What Are The Yearly Maintenance Costs For Golf Carts? (What To Know)

What Are The Yearly Maintenance Costs For Golf Carts? (What To Know)
Close up view of a white golf cart parked on the road.
People are quick to say that golf carts are cheap .
Although we agree with this statement, they do require some everyday and preventive sustenance .
If you don ’ t take manage of your golf cart, it will deteriorate, and you will be left with expensive issues.

overall, golf handcart sustenance is not unmanageable, and something that most golf cart owners can do themselves .
In this template, we will break down the things you should be doing to keep an eye on your golf cart and how a lot it will cost .
We broke the scout down into two sections, one for gas carts and one for electric.

What are the Yearly Maintenance Costs for Golf Carts?

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Electric Golf Cart Maintenance

Electric golf carts are not challenging to take manage of .
The most significant thing that you will need to watch out for is the life and health of the batteries .
Replacing batteries on an electric cart is expensive .
If you can prolong the life of your batteries, it can make a huge difference when it comes to cost savings .


used small golf cart tires
You should inspect your golf cart tires daily .
This is good a ocular inspection to make certain that all four wheels have plenty of tune, and there are no visible issues or obstructions .
Depending on how much you use your golf handcart, you should besides check the bore pressure from prison term to time .
Incorrect tire pressure will cause wear .
Each tire on your cart will department of state what the atmosphere press should be .
Take a expect at the rims on your tires equally well .
As clock time goes on, rims can start to loosen and fall off the steering wheel .
check to see if your rims are distillery on besotted, and they do not need any repair .
Always look for things like nails, sticks, stones stuck in and around your tires .
When it comes time to replace your tires, you will need to purchase the tire or the run down already mounted on the wheel .
Depending on your apparatus deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as tools and equipment are concerned, you may need a professional to complete this stick out .
If you are purchasing a stage set of tires that are not mounted, you will spend around $ 50.00 .
For premounted tires, you can expect to pay $ 75- $ 200 per tire .
Tires tend to last approximately three years on gamey practice carts and five or more on humble mileage carts .


brakes text on wall
The brakes on your golf cart should hold up for many years .
To make sure that your brakes are in great shape, you should clean and adjust the brakes sporadically .
This is not something that needs to be done each month ; every class should be excellent .
While you are cleaning and adjusting the brakes, you should look at the brake cables american samoa well and make sure that there is no wear .
If you don ’ thyroxine feel comfortable checking on brakes yourself, this is something that a local repair workshop will do .
Bring your handcart in for a year ’ s tune-up and have them audit brakes .
The average hourly rate for a golf handcart rectify workshop is around $ 75.00 per hour .
If you should need new brakes it ’ sulfur going to cost several hundred dollars plus hours of undertaking .

Rear Axle

The word of phrase axle in a dictionary.
The back axle of your golf cart will not require much attention .
Take a count at the discipline from time to clock .
Inspect the rear axle if you should hear any strange noises .
Be certain to constantly keep an eye out for any oil leaks that you may see .



Shock absorber isolated on white
Your electric golf cart comes equipped with both a front and rear abeyance .
You may start feeling it when your golf handcart has pause issues .
The ride will feel a act more rough in .
When this happens you may need to take your handcart in for an inspection .
You can besides look for oil leaks, wear bushings, or unleash parts .
A new suspension on a golf handcart will cost several hundred dollars and several hours in labor .
This is not something that should come up very much .
If you take concern of your haul and ride it reasonably, the suspension should concluding many years .


are golf cart batteries deep cycle
probably the most critical depart of maintaining an electric golf cart is the batteries .
The batteries are one of the most expensive parts of your cart .
They need to be maintained and inspected regularly .
tied with all the care and inspections, you will even have to replace batteries approximately every 3-6 years .
Depending on the cart you have, the batteries will cost anywhere from $ 100- $ 175 each .
Your cart may have six batteries, and it may have eight .
As you can see, this number starts to add up quite promptly .

When you inspect the batteries on your golf cart, you are going to want to look for the following things.

  • Any visible signs of corrosion
  • Loose terminals
  • Condition of cables
  • Battery water levels
  • Condition of the tops of batteries

It is a good estimate to check the batteries on your golf cart frequently .
Battery issues can come up promptly, and if you can act quickly, you may save yourself from having a isolated handcart .
A good trick is to clean the battery terminals with a moment of water and bake pop .
Do not do this when your golf cart is plugged in .
Do not do this when your golf cart is on .
You can take a toothbrush and scrub around the terminals lightly to remove any dirt or corrosion .
It is good for your batteries to charge to full capacitance .
Whenever possible, make sure you keep them charged .
battery cables are not expensive to replace .
It is a good mind to keep an supernumerary cable television or two in your handcart should you need to change one out .

