rubber covers over the two battery terminals, you can check the terminals for corrosion. If you discover white deposits or silver-green deposits, but no further cracks or damage, you do not have to replace the battery, just clean it .

Clean battery corrosion

To clean the battery on your Chevy Malibu, you have to remove the pole cables first, which requires no special cognition, just a short assiduity, as the decree is identical authoritative. first remove the black cable from the negative punt. If the pole clamp is very tight, you can open it with pliers. We advise against using metallic element pliers, but if you use them, you must make indisputable that you do not touch any early parts of the body. Next you can unplug the crimson positive pole cable television. Once the battery has been removed from the circuit, you can start cleaning the corrode battery. After clean, reconnect the terminals .

3. Weak key fob battery

If your Malibu has push start/stop release, then its possible that your vehicle may not start due to weak key fob battery. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry, you can distillery start your vehicle – the battery is entirely used to send the sign for locking/unlocking. If the key fob battery is empty, the door no longer locks or unlocks at the push of a button. The doors must then be opened manually. The immobilizer is controlled by a passive voice transponder. passive means, among early things, that the transponder in the key does not need its own power informant .

How to start Chevy Malibu with dead key fob battery

If you have a model of Malibu which lone has a key flim-flam with start/stop clitoris and no place to insert a key, then try placing your key fob as close to the start/stop button as you can and then start the vehicle. If it doesn ’ thyroxine work, then look in your vehicle ’ s functional manual for accurate location of key fob placement, as it may vary depending on model .
Tip: You can try starting your Malibu with its second winder. It will besides rule out any other trouble with the first key, for example, water wrong .

4. Broken starter motor

A newcomer is a drive for starting the locomotive of your Malibu. The average life of a crank motor is about 100,000 to 150,000 miles, and the life will be shortened if the engine is started more frequently. In any case, since the starter motive besides has a express life, it will break down after using the cable car for a long time, and if the starter motor breaks down, the engine will not start .
Symptom: When you turn the identify to start the locomotive of your Malibu, you will hear a snap voice, which is the voice of a bad starter motor. And if the starter motor does not work with a healthy barrage, suspect a malfunction of the starter .
If the appetizer fails, it normally needs to be replaced with a new one .

Temporary fix for starter

If the engine does not start ascribable to the appetizer, the engine may start if you turn the key while hitting the starter motor with something like a stick or metal instrument. This workaround is effective when the parts inside the crank are stuck together or the gears are slenderly out of alignment.

however, it is possible that the newcomer is nearing the end of its life, so it is recommended that you have it inspected at a trader or maintenance shop .

5. Defective alternator

An alternator is a generator that produces electricity. If your Malibu ’ s alternator fails, it will not be able to produce electricity and the barrage will not be able to charge. Therefore, flush if you think that the campaign of the engine not starting is a barrage bankruptcy and replace the battery, the battery will soon run out and the engine will not start .
Alternators rarely break down. In especial, modern cars have improved performance, so it is said that they will last 200,000 to 300,000 miles. still, it can break down depending on how you use it, and in the case of a use car, the alternator may be quite old. Don ’ thyroxine let your guard down .
If the alternator breaks down, it must be replaced with a new alternator .

6. Clogged fuel filter

The fuel filter of your Malibu does not wear out like a mechanical depart, but it gets clogged by dirt and airborne particles and clogs over time. The permeability of the filter drops, and therefore does the fuel blackmail. To a certain extent this doesn ’ metric ton topic, but if the fuel filter is excessively dirty, the engine will nobelium longer perform at full capacity and in some example may not start at all. Cleaning is not possible, you can only change the filter .

7. Fuel pump failure

If your Malibu ’ s fuel pump fails, then the engine won ’ thyroxine start. The pump normally ensures that the necessary amount of fuel is passed from the cooler to the injection system of the engine with sufficient blackmail .
Before your fuel pump stops working, it normally becomes noticeable : if your car ’ sulfur engine breaks down from time to time, the car is difficult to start, the engine jerks a little or the locomotive operation drops, you should have your pump checked .
Wear or contamination of the pump can be the reason for this. If the heart is leaking, a power contact is broken, a pipeline or a pump pry is broken, the fuel pump is normally besides noticeable before failure. You can have a defective fuel pump replaced in your workshop .

8. Blown fuse

In rare cases, a botch fuse could besides be the perpetrator in the breakdown of your Malibu. Check all fuses in the fuse box essential for starting the engine. But, be careful when lending a hand yourself to the blend box ! The box is under baron and repairs or tests should constantly be done in a workshop .

9. Defective spark plugs

Without functioning spark plugs, the engine will not start. The discharge fireplug themselves are frequently not affected by a blemish. alternatively, spark plug connections on the ignition system come idle. If only one plug is actually idle, you can fix the problem yourself on site. If a trip plug has failed, it must be replaced in the workshop .

10. Rodent damage

rodent damage can be another reason why your Chevy Malibu won ’ metric ton beginning. The animals crawl under the vehicle and bite through cables and wires. In principle, this can affect all vehicle systems such as the fuel provision, the oil issue or the ability supply .
The rodent damage can normally be seen promptly by looking into the engine compartment. The damage caused by the rodent pungency can be repaired in the workshop. Be prepared for relatively high costs hera .

11. Engine failure

Although very rare, but it can besides be the lawsuit of the dislocation of your Malibu. If a fomite has an locomotive failure, then nothing works anymore. It is not uncommon for the driver of a vehicle to be responsible for such damage. distinctive causes include tearing of the time belt, incorrect fuel, insufficient oil, hydrolock, overheating of the engine, or continuous drive in an excessive focal ratio range .
only an experience automobile mechanic can diagnose engine failure in a workshop .

Use OBD2 scanner for diagnosis

Since Chevy Malibu is equipped with on-board diagnostics ( OBD ), a blame diagnosis can provide initial indications of where the malfunction is located.

To begin troubleshooting, you must first connect the diagnostic creature to your Malibu. The OBDII connection is normally located under the dashboard. With the wire connected, you should turn the ignition on. But be careful not to start the engine. Most diagnostic devices then ask for some information about the fomite. It is crucial that you enter this 100 % correctly, differently the resultant role of the search may be falsified. In summation to the vehicle manufacturer and model, you normally besides have to type in the engine and vehicle ID number. For exact trouble-shoot, constantly check whether the information is correct .


There are many reasons why your Malibu may not start. When looking for the trigger, it is advisable to use the exception principle and entirely start with the most obvious lawsuit, the empty battery .
In any sheath, it is advisable for laypersons to call a dislocation avail or a workshop. In the event of a blemish, the latter can immediately initiate the haunt .

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