DIY: The Headlight Full Monte: Strips, Halos & Demon Eyes – MyG37

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Opening & Closing

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180 created an awesome DYI explaining how to remove the bumper and headlights:…al-w-pics.html


The Retrofit Resource made some great vids on how to open and reseal the headlamps.

The retrofit resource Opening:

I was reluctant to heat the headlight very long so I had to work really hard to open the first one and took serveral returns to the oven.

The retorfit resource Closing:

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I used Morimoto butyl to reseal as described in the video above.

Basically, I removed the wire harness, the top plastic alignment pin and the balast and cover.

I also removed the small sealing screws on the back then put the unit on a small dry towel on a cookie sheet on the bottom of the oven. Preheated to 250 degs. Leave it in for about 8 mins. I also removed the main lamp access door plug to allow better heat circulation.

One thread I read, someone suggested resting the headlamp on a damp towel. This turned out to be a major problem when it came time to seal it up as it created steam inside the headlight. I’ll get to that later. You don’t need to dampen the towel.

Headlights are sealed with a butyl glue. It firms up at room tempature. Kind of like hard taffy. It softens at higher tempatures. You can use an oven to soften the entire seal or work in parts with a heat gun. I chose the oven method.

It was nerve racking. I was worried about damaging the units but just take your time, be brave, be patient and work in sections. I used gloves to hold the headlights and a plastic drywall spatula to pry them open without gouging the seams. TRS suggested a mechanical spreading tool also. This would have been helpful, but not necessary as the video demonstrated.

Of course make sure you have a good padded workspace to lay the lamp down while prying it open.

Once open, the quiality of the Depo headlamp really shows. everything is tight, bright and just right.

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OEM concentric circle cut lens:

Depo’s crystal clear lens

There’s a lot of gear to install:

(2)80mm RGBA+ halos, (2)110mm RGBA+ halos, (2) RGBW DEs & (2) 24″ SSB tube strips. Plus drivers, converters and bluetooth controllers.

And this is probably half the tools and supplies I used