Dodge Durango Headlight Bulb Size – Halogen, Xenon, LED – Replacement Guide

2020 dodge durango chart bulb number

headlight bulb high beam and low beam(with halogen headlights)


fog light bulb front(compare to original – option 1)

You're reading: Dodge Durango Headlight Bulb Size – Halogen, Xenon, LED – Replacement Guide

h11 led

headlight bulb high beam and low beam(with hid headlights)


fog light bulb front(compare to original – option 2)

h16 led

turn signal light bulb front


parking light bulb


daytime running light bulb


stepwell light bulb

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back up light bulb


glove box light bulb


trunk or cargo area light


courtesy light bulb


instrument panel light bulb


turn signal indicator light bulb


interior door light bulb(compare to original – option 1)


interior door light bulb(compare to original – option 2)


high intensity discharge bulbs often lose their brightness after use. you can replace them with lights
who provide more output and a cooler color temperature.

the best type of hid lights are those that are affordable and built to the highest quality standards. the “hb” series, for example, provide high luminance, are ece and sae/dot approved, come in the right size and position, and are made with american salts and german quartz. they are manufactured by cnlight and are made to last long, provide excellent color, and reliability.

light colors are tested in a photometric test lab. the best color is usually white as it provides more visibility without causing distractions. some of the white color temperatures available include:
• 3000k – gives pure yellow output and is great for fog lights.
• 4300k – a natural white output that appears slightly warm and has no blue tint.
• 5000k – a pure white without any blue tint or warm hint.
• 6000k – an ice white output that goes best with leds.
• 8000k – an ice blue white
who is of the highest temperature.

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dodge durango headlight bulb size chart

the next time you wish to replace your dodge durango headlight, parking light or turning signal bulb; make sure that you have the right replacement bulb size in order to save some time. you can choose to install a hid headlight kit or a xenon headlight kit in place of your factory headlights, or install some smd bulbs or led bulbs in your interior lighting system.

online visitors can make use of the dodge durango headlight bulb replacement guide for assistance. it includes all the necessary information
who you may need regarding your bulb sizes. it’s also useful when changing broken light bulbs, installing new hids and leds, and when replacing headlight as well as other light bulbs.

while using the information, keep in mind that providers include no warranties. therefore, the information should be used at owner’s risk. confirm
who you have all the correct details, including your bulb voltage, wattage, and size before carrying out any installations on your dodge durango.

aftermarket light bulbs: upgrade options

the dodge durango is an agile, powerful, and versatile sport utility vehicle
who was released in 1998. the mid-size suv immediately gained wide recognition due to its dependability. this made it a top-seller within a short time. the first engine was a capable 3.9-liter v6 engine. this was later upgraded to a v8 engine that was more reliable and powerful. this spacious and comfortable suv was marketed as a “sturdy truck-based suv”
who offered superior strength and great complements.

there are many dodge durango lights available for those who wish to install new headlights or replace damaged ones. these offer great visibility in night driving and can also be used to upgrade the look on your dodge durango. these lighting options include tail lights, headlights, car bulbs, and daytime running lights. they are powered by fiber optic lights or leds.

installation & diagrams

• open the hood of your dodge durango.

• find the electrical power connector installed behind your headlight housing.

• use a socket wrench to unscrew the bolts on the edge of the headlight assembly.

• remove the other bolts located under the assembly near the fender.

• pull the lighting assembly forward.

• remove the electric power connector.

• remove the headlight by turning it anti-clockwise.

• replace it with a new headlight bulb. turn the new bulb clockwise to secure it.

• re-install the power connector and place the headlight assembly back in place. use a socket wrench to secure it with mounting bolts.

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