10L0L Golf Cart Battery Cables for EZGO 1994 & UP, EZGO Battery Cables Wiring Kit for 36 & 48 Volt TXT with 4 Gauge 5 PC Golf Cart Battery Cable Set, Ultra-Long Pure Copper Wire lugs, 6 Surface Heavy

10L0L Golf Cart Battery Cables for EZGO 1994 & UP, EZGO Battery Cables Wiring Kit for 36 & 48 Volt TXT with 4 Gauge 5 PC Golf Cart Battery Cable Set, Ultra-Long Pure Copper Wire lugs, 6 Surface Heavy

  • Golf Cart Battery Cables:Manufactured with ultra-flexible WindyNation Power-Flex Cable, Polyolefin heat shrink tubing applied to form a protective seal.
  • The Battery Cables for EZGO: 100% fine stranded PURE COPPER cable for high amperage applications, 600 volts.
  • Golf Cart Battery Cables 36v: Copper cable lugs are tinned coated and utilize a closed end design for corrosion protection
  • Our 10L0L Golf Cart Battery Cables Includes one black cable and one red cable. Simply select cable length and cable lug mounting hole diameter for cable ends.
  • The Battery Cables Fits E-Z-Go 1994 & up. Each Set Comes : 4-10″ BLACK, 1-13″ BLACK.


battery charging
Although your charger is technically not region of the handcart, it is deserving mentioning .
Make certain that your charger cable television is always in good work discipline .
Do not let your charger suffer overheated .
Most people do not recommend leaving your charger going nightlong .
Golf handcart chargers have been known to overheat and cause fires .

FORM 15 AMP EZGO RXV & TXT Battery Charger for 48 Volt Golf Carts

FORM 15 AMP EZGO RXV & TXT Battery Charger for 48 Volt Golf Carts

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  • PORTABLE & LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN – It doesn’t matter whether you are home in the garage, parked in front of the clubhouse or at the cart shed; our light weight charger can easily be taken with you.
  • FAMILY RUN BUSINESS – We pride ourselves on being ultra-responsive to our customers’ questions, challenges and requests.

Golf haul chargers tend to cost respective hundred dollars .
Do not keep the charger cable lying on the ground as it is a tripping hazard, and you do not want animals to chew it .
Your golf haul charger should outlive your batteries adenine hanker as you care for it properly .
Always make indisputable it is amply connected to the cart each time you charge .


Digital multimeter isolated on white background
The electrical components on your golf haul will vary from one manufacturer to the adjacent .
If you have windshield wipers or extra lights, you will have to inspect the cables .
You may have a fan installed in your cart or some speakers as well .
Check all connections and make certain nothing is loose .
A loose or weak connection will not alone cause an exit ; it could be draining your batteries .
Another electrical component to check is your turn back warning doorbell .
This is an all-important base hit feature, and if it is not working correctly, you will want to make certain it is fixed immediately.


last on our list for the electric golf cart is the steering assembly .
normally, you will know if you have a steering write out or not .
Take your cart on a test drive by yourself and see how it responds when you make flying adjustments .
If you feel as though there is an write out, you can inspect for unleash or missing parts .
If you can not tell what the issue is, it may be best to have a golf cart mechanic take it for a test drive .
There may be an issue with the abeyance that is worth looking into .


Yearly Totals For Electric Golf Carts

Electric EZGO Golf Cart As you can see from our list, there are quite a few steps involved in maintaining a capital golf haul .
The effective news program is that most of these take less than an hour a calendar month .
You will not be burdened with alimony costs or time spent when it comes to an electric cart .
When you look at the total costs annual, it depends on if you are having a well or regretful year .
In a good year, you may need a few cables, a bit of baking sodium carbonate to clean the terminals, some soap, and that could be it .
For a good year, the handcart will probable cost you less than $ 100 to maintain .
In a badly year, if you have a trouble with brakes or batteries, the costs will get much higher .
You will save money by doing some of the sustenance and work yourself, but you must feel able of completing these jobs .
If your batteries and your brakes are to go in the lapp year, it will likely be well over $ 1000 to get you back up and running .
You should plan for cart batteries and put away for it on a good year .
At some point, your batteries will need to be replaced ; there is no escaping it .

