The EPB equipment applies the parking brake using an electric motor. When the EPB is applied, the EPB switch indicator light turns on .
Do not drive the vehicle with the EPB applied :
If the vehicle is driven with the parking brake applied, the brake parts may generate heat and the brake system may not operate, leading to an accident.

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Before driving, release the EPB and verify that the EPB indicator fall is turned off .

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  • The EPB can not be applied or released while the vehicle barrage is dead .
  • An mathematical process sound occurs when applying or releasing the EPB, however, this does not indicate a malfunction .
  • If the EPB is not used for long periods, an automatic rifle inspection of the system is performed while the vehicle is parked. An operation heavy can be heard, however, this does not indicate a trouble .
  • When the EPB is applied and the ignition is switched OFF, an operation legal can be heard, however, this does not indicate a trouble .
  • The brake pedal point may move while the EPB is being applied or released, however, this does not indicate a problem .
  • If the EPB interchange is continually pulled while driving the vehicle, the EPB will be applied and the EPB warning honk will be activated. When the switch is released, the EPB is released and the beep diaphragm .
  • If the EPB is applied with the ignition switched off or in ACC, the EPB indicator inner light in the instrument bunch and the indicator light in the substitution may turn on for 15 seconds .
  • When running the fomite through an automatic pistol car wash, it may be necessary to switch the ignition off with the parking brake released depending on the type of automatic cable car wash .

close note View Note When applying the EPB
The EPB can be applied regardless of the ignition substitution position .
securely depress the brake bicycle and pull up the EPB substitution .
The EPB is applied and the EPB indicator light and the EPB switch index light turn on.

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refer to Warning/Indicator Lights ( Search ) . When releasing the EPB
The EPB can be released while the ignition is switched ON or the engine is running. When the EPB is released, the EPB indicator sparkle and the EPB substitution index light turn off .
EPB manual release
firm depress the brake pedal and press the EPB switch . If the EPB switch is pressed without depressing the brake bicycle, the display or index light in the musical instrument bunch notifies the driver that the brake is not depressed .
(Type A instrument cluster)
A message is displayed on the multi-information display in the legal document bunch .
refer to Message Indicated in Multi-information Display ( Search ) .
(Type B instrument cluster)
The brake pedal point operation demand indicator light in the instrumental role bunch turns on . EPB automatic release
If the accelerator pedal is depressed with the EPB applied and all of the succeed conditions met, the parking brake is released mechanically .

  • The locomotive is running .
  • The driver ‘s door is closed .
  • The driver ‘s seat belt is fastened .
  • Selector lever is in the D, M, or R place

If something such as the driver ‘s foot contacts the accelerator bicycle with the engine run and the EPB applied, the parking brake may be released automatically. If you do not intend to drive immediately, shift the selector pry to the P or N military position .

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