How To Find/Fix A Blown Fuse On A Golf Cart (EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha)

How To Find/Fix A Blown Fuse On A Golf Cart (EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha)
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The fuses on a golf haul are critically crucial for protecting your cart from electric damage and ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently .
however, these fuses can blow at assorted types and leave your cart unable to run .
This common issue is about always related to another concern with your cart that is triggering it and making it more dogged.

As a result, it is significant for you to know where to find your fuses on all three major cart brands, the types of issues that affect them, and rectify methods.

Fuse Box Location on Yamaha Carts

Yamaha typically places the fuses on its golf carts in the lapp location for each model .
This choice is designed to create a consistent manner between each of these models that makes it easier to work on them without running into any complications .
The same is true of each of the manufacturers we are going to discuss, excessively, so these sections are not going to be very farseeing – there ’ s just not much that you can say about these locations when they are so consistent between most models within each sword .
For exercise, the 2014 Yamaha golf handcart has a fuse box on the bequeath side of the control – which requires you to open up the engine of the haul to look for it .
This location is park between flatulence and electric Yamaha carts, so be prepared for that when you try to seek it out .
however, there are besides some differences here – for model, the G2 electric handcart has the fuses on the rear inner fender on the presence of the driver ’ sulfur side .
And the G29 has fuses good below the cup holder.

Fuse Box Location on EZGO Golf Carts

Like Yamaha golf carts, EZGO tries to keep the fuse boxes in pretty childlike locations for their users .
That said, these fuse boxes aren ’ thymine constantly immediately easy to find even if you know right where they are located .
As a resultant role, it is authoritative to pay attention to these factors before you go seeking out the box .
For exercise, the 2008 TZXT utilizes what is known as an inline fuse, that attaches to the key substitution with a minor telegram .
You ’ ll necessitate to open up your haul ’ mho engine hood to find this fuse .
By contrast, the fuse box in 1990 EZGO golf carts – and those before and after – may be located in the wheel of your golf handcart .
By this, we mean the steering wheel – you ’ ll need to pry off a small cover to get easier access to them .
however, this placement was changed in late models because it caused a higher risk of shortages .
For exemplar, the 2005 EZGO electric cart put the blend box below the driver ’ s seat .
All you need to do is lift the seat and open the box to get easier entree to these fuses on your cart.

Fuse Box Location on Club Car Golf Carts

Club Car carts are like Yamaha and EZGO in that they have their fuse boxes in pretty specific locations that make them easier to entree and animate .
For example, those who may placid be rocking a 1986 CC DS gas Club Car cart – and we envy you if you ’ ve got that baby hush running – has the fuse box behind the dart .
This localization stayed the same for most golf carts they produced around this prison term, which made it easier to find them and change them compared to a few other Club Car years we may discuss here .
besides, the 1997 Club Car – and many years in and around this model – put the fuse box in the bootleg electric box by the battery .
This box normally requires a few tools to open but should be quite easy to get outdoors without a fortune of extra effort .
By 2004, they had moved the fuses into two fictile holders and then put them underneath of the seat for the 2005 Club Car Precedent .
You should see amobarbital sodium and whiten wires connected to these harnesses .
however, you may besides find some fuses near the control harnesses, besides, particularly in belated models – around the 2008 production year.

Types of Fuses You May Find

golf carts typically utilize a big image of different fuses that are designed to handle a myriad of different levels of electrical accusation .
Understanding these types is critical for ensuring you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate run into any operational troubles .
First of all, you ’ re likely to find a 10-amp fuse that is typically associated with your solenoid, and is important to keep operating to ensure that this character doesn ’ thyroxine fail .
much, this fuse is located behind diverse panels and near solenoids in your haul .
If you don ’ thymine keep this fuse in beneficial human body, your ignition may end up failing, and you may be unable to start your cart and run into issues with its operation .
This blend may besides end up failing if there are many early issues that may be triggered throughout your cart, such as cables mixed up behind the starter generator, connections in the barrage may be reversed, or the lighter may end up failing .
so make surely that you replace these fuses a soon as possible to ensure that your cart doesn ’ triiodothyronine fail to start and leave you stuck .
There are besides 50-amp fuses that may be located throughout your haul and its fuse box that avail to controller higher-powered elements of your cart .
You typically run into issues with the D-plug or the D-receptacle that may cause the fuse to trigger .
Miswirings are not uncommon with this fuse, so wage attention to the white and black wires to ensure that you don ’ metric ton run into complications .
The 60-amp fuse is another character that you ’ ll find throughout your handcart – normally, it is located in managing the high stream circuit for your motive association.

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unfortunately, there are times when the menstruation can be besides broken and cause the fuse to switch .
frequently, you can find this fuse in the office circuit quite than the charging post or the fuse box, so reach sure to look to this localization when supplant and repairing your fuse box .
last, there is the 400-amp fuse, which is about always located as near the power source or the battery as possible on your haul .
much, it is located on the positive or veto terminal of a battery to make it easier to access .
This blend typically helps to prevent surges in your engine and stop it from putting your handcart out of commission .
Make certain to check it regularly to ensure that you don ’ t have any problems with your haul .
These fuses are barely a few that you may find on your handcart and may be located in many unlike spots .
For exercise, some carts may center all – and not just a handful – of their fuses in the blend box .
Others may have them spread about ampere mentioned here .
You may need to check with your haul schematic or manual to make sure that you find every blend that may be spread throughout your haul ’ sulfur design.

