Troubleshooting Problems with a Golf Cart Electric Motor

Troubleshooting Problems with a Golf Cart Electric Motor
Troubleshooting your golf cart motor Whether you rely entirely on your golf cart for exile or not, it is constantly inconvenient when it ’ south on the fritz. It is doubly awkward if it breaks down when you are out away from family. alternatively of immediately calling the repairman and paying those exorbitant prices, there are a few things that are immediate and easy to check for yourself. then, grab your screwdriver and multimeter, and you will have the trouble tracked down in no time .

Tip One

Check the Batteries

Before you start tearing your golf haul apart, take a consequence to plainly test the electric potential of the batteries. It ’ s a simple thing, but can well be overlooked—like when a lamp international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine working, and you replace the bulb and check all the electrify fair to find out it ‘s unplug.

testing golf cart battery Verify the proper voltage for the type of battery you use ( most are between 12 and 48 volts ), and then use your multimeter to check the charge on each of your batteries. You will have to remove the clamps connected to your battery cables first to get an accurate reading. Test each battery individually. many battery chargers must detect a minimum voltage to begin recharging, so, if a battery has gone completely dead, it will not recharge. It is possible you could use an external charger to override this trouble, but you may besides need to replace the battery. Remember that batteries will lose voltage even when they are not in use. Often electric motors will draw a minor sum of electricity when they are not running, so if you haven ’ thyroxine used the handcart in a long time, it will need a charge before it is fix to go again. Inspect each barrage to make sure it is in working orderliness. Remove the battery crown and check the urine and electrolyte levels in each battery. There should be enough water system to cover the conductive plates, but it should not be wide to the circus tent. Replace depleted urine entirely with distill water. If any of your battery terminals are dirty and corroded, use a solution of baking pop and urine with a stiffly brush to clean them up for better contact. Voltage retentiveness besides decreases with old age, so it may be time to replace old batteries. You can extend the life of your batteries by in full charging them each time you connect the charger. Troubleshooting-Tips-From-Golf-Cart-King The battery cables could besides be your issue. A bad connection could prevent electricity from reaching the batteries when the charger is connected or prevent the batteries from distributing power to the stay of the handcart. Inspect the cables running to each barrage. If there is discernible corrosion, clean it off to improve connectivity. If you see any idle or fray wires, do your best to reconnect them. If you can not reconnect the wires, or if corrosion is so bad the connections are plainly rusted away, replace your battery cables .

Tip Two

Inspect the Charger and Test the Wall Socket

After you ’ ve verified your battery is in working regulate, it ’ south meter to move on to the charging process. First, inspect all of the wires in your charger. If there are any unaffixed connections or corrosion, this may be the exit. Clean it up and repair any damaged connections. If your charge cord is frequently tightly coiled or bent, it is possible that a wire broke somewhere inside the cable. You may be able to feel a break wire through the out coating, but it is more probably you will need to take the casing off to see. If you suspect a broken wire, it is probable you will have to replace the charger. There may besides be an internal fuse that has gone regretful, so cautiously remove the embrace and inspect all of the home parts equally well. Never disable the electronic timer on the battery charger. It will overcharge the batteries and make them useless. Golf cart battery If your charger appears to be in working order, check the tour breaker going to the exponent mercantile establishment where it is plugged in, particularly if there was recently a office outage or power surge. Specialty outlets like the one for your charger trip circumference breakers more easily, so you may have a tripped circuit breaker even if the house, in general, didn ’ thyroxine know anything unusual. once you ’ ve verified the surf is on, check there is electricity flowing to the socket itself. Insert the contact of the multimeter into the socket. Remember, if you are using a voltmeter that is not adjustable, you will need a different meter that matches the proper voltage. If there is no exponent reaching the wall socket, call a family electrician to restore the flow of electricity .

Tip Three

Listen for the Solenoid

With the batteries and charging checked off of your list, the solenoid should be your future detail of interest. The solenoid allows electricity to flow from your batteries to the electric motor. It normally makes a clicking make noise when you turn the key to the “ on ” position. It is engaged each clock time you turn on the haul and every time you step on the accelerator or the brake, so it is a region that can wear out promptly. If you ’ ra diffident if it is working, it is simple to test. There are four terminals on a solenoid : normally two large and two small. The little terminals are connected to the battery, and the large terminals are connected to the drive. Disconnect all wires from the two large terminals. Be certain to keep the wires together, but not allude, for easy refilling. start with the key in the “ off ” position, and the haul steering in “ neutral. ” Set your multimeter to ohms and place one contact on each terminal. It should read “ 0 ” in this stead. Switch the focus to forward, turn the haul on, and compress the catalyst. As we mentioned earlier, you should hear a chink. If you do, leave your multimeter set to ohms and place one reach on each terminal. The read should be between 0 and 0.4 ohm. If it is higher, the solenoid is bad and needs to be replaced. Electrical Equipment If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hear a click when the haul is on and you ’ re pressing the catalyst, switch your multimeter to volts and seat a contact on each of the small solenoid terminals. These small terminals connect to the batteries.

place the handcart in forward and step on the accelerator. If the electric potential shows a full barrage charge, but there is however no chatter, the coil inside of the solenoid has broken and needs to be replaced. If the electric potential shows “ 0, ” there is a problem elsewhere. Go back and check the batteries and charger, or move on to the adjacent step .

