Brake-cutting vandal puts Des Moines residents on edge

Brake-cutting vandal puts Des Moines residents on edge
Police are on the lookout for a vandal that cut the brake lines in 25 vehicles in a Des Moines region this week. Police in Des Moines are searching for the person that cut the brake lines on more than two twelve cars this workweek. Joie Escalante, who realized she had no brakes while driving with her eight-year-old son, remembers the panic she felt when she realized she lost control of her car. “ I ’ megabyte think, what do I do ? ! ? I had to pull the handbrake to stop and not hit the person in front of me ! My son was like, ‘ What ’ s going on, Mommy ? Why are we going so fast ? And I was like, ‘ We have NO brake ! ’ It was chilling ! ”

Police say a lone vandal has targeted a Des Moines region, cutting brake lines in 25 vehicles since Monday, and the reason is placid unknown. “ We ’ ra uncertain as to why he ’ s choosing this especial neighborhood, ” said Det-Sgt. David Mohr of the Des Moines Police Department. “ The victims appear to be random, the vehicles are opportunist that he picks. Sometimes it ’ ll be multiple vehicles in a especial driveway, where he ’ ll target not precisely one vehicle, but all the vehicles in a detail driveway. ” Police besides warn that there could be more incidents over the future couple of days because the vandal alone needs a little time to do major damage.

“ When you watch the video recording, you can see that it takes him very little time to cause the damage to these vehicles, ” Mohr said. “ It ’ s literally seconds per fomite as he drops devour, reaches underneath, and cuts the brake line with some kind of cutting device. So it happens identical promptly, and he appears to move from address to address at a very quick footstep. ” interim, residents are on edge, and hush trying to come to terms that this is happening here. “ It doesn ’ t make me feel safe ! ” Escalante said. “ We ’ re repose people, then all of a sudden, this happens. I ’ megabyte thinking it ’ s the car, that it ’ s broken, then all of a sudden nowadays I find out I ’ m the victim of this brake reduce. ” Police say they understand the community ’ south fears and are hoping they can catch the vandal promptly, before this situation gets any worse.

“ I think that as word gets out, it ’ south obviously going to make people feel insecure. however, we ’ re having supernumerary patrols in that area, and this particular shell has been assigned to our detective unit that ’ south going to do the follow-up and hopefully resolve this case, ” Mohr said. Police are encouraging residents in the area to check their cars for any leaks before they go out onto the roads, and if they have any tips or see any leery bodily process, to report it to the Des Moines Police department vitamin a soon as possible at 206-878-3301.

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