Reasons Fuses May Blow

Knowing where your fuses are located on your golf handcart is half of the battle because you can inspect and replace them more well .
But why do fuses blow on golf carts and leave it operating ill ?
There are many reasons why this may occur .
In some cases, the problems with your cart may be quite minor and comfortable to fix on your own .
In other cases, you may need expert help to manage them .
Whatever the case, it is critical to understand the many reasons why your fuses may blow because they are often related to more persistent or even dangerous issues with your cart ’ mho operation .
For example, there may be veridical issues with critical parts of your handcart that leave it prone to failure .
The following issues are the most common reasons your fuses will blow on your golf cart:

  1. A grounded wire exists somewhere in your system – you may need to inspect all of your electrical connections and tighten them up to ensure that they don’t trigger this issue
  2. Shorts may exist throughout your golf cart’s electrical system – this type of dead-short is often most common after the start switch and can be repaired by professionals with ease if handled properly
  3. Gas pedal issues may often cause many types of fuse failures – typically, you’re going to see this on the start/stop switch or the starter relay that are connected to the gas pedal and its operation
  4. Cable issues with your cart may be another common issue – they may be loose in various areas or could be connected to the wrong terminals, such as a positive wire connected to a negative terminal
  5. The battery terminals are broken or no longer sending out appropriate amounts of electricity – this problem may overload your system and trigger a fuse to safe your cart
  6. Melted plastic on the key switch may occur if there is a short that melts the cable around the wire – this problem can easily trigger a fuse and requires immediate attention to avoid any dangerous results
  7. The starter generator may be shorted and causing the solenoid to stay closed – this issue can cause your cart to get too much power as it runs and cause serious malfunctions with its operation
  8. The wrong fuse was placed in the system and it couldn’t handle the electrical flow – this problem is more common than you may realize and may be embarrassing when it happens to you
  9. Vibrations from the cart, including from the starter generator, cause the cart’s wires to work loose and trigger excessive electrical flow – this is one of the most common reasons you’ll find for this issue

Remember : fuses trigger for a reason and do indeed to save your haul from issues .
That ’ sulfur because they lone switch when besides much exponent is flowing through a system on your handcart and threatening to overload it .
Without these fuses, your systems could end up melting or even catching on fire .
This issue could obviously render your golf cart useless and create a huge problem for you .
And equitable because you know what is happening to your golf cart doesn ’ thymine average that you can just leave it be and hope for the best .
rather, you need to take cocksure action and replace the fuses adenine soon as possible .
The nice thing about this serve is that it is something just about anybody should be able to handle .
You won ’ t have any challenges here between different models, either, because the process remains the same between Yamaha, EZGO, and Club Car carts.

Replacing a Fuse Properly

When you find one or more fuse that has blown on your golf handcart, you need to remove it and replace it with one that works properly .
thankfully, replacing fuses in this means is surprisingly easy and shouldn ’ metric ton be besides challenging for you to handle if you know how to use a few different tools .
Using the information above, you should have found where your fuse box is with little difficulty .
now, open up the fuse box and identify the fuse that has blown .
This mistreat should be quite comfortable – the fuse will look “ burned out ” and may even have burns on its side .
There may be a admonition picture, besides, that lets you know when a fuse has burned out .
Whatever the case, you must note the voltage level that the fuse uses by reading the side and then carefully follow these steps to get the best results:

  1. Take a pair of needle-nose pliers and use them to carefully pinch the fuse – don’t be delicate, here, because you are just going to throw the fuse away and don’t need to save it for any purpose
  2. Pull backwards on the fuse slowly, wiggling it in place if necessary to loosen its connections – this should take only a few seconds to finish, so don’t overdo it, or you may damage the fuse connectors
  3. Remove the fuse and examine it to double-check the voltage level that you need to use – you need to be absolutely sure in this situation because the wrong level may cause damage to your cart’s electrical system
  4. Purchase an appropriate replacement fuse from a manufacturer or dealer of your golf cart brand – as long as it is appropriate for the voltage level; you should be fine with whatever brand you can find
  5. Open the package and double-check the fuse to make sure that it is the right type – though rare, manufacturing errors may put the wrong type in the package and cause damage to your cart
  6. Slide the fuse into place using either your hands or the pliers – make sure that you keep the fuse straight and avoid forcing it into place, as you should feel a “click” when it is set in place
  7. Close your panel and drive your golf cart – make sure to use whatever element of the cart the fuse controls to test the fuse and see if it will burn out again on you
  8. If the fuse doesn’t burn out after about 10-20 minutes, you are probably safe – though you may want to pay attention to any repeated burnouts of a specific fuse type in your cart

In most cases, your replace fuse should work well and not have any issues with process that make your handcart act up .
however, there may be situations in which your fuse burns out very soon after you install it .
If you find that your haul ’ randomness fuse burns out more than once in a class, there is something wrong with your electronics that needs to be repaired by a master arsenic soon as potential.

Replacing the fuse in this situation will be nothing more than managing the symptoms of a deep offspring – like putting a bandage on a break dance sleeve with a cut in the skin .
And the complex nature of golf cart electronics makes it unwise for you to attempt to repair them without any avail .
so contact a manufacturer or retailer near you and take your cart to their denounce to get it repair .

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