Rebuild Wheel Cylinders

Rebuild Wheel Cylinders

Rebuild Wheel Cylinders

Article by Mark Trotta

After decades of use, the arctic cups in wheel cylinders wear out and allow brake fluid to leak past them. The bracken fluid drips depressed onto the drum and bracken shoes, ruining the shoes and diminishing stopping power. As the system gradually loses brake fluid, a dispatch loss of brake is probable .
wheel cylinder rebuild

Rebuild/Replace One Or Both?

Wheel cylinders should be rebuilt or replaced in pairs. even if only one is leaking, it ‘s advisable to rebuild or replace both sides. If you find that merely one is rebuildable, it ‘s very well to rebuild the one and replace the other with a new cylinder .

Wheel Cylinder Rebuild Kits

If you decide to rebuild your old wheel cylinders, inaugural check that rebuild kits are available for your year, make, and model vehicle. Although once a common car parts shop item, rebuild kits nowadays are generally only establish on-line .

Remove Wheel Cylinder From Vehicle

If you have n’t done therefore already, jack up the vehicle, place jack stands under the frame, then remove the tires and brake drums. The brake shoes may have to be removed.

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drum brake shoes overhaul
Before trying to remove the wheel cylinder, spray the ride bolts and brake credit line fittings with WD-40 or similar penetrant. Let it soak so it has time to work. The longer you let is soak the better it works. Sliding a drip tray or piece of cardboard underneath will catch any flood and brake fluid .
Flare addict wrenches, besides called line wrenches, were designed to remove steel brake lines and other hydraulic fittings. A standard wrench will work, but you stand a gamble of stripping the suit. After loosening, but before taking the fit off, remove the two mount bolts that hold the steering wheel cylinder in place. then unthread the adjustment by pass and remove the roulette wheel cylinder. This is a precautionary quantify to prevent damaging the sword lines .
once the appointment is off, brake fluid will start running out. Have a dribble pan or plastic tray ready. To prevent the line from leaking, cover the end of the tune with a desirable spark plug .
rebuild wheel cylinder

Wheel Cylinder Disassembly

once the bicycle cylinder is off the car, it ‘s clock time for dismantling and inspection. The out debris boots normally pry off well but may rip during the process. New ones should come with the rebuild kit .
wheel cylinder rebuild

dust boot – piston – spring cup – *spring* – spring cup – piston – dust boot

The pistons inside old wheel cylinders are often stuck. Try shooting compressed vent into the production line fitting. Make indisputable you ‘re holding both ends of the cylinder in a tabloid, or the pistons will fly across the garage !
rebuild wheel cylinder
If compressed tune does n’t unstick them, stand the cylinder upright, spray with penetrating fluid, and let it soak overnight .
wheel cylinder rebuild
tip : Take pictures during the removal and facility process .
rebuild wheel cylinders on old car
Pushing out the old piston with a socket .
rebuild wheel cylinder

Wheel Cylinder Inspection

After cleaning with brake parts clean, look inside the hold. If you can, run a fingernail inside the bear. A politic yield surface with a idle sum of pit can be honed out. If the pits feel deep, the bore surface can alone be repaired by re-sleeving or replacing the bicycle cylinder .
wheel cylinder rebuild

Wheel Cylinder Honing Tool

The next footfall is to hone and polish the bore to a fine finish. The function of perfect is to help the cylinder cup make a good cachet against the bore. There are several ways to accomplish this. The most democratic method acting is to use a cylinder honing joyride with a hand-held drill .
wheel cylinder rebuild
Cylinder honing instrument, 3/4 ” to 2-1/2 ”, with 220 backbone stones.

Hone Wheel Cylinder

Using a varying speed drill at humble accelerate using brake fluid as a lubricant, run the hone tool the wide distance of the give birth in a gradual up and down gesticulate. Lubricate the perfect stones with clean brake fluid. Try to make a “ cross-hatch ” practice. Run the hone long enough to smooth out the bear, but be careful not to over-hone .
After honing, wipe out the cylinder and clean off the stones. Look inside the cylinders and see if all pits and corrosion are gone. Repeat the hone process until the wear is legato and unblock of scratches. When done, wash out the bore with soap and water to remove all traces of the perfect grit .
Another way to hone steering wheel cylinders is by hand, or more accurately, by finger. Wrap a objet d’art of emery fabric around a finger and have at it. Switch from coarse backbone to medium backbone and then to fine .
wheel cylinder rebuild
A fluent bear means a tight seal with less chance of escape .

Wheel Cylinder Reassembly

Check your rebuild kit and make indisputable the cups are the same size as the old ones. Pour a little clean brake fluid into a container, and coat the at heart of the wear with brake fluent .
wheel cylinder rebuild
first, put the form into the concentrate of the bear, then place the spring cup on either conclusion ( bland side out ). The bounce will fit into the recess on the binding of the spring cup .
wheel cylinder rebuild
place the piston into the digest and rotate it back and forth several times to coat it. Use the piston to push the condom cup further into the cylinder .

Install Rubber Dust Boots

Installing the arctic debris boot on the metal piston can be crafty. You can rip the new arctic with a minor screwdriver trying seat the dust boot around the sass of the cylinder .

Assembly Order

first the spring, then spring cups ( each side ), pistons ( each side ), debris boots ( each side )
A full mind is to use an appropriate-sized socket and slip the dust boot over the width of the piston ( see picture below ). Once it ‘s installed, twist it back and forth a pair of times to make sure it ‘s seated all the direction around.

wheel cylinder rebuild
now re-install the hemophiliac sleep together, you can use a small anti-seize if you ‘d like .

Install Wheel Cylinder Back On Vehicle

Mount the rebuild bicycle cylinder onto the back plate and hand-tighten the hop on bolts leaving the cylinder loosen. First, hand-tighten the bracken note fitting into the cylinder, then tighten the climb bolts, then tighten the fit .
wheel cylinder rebuild
roll of steel brake tubing

Brake Fluid

A fresh-rebuilt wheel cylinder with a placid have a bun in the oven should last deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as the original one did. But remember, exchangeable to locomotive anoint being changed, brake fluid besides needs to be changed ( much less much ). A look in any owner ‘s manual shows manufacturers ‘ recommend sustenance of replacing brake fluid .
best brake fluid for classic cars

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