Tip Four

Examine the potentiometer

If your solenoid is working and the cart still international relations and security network ’ thymine going, there is one last contribution to check before you reset the integral motor. You may have never come across the potentiometer before, but it is an important share to keep your golf handcart going. It sends an electrical sign to the speed restrainer from the accelerator pedal, indicating the pedal point ’ south position. When it is working properly, the potentiometer allows your golf haul to accelerate smoothly. Find your potentiometer and inspect it for any cracks, break parts, or unplug wires. besides, ensure the electrical signal on the potentiometer matches the crop on the control. The haul will not run if there is a mismatch. Row of golf carts If the potentiometer looks like it is intact and in effective shape, there are a copulate things to check. There is a lever on the potentiometer that controls how firm it allows the handcart to go. It is potential it may have slipped and is preventing an adequate signal from being sent to the accountant. Loosen the small nut on the side and try moving the lever. It is extremely sensitive, indeed begin with modest increments. If the lever is in the right place, your following footprint is to use your multimeter to test its output. Most golf handcart potentiometers are 5K – 0 ohm, which means the potentiometer relays 5,000 ohm when you shock the accelerator. Some older models use volts rather, thus double over check the resistance type before you try to test the output. There are two terminals on a potentiometer. Switch your multimeter to ohms and place one liaison on each of the terminals. It should read 0 when the catalyst is not depressed, and then rise as you push the pedal depressed. If your readings are erratic or out of the convention range, it is clock to replace the potentiometer .

Tip Five

Reset the Motor

equitable like many early electronics, an electric golf haul motor sometimes good needs to be restarted to clear the cobweb. If you ’ ve checked and double-check all of the parts mentioned above, and the haul still international relations and security network ’ thymine moving, you ’ ll want to reset the motive. Reset button thyroxine ’ mho simple to do – just a press of a button. The reset button acts as a mini circuit circuit breaker for the drive, so it will correct any minor errors. Expose the drive ( you ’ ll credibly need a screwdriver to remove the cover ), and look for a loss button. It is normally near the main exponent reference, where most of the wires are connected. Once you ’ ve pressed the button to reset the drive, reassemble the haul, charge up the batteries, and give it a test run. If you ’ ve reset the motor and the cart will still not run, there are a few things that could be improper with your electric motive. If everything else is working by rights but the motor does not spin, it may be burnt out. You can burn out a drive by overloading the golf handcart or using it on besides steep a grade. If the drive is burnt out, it must be completely replaced. If the motive is spinning but even not working, you can remove the wholly motor and give it a exhaustive inspection. minor parts like bearings or coils can be replaced, but if larger parts like the centrifugal house are damaged, you will credibly need a new motive. The motor is normally the last component of a haul to fail, thus call a professional before you invest in a mark fresh motive .

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Before you begin diagnosing your electric golf handcart, there are a couple guard precautions to keep in mind. Always have the manual handy to help you find and identify the parts you want to test. When testing the batteries on a wall socket, make certain you know how to properly use your multimeter. If it is an adjustable meter, make indisputable it is set to the right measurement type and the discipline amount of voltage for the element you are testing. Always unplug the cart from the charger before testing any of the electrical components. When reassembling any parts, make sure they are connected correctly. couple driving golf cart on golf course With a electrify in the improper place, you could cause a short or another electric topic that will make your problem worse. Always make surely wire connections are clean and tight, for guard and for the best contact. Golf cart batteries are highly corrosive, so avoid spills at all times. break protective gloves when testing or cleaning your battery. It is besides recommended to wear protective glasses when you are handling the battery, so corrosive liquid does not splash into your eyes. Be careful never to station tools or early alloy objects on top of the batteries. If a metallic element object touches both terminals, it will cause the battery to arc and possibly explode. When you examine the battery charger, make sure to unplug it from the wall socket to avoid electric shock. The electric potential inside a battery charger is identical high and could be fatal if it enters your body. Always ensure your batteries are rated for the charger electric potential. If the electric potential is besides high, it will cause overheating, which could lead to an equipment fire.

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By locating a problem yourself, you can save some money on an expensive repairman ’ randomness time. Keep a few simple tools stored on your golf cart so you can test and make repairs anywhere. If a contribution break, and you have a little excess time and an internet connection, you can save even more by replacing the depart yourself. Find a reputable dealer on-line that carries the parts for the hold and model of your golf haul, and it can be shipped to your sign of the zodiac cursorily. If you ’ re diffident of precisely how to replace the function, you can find helpful instructional videos on golf handcart forums or on YouTube. With some clock time, confidence, and a few tools, you ’ ll have your cart up and running again in no time .

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