Gas Golf Cart Maintenance

When it comes to gas golf carts, you will have a few extra steps that you need to follow .
For the tires, back axle, brakes, and steering, nothing will change from the way it is with the electric golf cart .
Where you see the real deviation with the natural gas golf cart is with the engine .
The locomotive of the gasoline golf cart will take some solve, and it could cost you a bit to maintain .


gears on white background
hopefully, you take the time to get yourself acquainted with how your cart functions .
Waiting until you are stranded on the road or in the center of the 7th fairway is not a good clock to learn about golf carts .
You should be doing monthly inspections on your golf handcart locomotive just to have a cosmopolitan mind of how things stand .
One of the most coarse issues that come up with a boast golf cart is a spark plug problem .
Replacing a spark plug will credibly cost you less than $ 15.00 if you do the knead yourself .
You will want to check all hoses and gas lines when you inspect your cart .
besides, check the fuel filter and replace that if necessary .
It is a good mind to sporadically replace a fuel trickle to keep your cart in top working condition .

EZGO 72084G01 Fuel Filter - MG2/TXT/RXV

EZGO 72084G01 Fuel Filter – MG2/TXT/RXV

  • Should be replaced at regular intervals to keep the fuel line clear from dust, rust particles and potential contamination.
  • This fuel filter is NOT to be used on E-Z-GO ST 480 and ST 4×4 Vehicles or 2-Cycle Vehicles
  • Recommendation: Change spark plugs and air filter when changing fuel filter

When you do your monthly inspection, it besides makes sense to check the clutch and make sure that it is stable .
If your seize tends to rattle or seems tire, it may be prison term to look for a successor .

Bestauto G2-G22 Drive Clutch Compatible With Yamaha 1985+ G2 G8 G9 G14 G16 G22 4 Cycle Carts Gas Golf Cart 1985 Up

Bestauto G2-G22 Drive Clutch Compatible With Yamaha 1985+ G2 G8 G9 G14 G16 G22 4 Cycle Carts Gas Golf Cart 1985 Up

  • Attractive Metal Surface: Yamaha driver clutch has a stunning appearance, and with metal finished surface, which can make it more wearable and sturdy in its quality.
  • Good Performance: This golf cart clutch is a suitable tool for your car. It allows your car engine and the transmission to spin fast at the same time. Setting the clutch bolt to be torqued to 50lbs and clutch cover bolts 9lbs, can make it works in an excellent condition.
  • Easy To Install: To use this Yamaha club car driven clutch, you need to use a clutch puller tool for helping you remove the current clutch, and as it is bolt-on assembly, so you don’t need weight link kit or pins for installation.
  • Full-Set Equpment: This starter drive clutch is a variable speed primary clutch, an oil pump drive gear is included, but not included the puller bolt. The OEM Part References: JN6-G6201-03 or JN6-G6201-04.
  • Widely Fitment: Our Yamaha driver clutch fits the Yamaha golf carts models like G2, G8, G9, G14, G16, G22. It also the perfect match to four-cycle golf carts from the years 1985 & Up.

A fresh clutch can cost around $ 100, but it can make or break your golf cart functioning
If you don ’ metric ton know much about flatulence engines, it is best to let a golf cart repair machinist inspect your golf handcart .
Most local anesthetic shops or mobile golf haul repairs offer a annually warm-up and inspection .
If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what you are looking at when it comes to accelerator engines, it is a good idea to pay for this warm-up .

Oil Filter

Car Oil filter isolated on white background
An vegetable oil filter will help to take contaminants out of your engine oil .
When an anoint filter gets old or dirty, your oil will besides be dirty .
This can cause your locomotive to malfunction .
Changing the oil trickle on your golf handcart should be something that happens at least doubly a year .
If you happen to use your golf cart day by day, then you may consider changing it more frequently .
It does not harm to change your petroleum filter more much ; it will only hurt to not change it enough .
The filter should only be about $ 15.00 .
If you can learn to replace it yourself, you may buy the filters in bulk and save a few extra dollars .

EZGO RXV Or TXT Oil Filter For 4-Cycle Kawasaki Gas Golf Cart Engines | 2008-Up

EZGO RXV Or TXT Oil Filter For 4-Cycle Kawasaki Gas Golf Cart Engines | 2008-Up

  • Oil filters remove contaminants in your engines oil. These install easy and help prolong the life of your engine.
  • Twist on and off design.
  • Make sure your filter is put on tight when replacing. Replace your filter twice a year or every 130 running hours.
  • Fits the Following Cart(s): 2008-up EZGO RXV and TXT golf carts with 4-cycle Kawasaki engines.
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When changing out the petroleum filter, you are besides going to want to complete an oil change on your handcart .
Make certain that you are adequately organize for this job, and you have a pan to catch any of the oil that will spill out .
You will need to add oil rear into your cart ( 10W-30 grade motor anoint ) .

AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil - Full Synthetic - 10W-30 - 5 Quart

AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil – Full Synthetic – 10W-30 – 5 Quart

  • For best performance, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Ideal for engines over 75,000 miles and for longer drain intervals
  • Helps prevent build up that can cause rust and corrosion
  • Reduces friction for less engine wear
  • High resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown
  • Helps reduce exhaust emissions

Air Filter

Close up dirty car air conditioner filter isolated on white - deep focus image
An air trickle will keep your locomotive supplied with clean air .
As a general rule of thumb, it makes sense to change your breeze filter when you change your fuel and vegetable oil filters .

Club Car DS Gas Golf Cart Tune Up Kit 1992-Up 290Cc Ohv

Club Car DS Gas Golf Cart Tune Up Kit 1992-Up 290Cc Ohv

  • Performing a tune-up is an in-expensive way to get the best performance and longevity out of your cart.
  • (2) Fuel Filters, (1) Oil Filter, (1) Air Filter, (1) Spark Plug
  • Make sure your motor is cool, your key is off, and your parking brake is set before performing your tune-up.
  • Fits the Following Cart(s): 1992-Up Club Car DS gas models with FE290 Kawasaki motor
  • EVERY Products that are sold by “The King” are rigurously tested, and must meet very high set standards before the product is put on our shelves! Our customers mater! And we are here to get them the Best Golf Cart Accessories for the Best Prices! No Question!

For your public toilet, many golf cart manufacturers put together gasoline haul tune-up kits .
The kit comes with a flicker plug, a fuel filter, an vegetable oil filter, and an air travel filter .
You can use this kit out at least every year, preferably doubly a year, to keep your golf cart in excellent working condition .
When working on your golf cart, always make certain that it is off, and it has cooled down .
If you don ’ thymine feel comfortable working on a boast engine, you are not alone .
This is where it pays to have person who understands what to do .
If you choose to replace filters and discharge plugs on your own, the kit merely costs about $ 25- $ 50 .
If you go to a golf cart repair patronize, you will credibly be looking at $ 100- $ 150 for this service .

Yearly Totals For Gas Golf Carts

An Abstract of One Hundred Dollar Bills with Narrow Depth of Field.
When considering alimony costs on a gas cart, you will have to think largely about filters, anoint, and gasoline .
Every year you will need respective filters and oil changes .
If you are doing these yourself, the annual total could be right around $ 100 .
If you are hiring person to complete this care, it will likely be closer to $ 250 .
Outside of the anoint changes and filter changes, you may need a newly spark plug from clock to prison term or a cable .
These are going to be minor expenses, and likely won ’ metric ton increase your entire above the $ 500 mark .
The more you know about flatulence engines, the cheaper the golf cart alimony is going to be .
If your cart has a rough in class and it is fourth dimension for a filter substitution, tires, and possibly even a newly seize, your totals will start to get into the four digits .

Which Will Cost More?

many people wonder what is more expensive to maintain a gas cart or an electric cart .
It is impossible to say which one is more expensive than the other because they have different needs .
Although the year after year cost of the gas carts can be more, when you get hit with a barrage refilling on the electric, it is an eye-opener .
Throughout the life of your haul, there will likely not be much of a remainder between flatulence or electric .

Ways To Save Money

save money for investment concept with a blue button on computer keyboard
The best way to save money on golf cart maintenance is to eliminate undertaking costs .
If you can learn how to do the employment yourself, you will save hundreds each year .
flush people who don ’ triiodothyronine view themselves handy can learn how a golf cart works .
golf carts are simple to understand .
If you have a friend or relative that understands engines and mechanics, have them teach you .
There are several necessary steps you must get down, and then you just have to be diligent about repeating them .
If you have an electric handcart, most of the care doesn ’ t even require your hands to get dirty .
Another tip to save money is to buy products in bulk .
If you know you go through three air out filters in a class, try and buy three at a time when they are on sale .
search for deals for buying larger groups of products because you know you will need them.

last, check with your local golf cart repair shop class for specials .
If you have an off-season, the shop class may be looking for things to do .
If they run an offseason golf cart tune-up for a repress price, it may be worth having them do it and saving some money on labor .

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